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  1. bug

    Try typing it out really, really slowly.
  2. suggestion

    A temporary solution can be to create a board map, where you can find all the threads in one post.
  3. @H A N A K O is the reincarnation of an orange.
  4. I don't really trust the government; I'm thinking when we find Phillip we should interrogate him and find out why they want him killed.
  5. DUN DUN DUN What, why is there only one option? Fine, I'll vote to end chapter one. >End Chapter One
  6. @Dragonix975 is adept at making swift and early responses.
  7. @Storm Guardian is a hybrid between a hippo and cricket, nicknamed hippo-cri't.
  8. @Storm Guardian iz uh veri gud spellar.
  9. @Storm Guardian has an outstanding memory.
  10. other

    Jeid, u shud becoem. Moral wifout jedism duh, likes u cannot bees. So overratd man dey jus screw tings up man an turn us all inot warmongering haters so clearly teh anzwr iz 2 replaec r branes wif unfeeling computerz, likes d00d emotions an luv r,likes duh man. an d00d likes passion wut teh heck,All sereen an obedient man an haz teh passion ov likes r leaderz bor, y can't we jus bees,On, likes coem, Srsly. Not ned serenity 4 chaos likes we will haz teh concept cuz thar iz no ignoranec d00d likes coem on, an likes man u doez. Hmmmm! Hmmmm! taek children out ov dem homes an raies dem in harsh religious environment iz jus gud parenting man, alos screw parents we gotat.
  11. You should appoint them the Head of Paranormal Studies.
  12. @Thatonechillgirl is rivals with @ThatOneNerdGirl.
  13. I'm sorry Kaerri, you used the wrong shade of red for corrections, you lose the challenge.