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  1. Hey, how's it going?

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    2. chesirekitten


      My day's going pretty good thanks- been a bit stressful, but could've been worse. And yeah, I've been doing a roleplay called 'Miss Petra's home for the doomed and damned' which I just got caught up on again. Yourself?

    3. Ultraman


      I've been developing my dice and card systems for my roleplay: Waifu Wars. I'm also working on building up my other roleplay, Cantus. I've also posted for a few 1x1s that involve me RPing as a monster hunter, Arata from Re:life, a bear, and a goat demon. Anyways, I need to go now, cause of class, but I'll ttyl.

    4. chesirekitten


      kk. It was nice talking to you. See you later.

  2. Married, because the avatar has a cute, frilly, and joyful style.
  3. other

    @Loco Mofo Earth is one planet out of many. The universe is infinite, and there may be other planets that are like earth, or may become like earth with human aid.
  4. Oh, I thought people reserved characters, but if I have to choose, probably Fang. I just love swords.
  5. other

    The greater good is ensuring the human population continues and succeeds, basically humans need to prolong their own species through any means necessary. Example: Space Colonialization, finding cures, Etc.
  6. anime & manga

    What type of serious discussions? Like about the character/plot development?
  7. anime & manga

    Ixion Saga DT OP, because it's catchy, and it's the only OP I won't skip, when I watch it on kissanime.
  8. I'm interested, and I can play as any of the characters.
  9. I'm going to have to pass. I prefer hosted projects.
  10. @Reinhardt For Statement 1: I find it difficult to appeal to non FF-fans, since they likely won't know the classes, bestiary, FF mechanics, etc; unless you can fit everything into the interest check. I guess, to me, when pitching the FF idea, it'll work like any fandom RP, where you need to be somewhat familiar with the mechanics in order to have any interest. I'm not saying it won't appeal to non-FF fans, but it'll certainly be difficult, and I believe we should focus on FF-fans first over non-FF fans. That's the only reason why I made that point. For Statement 2: Why won't you implement turn-based combat? How do you want the combat to work? Also, thank you for clarifying that FF classic means the mechanics of FF. For Statement 3: I know there's magitech, I just don't remember a game being based around that trope entirely. I know there's some esper war, or something for FF 6. Is that what you were hinting at? But then again, it was more about fusing the tech with magic, rather than rejecting, or eliminating the other. I'm trying to contemplate the word choice, which I'm not good with as well considering I didn't broaden the balance trope. I'm not well versed in the games as of late, due to playing them in my childhood. When I said dark and light, I meant there's some balance issue, sorry for not clarifying, not good vs. evil. For Statement 4: Yeah, take your time. Once I know the specifics you'd want in a plot, I can offer some suggestions that'll hold those particulars. You can make the crystals generated by another power, if that's what you think will add some way to convey a message. Although, you're free to have the crystals act to their own accord without explaining themselves, but a lack of explanation will surely leave the roleplayers confused, which could potentially lead to an unsatisfactory ending. For Statement 5: That works, but if there's no interaction, what's the point of a group RP? Unless, you want us to write a short story (History), before the group RP begins? For Statement 6: I only assumed FF 1 and FF7, because the setting is High tech, which could be FF7, 8, 13, etc. I don't really know ones past 7 that well. I also said FF 1, because FF 1 focuses on the crystals as antagonists in the game. You don't need to use prior games, but I guess can I know the general Setting, Technology, Governments, Economy, and Culture for the RP? You can be vague too, or post links/phrases/tropes, so I know what you're referring to for FF 16.
  11. Is this based off the Anima tabletop?
  12. Party based RP, or solo based RP?
  13. Whenever I see spaces between letters in a word, it reminds me of realistic/modern RP interest checks for some reason.
  14. Why would it be Goku? It's most likely Kenshiro.
  15. Hell yeah, I would.