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  1. it really depends on how many characters there ends up being when i have the hp up. for now, though, the max. is 2 characters.
  2. he's so beautiful gaby will lowkey have a crush on him
  3. @orphic @Lutalica @Aster @mortem @spectro? @Post @Ambela @Doubt @P l u v i o u s @Tori Bradley @New Yorker @SociallyAwkward @lottie
  4. #itmtc1 {width: 400px; height: 400px; position: relative; overflow: hidden; border:0px; outline:5px solid #ffffff; outline-offset: 0px} #itmtc1 .open { -WEBKIT-TRANSITION: 2S ALL EASE-IN-OUT; -MOZ-TRANSITION: 0.8S ALL EASE-IN-OUT; O-TRNASITION: 0.8S ALL EASE-IN-OUT; transition-duration: 2s; position: absolute; left: -1px; bottom: -1px; width: 402px; height: 402px; z-index:5;} #itmtc1:hover .open {-WEBKIT-TRANSITION: 0.8S ALL EASE-IN-OUT; -MOZ-TRANSITION: 0.8S ALL EASE-IN-OUT; O-TRANSITION: 0.8S ALL EASE-IN-OUT; left: -402px;} /**-----TABS-----**/ .itmtc1container { position: absolute; left: 0px; bottom: 0px; width: 400px; height: 400px; } .itmtc1tabs { margin: 0px; position: relative; width: 400px; height: 400px; } .itmtc1tab { float: left; } .itmtc1tab label { display: block; width: 110px; height: 12px; line-height:5px; background: #fff; margin: 10px; text-align:center; position:relative; top:30px; border-bottom:3px solid gray; z-index: 3; } .itmtc1tab input[type=radio]:checked ~ label { border-bottom:3px solid #4AB0C9; z-index: 2; } .itmtc1tab input[type=radio] { display: none; } .itmtc1content { position: absolute; top: 0px; bottom: 0px; left: 0px; right: 0px; padding:10px; background: white; } .itmtc1p {overflow:auto; height:315px; margin:5px; margin-top:50px; line-height:12px; font-family:Roboto; text-align:justify; padding:5px; } .itmtc1p::-webkit-scrollbar {width:5px; height:5px; background: black; margin-right:5px; margin-left:5px; text-align:justify;} .itmtc1p::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #4AB0C9; margin-right:5px; margin-left:5px; padding:5px;} .itmtc1tab input[type=radio]:checked ~ label ~ .itmtc1content { z-index: 1; } THE RP CASTLE ON THE HILL Corvallis, Oregon. Population of 24,560. Everyone knows each other from 102-year-old Magaly Emerson to 2-day-old Ally Ortiz. Corvallis is a beautiful town. On the west, it's all about the sandy beaches. To the north, are the green forests and many camping sites. At the east, are the suburbs and large neighborhoods. Down south, is the popular hangouts; there's lots of stores, diners, including the elementary, middle, and high schools. Each holiday, there was a big festival. And autumn was one of the most beautiful times in the town. There was one group of friends that were commonly known throughout the town for their recklessness and their different personalities. They started in their first years of school, and grew together until graduation. After that day, things changed. All of the friends went there separate ways, losing contact with each other, despite attempting to keep promises to never forget each other. Five years after parting ways, Corvallis High School hosts a reunion, welcoming alumni old and new. It's unexpected, but the friends find themselves going. Upon seeing each other once more, gates are opened, and memories fly in the air. But, there's something about them being together that drives them to a spectacular decision. Why not spend some time in town? See their family, hang out with their old friends? While they only thought that the catching-up would last a few days, they don't realize that the castle on the hill is where they belong. TL;DR EXPLANATION So, in case you didn't understand, this role play revolves around the idea of a school reunion. But, it's also based off the song "Castle On The Hill" by Ed Sheeran. An old group of friends meet again at a high school reunion, and end up staying in the town re-flaming old sparks. INFO. ★ i This will be a hosted project, which I'll have up when I get enough interest. Once it is up, there will be a deadline for when I will begin accepting characters. I have yet to determine the deadline. ★ ii The hosted project will also include settings, relationship chats, and rules and regulations. The rules MUST be followed, otherwise I won't hesitate to kick you out. ★ iii If you have any questions, please PM me, or ask below.
  5. i saw the gif of frenchie and i was just like "YES" incredibly interested!
  6. i support that 100%
  7. OFC YES I'M SO EXCITED but i highkey wanna make characters from the next generation
  8. wip
  9. ▃▃▃ H I S T O R Y ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ I. INITIUM. anderson zellers is only twenty-two when he leaves america and moves to england. it seemed then, that he had everything; bright, young, wealthy...but he didn't. he had nothing. england was an escape for him from his mistakes in america.. when life is no longer in him, he has four young children and a beautiful wife. he evades death long enough to give his family one last parting gift ('the most precious one of all.' he whispers, stroking a finger across the infant's tawny curls) before the doors of heaven welcome him with open arms. he lays dead in a hospital bed. II. VERIS. they name the infant gwen, after her grandmother. her earliest memory is that of indigo-stained fingers. sticky prints smeared across marble walls, tart blackberries crushed under baby teeth. the country-side estate was vast, but she tripped and ambled over every inch, never stopping, but always steered from danger by tender hands that put her to sleep at night with whispered lullabies and butterfly kisses on her cheeks. she had known then, whose hands they belonged to (hint: not her mother's. never her mother's). most of the time, they're margo's; slim, elegant, and impossibly soft as she cups her cheeks and presses a kiss unto her forehead. when they're firm and bony, she knows it's andrew. always a bit too rough, but never lacking in affection as he guides his baby sister's fingers across the tapestry bearing their ancestors' names. nicolaus' touch is far gentler despite the callouses, a trait he passes over to gwen as he teaches her to pluck fragile poppies to weave into margo's hair. orion doesn't touch her. gwen never asks why. III. UMBRA. she is six the first time she visits her mother alone. she manages only a few steps past the threshold of her chambers before she is pulled away, the door behind her slamming shut with a jerk of andrew's chin. there is a portrait of her mother hanging over the fireplace, but the withered wraith she saw sitting by the window doesn't look a thing like her. she is told later that it is an unknown illness that took her mother's mind away. gwen thinks it might be grief. the visits don't stop despite her siblings' constant admonitions, but it is only when she is eleven—with her hair tied back and her trunk packed and ready to go—that her mother lifts her eyes and looks at her. for the first time in years, she feels her hands on her's (long and thin, thin, thin. spiderlike and skeletal. sharp fingernails digging into her soft palms like claws). she holds her gaze long enough to press something small and cold into her palm, and then it's over. she turns away, and when she opens her fist, it's her father's ring that stares back at her; old and scratched, a crude 'z' etched across the surface by unsteady hands. her father made it himself as a boy. it hasn't left gwen's finger since. IV. CRUENTUS. america offers her the relief she never knew she needed, and for a while, she was happy; content. but not for long. the small town in georgia is from safe for the eleven year old, but it's better than being in a household with departing teenagers and a grieving mother. despite her sister's pleas, gwen refuses to return home permanently. there are few times when she returns home. there's always something different each time. each time, though, her eccentric aunt is home. (belladonna catches her once, holding her jaw in one hand and a fistful of her hair in the other. 'you look just like your father.' she coos, running a featherlight finger down her cheek). but always, she returns to america to live with her great uncle. V. VINDICO. the moment her great uncle dies, gwen knows she's going to have to go back to england. her siblings have long gone left the estate and married. her mother hasn't approved, but she hasn't worsened. the next few years are lonely and quiet. gwen hates them. VI. ACERBUS. gwen is sixteen. margo has two children. andrew has had two wives so far. nicolaus is traveling the world, taking pictures as he goes. he always sends her a postcard. she sees orion again, after so many years. he gives her a hug. and she cries. her mother is old, but not as sad. she leaves her chambers long enough to bid gwen farewell. gwen is seventeen when she leaves the estate with the memories of her dead father, her grieving mother, and her grown-up siblings. once, she had a home that felt like one, not something far too small for the ghosts lingering between its walls. once, she hadn’t known the searing pain of loss, and once, she had the mistaken hope that it would stay that way. presently, gwen is eighteen, and knows that everything once is now gone. and now she has to find it again. she resides in america, with her own apartment, attending school, and making a new life for herself. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ G E N E R A L ▃▃▃ name: gwen lisette zellers alias: n/a age: eighteen years old birthday: december fourteen zodiac: sagittarius birth place: doncaster, england gender: cisgender sexuality: feminine orientation: heterosexual grayromantic role: the princess ▃▃▃ A P P E A R A N C E ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ hair: short, dirty blonde eyes: big, doe brown eyes height: five foot one inch (5'1") weight: one hundred eight pounds (108 lbs) build: ectomorphe; petite distinguishing features: light spray of freckles clothing style: x o x o face claim: sarah snyder voice claim: emma watson ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ P E R S O N A L I T Y ▃▃▃ virtues: steadfast. reliable. trustworthy. confident. generous. sociable. intuitive. clever. observant. ambitious. genuine. creative. vices: impatient. cynical. dramatic. fickle-minded. hedonistic. temperamental. opinionated. vindictive. manipulative. lustful. likes: fireworks. cold weather. her siblings. polaroid pictures. winning. people-watching. diy projects. fashion. hair dye. soccer. dislikes: when people touch her hair. nicknames. sugar in her tea. boredom. humidity. fire. small talk. arrogance. reality tv. cancer. we're all perfectly imperfect. just, some are more than others. coded by: orphic
  10. i'll try to get walter done asap... well, not as possible cause i'm a lazy potato that needs like twelve cups of coffee.
  11. wip werp
  12. gaby would be respectful and hug you back... gabe would insult you until you let go.
  13. we're our biggest fans name -- gabriella hernandez nickname -- gaby, twin #2, age -- twenty two birthday -- february 20th zodiac -- pisces gender -- cisgender female orientation -- pansexual heteroromantic ored xxx height -- 5'4'' weight -- 119lbs hair -- dark brown eyes -- brown complexion -- olive build -- lithe clothing style -- x o x o features -- her smile face claim -- seychelle gabriel voice claim -- seychelle gabriel xxx vices -- stubborn, blunt, lustful, manipulative, insecure, quiet virtues -- observant, romantic, dauntless, fucking perfect, intelligent, empathetic likes -- make up, tea, high heels, glasses, her brother, long walks, silence dislikes -- stress, sleeping, mangoes, small talk, herself, the color pink, math skills -- singing, walking in ten inch heels, hand-to-hand combat, soccer, and makeup weaknesses -- gabriel, her emotions, being stressed out, archery quirks -- plays with her hair, rolls her eyes constantly, licks her lips confidence -- 2/10 and our own worst enemies name -- gabriel hernandez nickname -- gabe, twin #1, age -- twenty two birthday -- february 20th zodiac -- pisces gender -- cisgender male orientation -- graysexual homoromantic xxx height -- 6'0'' weight -- 150lbs hair -- dark brown eyes -- brown complexion -- olive build -- athleitc; thin clothing style -- x o x o features -- his puppy dog eyes face claim -- robert sheehan voice claim -- robert sheehan xxx vices -- nosy, loud, cynical, awkward, sarcastic, blunt virtues -- outgoing, respectful, empathetic, dauntless, humorus, honest likes -- comic books, kids, whiskey, legos, males, the night, chaos dislikes -- the beach, rugby, tequila, the quiet, romance, sex, cupcakes skills -- teaching, cooking, looking after his sister, very knowledgable, healing weaknesses -- gabriella, romance, any form of combat, keeping his mouth shut quirks -- winks when flirting, runs his fingers through hair, taps his fingers on any surface confidence -- 5/10 B I O G R A P H Y the twins didn't know each other their whole lives, contrary to what everyone may believe. eduardo hernandez wasn't the best of men when the twins were born. he was a thief in the small, brazilian town. when the twins were almost a year old, eduardo was arrested. the twins were sent to an orphanage, where they lived in for nine years, until gabriel was adopted by a family from ireland, and when gabriella was ten, she was adopted by a family from america. they couldn't get in contact with each other. it killed them both. but, they adapted to their new lives in new countries. gabriella's family was reasonably wealthy, but extremely strict. they had a huge affect on her life, that even now, she tends to check her posture, and her makeup must always be perfection. gabriel, on the other hand, his family was rambunctious and constantly growing. the family had six children prior to gabriel, and by the time he was eighteen, there were twelve kids in total. that's where he got his love of children from. many things happened in the twin's lives--events that they refuse to speak, specifically gabriella--before they met again. when they did meet again, gabriel was on a school trip to america, in california. it was a huge coincidence that gabriella had been shopping with her friends in the same area as where gabriel was. they didn't even say a word to each other, yet they knew each other. they were attracted to each other. the twins were reunited, and they refused to separate. wip werp
  14. congrats, love. i hope you remain well.
  15. can someone send me a link to the discord chat? i restarted my computer, and now somethings going up with it, so i can't get to the chat.