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  1. fandom

    You've got me sold!
  2. fandom

    I might add it to my backlog. I do have a question, though: are there any bad instances of yaoi, yuri, or incest? If that isn't the case, I'm definitely gonna consider watching it.
  3. You guys might want to be wary of the feed later today. There might be backlash like on election night. 


    1. Morgrim


      Planing on having an exciting evening?

    2. Kaerri


      Thank you, we'll keep an eye on it.

    3. Crimrose



      Considering Trump didn't step outside if it wasn't necessary, he knew what was up XD

  4. Hello, welcome, and such!
  5. fandom

    OwO What's this animu about?
  6. pc

    I'll probably dodge most spoiler for now. Thanks though! If I do get stuck, though, I'll consult the video. What platform are you playing on?
  7. pc

    Is that DkS3? Haven't played it yet.
  8. pc

    What's a Dancer match?
  9. pc

    RIP my second playthrough. I got demotivated with my cosplay DEX build. Might pick her up again now that I've been talking about Dark Souls lately, though.
  10. MrMrMANGOHEAD's new video. ZUN's new game. OH **** WHAT UP?
  11. other

    I'm hype for it too! Mario: Can I go home'a now? Artist: No. I just need to animate...each. Individual. Mustache hair. Mario: NOOOOOO!
  12. other

    It's gonna be great. I can't wait to web-sling all over NYC!
  13. other

    Paper Mario either needs to stop being Sticker Star or just quit ccoming out with new games. At least let a once fantastic series rest. :( @Phadia
  14. other

    There were actually a lot of other games that looked interesting to me. Fire Emblem Warriors, that new Shin Megami Tensei game, Octopian Wanderer, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, etc. @Phadia
  15. Suggestions: Pin this to the top! Change "Gender" to "Femininity/Masculinity (1 being most feminine/10 being most masculine)" to clarify the info you want in that section. The frog girl's name from Touhou mentioned in the "Flee" section is Suwako. @Ultraman