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  1. Name: Olivia Kurlov Nickname: Ollie Six Number ID: 765200 Gender: Female Age: 21 Height: 5'6'' Weight: 130 Sexuality: Bisexual Perimen Race: Superioralis, but lives in Trera and is considered to those she meets as Trialis. Occupation: Bartender Personality: Ollie is one for fun and games- she prides herself on her inventiveness and creativity, as well as her unique perspective and vigorous intellect. She loves patterns, and spotting discrepancies between statements can almost be described as a hobby, making it a bad idea to lie to her. Nothing about her is grounded, and her mind constantly buzzing with ideas can make her seem pensive and detached; despite this, she is quite relaxed and joyful when with people she knows. But be warned- friendly banter can quickly turn to combat if Ollie believes her methods are being criticized or questioned. She doesn't appreciate being told what to do, being fiercely independent and stubborn, and is particularly difficult for and around Warren Valentine, liking to piss off her superior. Ollie can be straightforward, insensitive, oftentimes condescending and withdrawn, and has a strong loathing for rules and guidelines. Background(optional): TBRPed! Weaponry: Arm Grappling Gun. Unless at work, always work and occasionally loaded. Skills: Persuasion and Intimidation | Good at conditioning. A tool for success, and if not for success, then for progression. Ollie uses her persuasive abilities to get in and out of trouble. Having a glare equivalent to bitchiness itself and grappling guns up her arms certainly fires up her intimidation factor. Toxin Immunity | Rapid development of Mithridatism after getting food poisoning when she was younger and the Suparus kicking in to expell it. Tolerance quickly accelerated into immunity to any toxins varying from poison to simply liquor or drugs. Applies to all of the following: Selective invulnerability, alcohol immunity, contamination immunity, acid resistance, enhanced stamina. Weaknesses: Fear of Failure | Has a restless and pervasive fear of failure. Prone to reassessing her own thoughts and theories, worrying that she has missed some critical piece of the puzzle, causing her to stagnate. Causes her to doubt her own self-worth. Hates Darkness | Cannot stand extended periods of time in the darkness, unless sleeping. Prone to nausea, fast heartbeat, crying, and anger if deliberately placed in a space with the lights out. Are You a Part of LAST?: Yes, Co-leaders with Warren Valentine Other: >She loves inflicting physical pain upon others. >If you call her Olivia, she'll put in her best effort to slice you open, scoop out all your guts with a measuring cup, and spell 'Ollie' with them. >Ollie can efficiently play the ukulele, and has one to use at home whenever she so pleases.
  2. Hey, hey, hey! It's so exciting this is back up again. I have cleaned up Laz's cs, and tonight or tomorrow I'll probably have up my sheet for my LAST Leader ^u^ Here's a question about the rp, @BennyAxC With Cherrywitch gone, and therefore Chrissy gone, what are you planning to do with Val for now?
  3. Hey hey, Benny! Did you get a chance to open a ticket for the roleplay?

    Just asking because I'm excited to start it up again ^U^ I'll see you 'round the site!

    1. BennyAxC


      No I have not yet! Just waiting for a response at the momento~ I'm not sure how this whole moving roleplay's work yet, so I hope I did it correctly. I'll be sure to send ya all invites when it done. See you!

    2. SpooksinaBox


      Alrighty haha, sounds great!

  4. Whoah this new site set up is rad :00

  5. HI HELLO I HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING REPLYING TO THIS @BennyAxC Hella nice draws, dude!! I love how it turned out ^U^ Your eye skills are beyond me. I usually draw ovals where I think the eyes will be then the rest of the face around them haha @robotjack You are my friend and I am obligated to say that your art is good but like wow your art is goo ood I'll probably make my character sheet tonight unless I get distracted by anything and everything else :00 All the stuff you've all said about the leaders is fine by me. Jack and I are just casually calling and talking about it so all's cool for now
  6. Alrightyo, thanks for the heads up @BennyAxC ! @robotjack Alright coolcool we can plan tonight, or tomorrow or something ;u;
  7. <p> <em>Lazarus Jones.</em> Chills ran up his spine. Maybe they were from how much this guy- Tannis- knew about him that he was unaware of, maybe they were because his body didn't know how to react otherwise, even as the Superioralis walked away from him without another word past their own name. Lazarus crossed his arms over his stomach as he watched the person walk off, undecided on whether or not they were male or female. Not that they had to be either. All that the white-haired teen knew was that he would commit that name to memory. <em>Tannis</em>. He left a moment later, not wanting to be caught staring after for too long, as though he were ogling, and went for the hospital. </p> <p> </p> <p> @robotjack </p>
  8. I would do it but that is a lot of responsibility that I'm not sure I have the time or dedication for :00 If nobody else claims the spot then I guess I can take it up, but you won't see me jumping up with my hand raised to do it ouo''
  9. <p> Lazarus's eyes widened the slightest bit as he realized who he was dealing with; a Superioralis. He held the other's gaze for a moment as he spoke, not replying to what they first said to him, his sarcasm dropping off for the time being. The two were playing the same game; except Laz was a few years behind in getting to practice it, and in that moment he was left wordlessly staring. <em>You seem annoyed enough, so I'll be on my way.</em> The nurse blinked. As the higher-up started to move away, Lazarus found himself saying, "Hey, wait a second." His hand reached up as though he was going to touch the other's shoulder, but then halted halfway there and instead curled into a ball as he retracted it. He said with a handful more respect than before, unaware that the soldier already knew his full profile and more, "I'm Lazarus. What's your name?" </p>
  10. Lazarus was taken aback by the person's confidence and ease upon speaking with him. The other had every right to talk as he- or she, or they as Laz had not figured out yet- pleased, but there was something more than simple confidence in their tone. This person had an air of importance about him that made the hairs on the teen's neck stand. Still, he had enough frustration inside of him to say quietly, "I wouldn't call it an attack, more like extremely poor social etiquette." He didn't want to answer directly, disliking that the conversation immediately turned to questioning him, and honestly too flustered and pissed to want to provide someone else with information. Although he didn't expect an honest answer, he asked anyways, gaze focused on the other looking for changes in his expression, "What does it concern you?" @robotjack
  11. Lazarus had never been more relieved, nor felt so much literal weight off his shoulders, ever before in his life when the kid fell to the ground in agony. He wiped the wet spot on his neck so hard with his hand he was positive he left a red mark, watching with a forlorn look on his features as they ran off with ridiculous speed. He pulled himself from the wall, realizing he was still pressed to it without reason, straightening his shirt as he tried to stop his hands from shaking. Forcing himself to think, he recalled that he had an extra set of clothes back in the hospital that he could easily change into, and that instantly made him calmer, although he was still visibly shaken. He exhaled and began to turn to head off so he could get cleaned up, when a voice made him jump. What just happened here? Laz's gaze went to the person that had approached him, and as he looked him over his heartrate did anything but slow to normal. He almost missed the other's question as his face- already a bit flushed from how embarassed he was- lit up even further with something a bit more than embarrassment, an innocent amount of attraction. He responded neutrally, "No, I don't know them. They don't seem to make the best company."
  12. @Cherrywitch you cleared up a few things for me in your post, is all!
  13. Nevermind, if anyone saw what I just posted here, Cherry I guess fixed the issue and that's why I deleted it :00
  14. Laz heard the whimper, feeling the boy get closer to him and shrinking away, starting to form words before he felt something hot and wet run up his neck, right next to the collar of his suit. That can't be... The nurse practically went rigid, his heart rocketing into his throat, his thoughts a blurred mess of Why is this happening, and This is disgusting like a soundtrack stuck on repeat, before the nails digging into his skin and the sound of the girl's voice snapped him out of it as he scrambled to get away. He managed to get out, the terror evident in his tone, "H-Hell, get off!" And, to pack a punch from what he said, he did what any person in the situation would do. He pushed the blonde downwards and to the right a little, spread his stance by a foot then thrust his leg up to knee him as hard in the crotch as he possibly could. Despite being in full on panic mode, he had calculated where he placed his attacker perfectly for a faultless ball crushing sensation, before he gripped the boy's hands and shoved him off as hard as he could, despite expecting little resistance.
  15. @BennyAxC Are you okay with Laz assuring Val will have no children in the future, a.k.a. kneeing him in the crotch?