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  1. The guy—Bucky—has a delightfully strong grip that sets Steve’s mind running and his pulse racing, but he carefully tempers his thoughts, having already made a big enough fool of himself that he doesn’t need to add hitting on a potentially straight dude to the list. He hasn’t said anything either way, and he doesn’t look uncomfortable, but you never know. Maybe he didn’t hear the flub somehow, or maybe he’s one of those rare straight dudes who’s not instantly threatened by dudes who likes dudes. “Oh. I just moved into town. I found my family’s got land here.” He grins a little and shrugs his shoulders. “I’m from Brooklyn, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but the air out here’s a lot better for my shitty lungs.” He looks like the last guy to have asthma, but that was kind of the goal. Look healthy enough, and no one will assume that his body’s giving up on him the way that it is.
  2. Tillade is a small city which most people know only as a place that they travel through rather than travel to. It’s a common stop for merchants who need somewhere to stay the night. The inn is always choc full, as is the pub attached to it, but the majority of the town is rarely touched by people who do not live there. It makes the land which her family owns that much more unimpressive. They are a merchant family themselves, and he location of Tillade, which is relatively near to the ocean, makes it ideal for import and export, which is how her family made its fortune. Still, no one knows the name of her family, and so when she introduces herself, she uses the name of the city from where she hails. Hesitantly, she allows herself to be guided into the bath. When she was younger, her mother’s servants used to help her with bathing, but she’s grown used to bathing herself, and since leaving Lady Cassandra’s service, usually by herself. Her fellow knights make jokes about her honour, but she just doesn’t need them gawking while she’s scrubbing mud out from under her breasts. Nodding to the handmaiden, she gives the woman a small smile, and apologizes for her unladylike state before even undressing. Once in the bathroom, she undresses herself and gets into the tub, at which point she hesitantly allows the other woman to help her scrub herself clean enough that she will be presentable. She also allows the woman to rub lavender oils onto her before drying off. Observing her options, she opts for trousers. The skirts have no room for her belt, which means she’d be unable to carry her blade, something which is not acceptable since she has no safe place to put it in the mean time. Besides, the other knights would tease her mercilessly. One of these days she’s going to dress up for one of these things, and they will all feel very silly knowing what a beautiful woman she is. “Thank you for the clothing, my lady,” Sybil says as she steps out of the bathroom and puts her belt back on, the dragonstooth blade hanging heavy against her thigh. “I’ll be sure to return them soon.”
  3. If ice could grow on people, this guy would straight up be Frosty the Snowman. It’s not like he’s being unfriendly or aggressive, or any of those other things that would drive Steve to put his dukes up, it’s just that there’s a careful detached neutrality, probably specifically bred for… something. Is he uncomfortable? Shit… did he catch Steve checking him out? That would be so awkward, especially if he’s like, you know… straight, which given Steve’s luck is not just fairly possible but highly probable. In all honesty, Steve’s pretty sure a lot more guy are bi than they’re willing to admit, but guys are just so shitty about it. Straight guys get freaked out, gay guys think it’s gross or think it means he’ll cheat… He’s been known to call himself gay for the sake of simplicity. Dude culture is just not great about people they can’t box up. That’s culture in general, really, but especially dude culture. Sticking his hand out in a desperate attempt to relieve the tension and also introduce himself as a human being with rights and feelings, Steve gives Bucky his friendliest, boy-next-door smile. “Hey, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m gay—” the words die on his tongue, the embarrassment going through him as a flush of hot colour runs from his neck to his ears. “Steve. I’m Steve. Oh my God.”
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    @Ghost on the rare occasions they pull me outta the kitchen and make me talk to people i will not take phone orders. way too embarrassing. still happens a few times per shift usually but i avoid it so muuuuch.
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    It's too far back in my PTSD Zone™ for me to remember in detail, but ayo, Tamora Pierce is the bomb. Just wanted to say that 83
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    depends what youre looking for, but i might be interested.
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  10. There’s something super prickly about the guy, which on the one hand makes Steve ready to fight cause when you’re a tiny dude, you either get pushed around or you fight people. Guess which one Steve picked. He’s got a mean left hook. On the other hand, though, part of Steve is super into it. He had a really shitty habit of punching guys way bigger than him right in the jaw, and a surprising number of them came to respect him as a result. He has gone to, like, a lot of biker bars, and he’s been into more than his fair share of gruff, mean dudes with a gooey caramel centre. He’s pretty sure there’s a church in town. God, he hopes so. He should definitely go to confession after today. He used to hate going to confession, and he spent a long time dealing with all the Catholic guilt that regularly thinking about boning hot people brings. He even stopped going to church for a few years, there, which let him process his guilt, and then decide that he God loves him too much to want him to feel bad. So, he goes to confession, and he drops off the part about sin, just sits there, talks to whoever will listen while he communes with God. Watchful parent, right? Just wants to know all His children are doing all right. It makes him feel better to have someone to talk to about all the stuff he’s going through. “Uh, I guess your fantasy section?” Steve says, realizing he doesn’t have an actual reason to be here other than getting out of his super dusty house. “Or just… somewhere near a window?”
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    Sorry. I wrote that on my way out the door, and realized about 5 seconds later it wasn't enough info for a beginner. Web design is my (future) job, so I tend to forget detail is important lol. Look into child elements. It will show you how to style certain elements with others. It'll work for a scrollbar the same way it'll work for a link or list. Something along the lines of "child element css" should do it.
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    just like other elements, you can apply webkit scrollbar to just the div class/id.
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    • samples & main search• 24. they/them. not straight. mentally ill & disabled.• i've been at this for 15+ yrs and i know better than to get my fedora in a twist.• im just a potato, so please dont ask for my ims.• exactly what it says on the tin. i'm dyin, here.• i prefer gay shit and trans shit. straight shit is fine, too. just tell me what you want.• slam that back button if you're here for novels every post.• i'm pretty slow. by which i mean twice a week is usually my cap, but hey, you might luck out.• keep me engaged. make jokes. writing style and post length are irrelevant to me.• for all you picky bitches out there, i write present, third person. deal.• pms, threads or gaia if you'd like. i'm also willing to use email. • no nazis or anything in a similiar vein. don't ask. holy crap.• military. people who have seen too much. ptsd. people with ptsd trying to navigate the worldsomeone with a rough exterior and a soft hearta stranger being a support network for someone in needsomeone fleeing an abuser and an overly-invested trauma workera therapist struggling to keep it professional.post-war trauma. realistic effects of war on soldiersi specialize in wwii, but wwi and modern wars are fine, too. i have The Google.
  15. The apology on Steve’s tongue dies at the sight of the man that he’s inconvenienced. Now, Steve’s not saying he’s the most bisexual man on the entire planet Earth, but an embarrassing amount of blood goes from his brain to uhh… “Hi,” he says, voice climbing up to prepubescent levels. His face goes hot as he drinks in the width of the man’s shoulders, the shape of his torso, the… veins in his hands. Damn. He’s got an amazing ass, too, and thighs and Steve just wants to die between. “Sorry,” he adds on, once he remembers why it is that they’re even speaking in the first place. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Duh. “I’m kind of clumsy.” Duh. “Here, let me…” He bends himself in half rather than use his knees, because he knows if he goes down he won’t be able to come back up, and he’s made enough of an idiot of himself already. He grabs an armful of books and then starts stacking them.