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  2. She was walking now. When did she move? Where was she headed? Ah, yes. Back to the camp. Apparently, Beish had brought it upon himself to take charge of their group. Or what was left of it. Lexis followed silently behind Thorn. The past few minutes were a blur to the young woman, her eyes as empty as the hole they’ve dug themselves into. Questioning the Kurator was on the forefront of her mind. What started as a deific quest has turned into a tale of death—did the gods knew of it? Did the elders understand the fact that they were sending them off to their deaths? How was she to tell of this horror? Will she even live to tell the tale? Her sights set on the sword that Thorn kept by her side. If nothing else, she will need to learn how to protect herself. The man her teacher had requested her protection of was dead. She would likely succumb to a similar fate as they continue on this perilous journey. “Wait.” She pulled on the hem of the mercenary’s armor. “My…my dagger…” Lexis mumbled. “I lost it.” @slayerslade666
  3. Blood. Too much blood. Her throat burned with searing pain as Lexis heaved and heaved, her tears mingling with drool and vomit and blood. Howie's. The carpenter was simply standing there, chasing away the goblins - yes, she was supposed to mention that. After her fit of hysteria, the apprentice recalled what the tomes bespoke of these creatures. But the words were lost in a scream as words echoed in her ears before her vision was painted in a multitude of colors and her entirety was bathed in gore. Another heave turned into a coughing fit. She could feel the splinters digging into her palms as she braised herself on a nearby tree. With all the carnage surrounding her, her mind was an endless blank space. It wasn't until the lowest of voices reached her ears that Lexis moved. There was life that remained! Her feet dragged through the pool of guts and viscosity before throwing herself through the bushes and taking sight of the remaining members of their party. @Elephantom @Handabooo @slayerslade666 @Angel_cassieopia @Huey
  4. Kaede's Stats HP: 250/250 Level: 1 One-Handed Sword Skill Level: 1 Strength: 5 Agility: 5 Gold: 42 Inventory: 0 Heal Crystals || 1 Pocket Knife || 1 Astria's List Kaede had immediately perked up at the mention of food. "Don't mind if we do," she grinned at Reis. Taking a seat beside Miki, the inspector proceeded to inhale her food with gusto, keeping half an ear on the conversation. She had expected as much from the earlier duel; Reis was what you would call a thinker and a highly technical one at that. Her questions and manner of speaking would have appeared rude to some but Kaede could care less; anyone who treats her to free food was a good person. She took a long swig of her mead before answering, "I'm currently using the starter long sword, but I want to earn enough for a rapier. One that's of Lambent Light's quality'll be hard to find but shouldn't be impossible." She then scratched the back of her head in dismay. "I don't have a skill yet, though. But Miki's got a cool one." She jerked her thumb at the girl beside her. @ChoShadow @VeiledPariah
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  11. Going through your old journal is like emptying a bucket of ice over your head. It’ll make you cringe and freeze your soul.

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  13. @spookie spook That sounded really interesting. I agree with @Loco Mofo, though. Creating new characters shows not only respect but that you're truly invested in the role play you signed up for. And it helps me kick start this lazy brain of mine to actually think up and finish something. Stories are an entirely different matter. Don't get me wrong: I've done my fair bit of recycling. I tend to limit this to plays that ended before my character even had the chance to grow. It just feels like they lost out on something and I feel bad about that so why not give them a second chance? Of course, there's still the need to shape them into the new verse and all that jazz.
  14. The first thing Lexis noticed was the creature's blood. Purple. Not red as human blood, nor green as its hideous skin. It was neither the purple befitting of royalty nor that of a darkness enveloped in warmth. It was vile, putrid, evil and unforgiving. It gushed out as the monster was skewered by the discarded blade, then pooled into a seeming puddle of ink staining the grass and dirt. Even with a blade through its stomach, the creature trashed. And that was the second thing that the apprentice took heed. It was in horrid pain; its already repulsive face scrunched up worse as violent tremors visibly racked up its hunched form. The blade dug deeper into it as it struggled, not to detach itself, but to sink its claws on Lexis' limbs. Blood and spit flew to her face, but Lexis could care less of the foul secretions that clung to her skin. Even on death's throes, the creature was bent on killing her. Its blood lust consumed her and the only thing she could hear at the moment was the blood pounding in her ears. Darkness seeped from the corner of her eyes, and she struggled to remain conscious. No! No, no, no! She forced her lungs to gulp in air, letting the memory of Darla's comfort aid her through. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the other creature claimed by death through Howie's hands. The sounds of battle rung out around them and she deduced that the other half of their party were in the same predicament. She was already of little use to their group other than being an eye for Hudol's lore; she'd be of even no use dead. Just as her mind decided on not scrambling away like the frightened little lady she was, her hand fell on something solid and sharp. The dagger! It might have been at Niher's behest, but Lexis was grateful as she clutched the small blade in her hands and all but crawled towards the beast. A strangled war cry escaped the apprentice as she brought the blade down into the monster's face. Lexis stabbed, and stabbed ― into the creature's eyeballs, the bridge of its nose, the hollow of its cheeks ― and didn't dare relent even as blade struck bone. Blood and flesh clung to her face, hair, robe and bandaged arms like purple leeches sucking on her skin. But she cared not. No. There were things worse than death, but she wasn't giving her life up just yet. @Huey