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  1. Greetings, Lilith! I'd absolutely LOVE to roleplay with you if you prefer to roleplay fandoms. Hope we get along~
  2. Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here~ It's a really fun place and great place to roleplay.
  3. I'm sick today.

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  5. I really like cards they're fun what th-? Ooh, Japanese Shinobi!
  6. Honestly, you remind me a lot of Chitanda Eri, every time I see your profile I'm like 'Chitanda'

    I'm curious.gif

    ... as to why

  7. I honestly really have to apologize, I'm really, really sorry that I've taken so long to make a post, honestly, I really hope you can forgive me.
  8. Ooh~ this really seems interesting! I'd love to do the Bad x Shy Girl plot! I don't mind playing either one so you can choose I'll just say a bit about me to see if you'd like to roleplay with me I'm Spencer, and I'm from Europe as well, yaaay~ Though my age is classified. I write about 3 paragraphs so I hope that's fine. I also try to use proper grammar but there may be times when I occasionally make the odd mistake or two! Very nice to meet you~
  9. A major personality change. 'A major personality change' were the words echoing in her head as she observed Haruka, she could understand why his personality had changed but putting that into words, would've been quite a difficult task indeed. Could she really compare this attitude to one a student council member had in a meeting? She pondered at the thought, what did the student council really do, and what would Haruka do in his spare time? Hm, maybe to learn more about him, starting a casual conversation would be best and then she could slowly but steadily move onto the interrogation without him noticing, but she have to be very careful about not revealing too much of her plan, not that it was very devious. Her plan would probably work well due to the fact that she practically had a poker face on all the time so she couldn't reveal anything with her facial expression, maybe her body language could give it away, though. "A-ah, I'm fine, m-my leg's not injured so I can stand up just fine," despite her words she took the hand he offered and pulled herself up as she stood up she became more aware of the injury on her shoulder and sighed, it stung. "Come on, let's go then," she prompted as she started walking into the building looking around at the somewhat empty hallways. @Nobody (Honestly... really don't worry about it, I'm the one who should be sorry, I'm happy as long as you reply, I really love reading your replies!) =]
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  11. Welcome back partner :) 

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      Nothing really~
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      There will be... just when I have time 

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  14. Aiko sat in the middle of the room thinking carefully about the sort of outfit she was to pick... something frilly? She was contemplating these thoughts nodding her head in agreement every time she thought of something. Cross-dressing had been a thought in her mind for quite some time, however, since it was only a passing thought like 'Hey! I wonder what Lily'd look like as a girl' or 'Lily seems so feminine, don't tell me... he's secretly a girl! No way... he never wears girls' clothes so she never really thought of it that much even with thoughts like those. A knock came from the door which meant her time for thoughts had to end and the continuation of her thoughts could be done in the store anyway "Hmph. If that's what you wish. I didn't know you wanted to cross-dress so badly~ y'know this type of thing could be permanent if you re~ally want," she answered, holding in her laughter as she grabbed a coat and paced over to the door before finally opening it and greeting Lily with an immense grin "Okay! Let's be off to the store, I'm ready to be off!" she grabbed his hand and pulled him into her pace as she ran out the door, she felt more cheerful than the previous day for sure, as she was out the door she felt the cold breeze against her and was glad she brought a coat with her, she stopped briefly to put it on and partly just to take a breath as she felt that she would be out of breath soon. Kuro wasn't sure on how to exactly answer so the first response that came to mind was the thing he said and he stared straight ahead, trying to not tense himself as much as it only made his muscles sorer than they already were, he took a deep breath and finally gave his answer not giving it much thought "Well, it seems like a nice change, p-plus I've never been to one," he answered sheepishly as they remained in their current position, after a while, he could feel his face reddening and his heart was beginning to pound quickly, he held his breath hoping that Yuki couldn't couldn't hear it, he couldn't understand this feeling, or rather, he was denying it, it was probably related to what Pride, Old Child, had said about such feelings and Greed, Lawless, was an example of what could happen if he were to feel the feeling of love, he contemplated it for a moment before taking a breath, he wondered if his feelings were obvious, a frown appeared on his face and any previous signs of a blush were gone completely, he put a hand to his chin. @AiAi (Again, I really apologize for how long this post took, I'm sorry that I keep giving you late posts)
  15. Name: Eira Woods Age: 17 Date of Birth: October 19th, 1999 Gender: Female Pronouns: She, her Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Appearance: Personality: (at least three lines) Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Insecurities: (feeling fat or being short, etc) Background: (optional) (at least three lines) Occupation: Student Weapons: Not yet Relationships: To be decided