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    1. Idea


      Hello there :)

    2. Idea


      What's with the obsession with Star Wars this morning?

    3. Captain Gensokyo

      Captain Gensokyo


      It has some pretty good memes. That, and I've always been a fan!

  2. My bad; I'm gonna change that.
  3. ItsJustAPrank.avi
  4. Only real men can make a CS on their phone.
  5. Pretty much every one I've been in hasn't required just a description. Inb4 wave of complaining.
  6. Good thing they let my OP-as-the-Big- Bang universe in, or I would've gone for my boy Grievous.
  7. Hopefully this won't be a "Fall of Rome" type thing as so many rp's before imitated.
  8. fandom

    D E U S V U L T
  9. I have to say that I'm actually looking forward to seeing what new things will open up for me with BBCode. If I was able to do some pretty good stuff with HTML and BBCode is apparently more simple than that, then I'll be waiting with some anticipation in the days leading up to the update.

  10. > When you see the Togami Quadrilateral in a Battle Royale
  11. Just wanted to confirm: did you submit your character before or after mine? If you did before, I think I'm the one who needs to change.
  12. I would've photoshopped Woshii's face on if I could right now. I honestly don't know, haha. He's your character, after all.
  13. That's one of the problems I'm seeing right now: Woshii and Natsumi basically have the same text color! Es un problemo muy grande. Unless you're indirectly implying that Woshii is Monokuma in that response, and in that case.... That post about him being the mastermind can't be a joke!
  14. Someone I had just recently met at the time just showed the anime to me and watched it through, and I just got hooked into the series from that point on. I'm 4-0 (one person being indirectly shown it by someone else I showed it to) on people I've shown the anime to who liked it. In fact, it received a lot of praise from pretty much everyone I've shown it to. Has science gone too far? *Mitarai laughing in the distance*