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    I'd be down for sure!
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    Sounds good to me I've heard of Dixit, but never played. Is it fun?
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    Hey at least you play I enjoy a good game of chess as well Stay classy my friend
  4. Joining everyone at the table, Ayleth brought her plate with her. She sat across from the man who had wandered down the stairs. He seemed disturbed or in the very least somewhat leery of the newcomer. As did Grayson, thought Danill did not seem to terrible perturbed. The entire meal, Ayleth was sitting on pins and needles, waiting for someone to speak and break the silence that had taken roost.
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    I LOVE Betrayel, but like you said, it's complicated. And Pandemic is another great one. My dad and I played it all the time during my surgery recovers.
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    My family just got a bunch of new games and now, my current favorites are: Sentinels of the Multiverse Ora et Labora Munchkinz Saboteur
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    Good choice good choice
  8. "Grayson," Ayleth recalled being told that piece of information. "Of course. I'm sorry, I believe you had said that." Just as Grayson had offered to fetch someone, two things happened. A knock, or more of a rapping at the front door could be heard, which was then followed by a man appeared from the staircase, shouting to Danill, who Ayleth assumed was the white haired man who had let her in, and had made the breakfast. As Danill came in and greeted the new comer, Ayleth stiffened in her seat, almost knocking her plate of food to the floor. The individual in the door way was enormous, towering over Danill. This fact, and the statement he had made about the new comers being a non-human made Ayleth very nervous. Although this enormous being did explain he did not wish to be sense as a threat, he still was still unsettling to her. Despite this, Ayleth was a lady of manners and etiquette, standing, she introduced herself to the figure. "Hello, sir. I do believe we are about to sit to breakfast, so please come in." After remembering he had something about not needing calories, she fixed her statement, "Or at least come in so there is no draft." @ClassicCaptain @Doc Taylor @Milus @WitchOfTape
  9. As the door opened, a slightly blurry eyed man stood in front of her, mumbling a brief greeting and sending her to the parlor behind him. As she stepped over the threshold, he turned and meandered his way to another room, presumably the kitchen. Ayleth headed into the parlor, lit and warm by the bright, lively fire. As she looked about the room, she sat in a chair, placing her bag beside her. As she was admiring her surroundings, she heard a booming voice, declaring breakfast. Startled, she clutched the cross pendant around her neck. After realizing she was in no immediate danger, Ayleth forced herself to calm down. "Be sensible" She thought to herself, "This is a safe place. It's a haven for people like you. There is no need to be frazzled." With this, she reset herself, straightening her skirts and, attempting to smarten up a tish. A few minutes past, and she continued to look about the room. It wasn't until a meek voice spoke that she noticed a young individual in the door way. They were offering up a plate of what appeared to be eggs. Her stomach growled at the prospect of food, and she had to stop herself, and remember this was not a place to run from quickly, so she paced herself. "Thank you very much." With a brief nod, she accepted the food, wondering if it was acceptable to eat in the parlor, or if she should find a dining room, or breakfast nook somewhere. "You wouldn't happen to be able to direct me to a suitable place to eat, would you, umm, what is your name?" @WitchOfTape @Doc Taylor @ClassicCaptain
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    Awesome Awesome Awesome
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    I just realized this is titled as Deaf of H.O.H. not Deaf OR H.O.H. My mistake, friends.
  12. As the night past, and morning arose, a figure was seen walking down the small concrete path, heels clicking lightly. A travel-size suit case swung at her side. As she approached the door, Miss Ayleth Spruce noticed that it must be nearing breakfast, because she was entirely famished. She'd walked a long time to find this place. Miss Spruce had heard rumors from sources best left unsaid that a place of rest could be found for people like her, in a place like this. And low and behold, a comfortable looking manor stood. The sun had only just touched the tops of the trees, meaning it was not so early as to be an inconvenience hopefully, but just early enough that she might be in time for a quick meal, if it was provided. Dusting the dirt of her purple skirt, and brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, Ayleth knocked sharply once, twice, three times.
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    @Ghost I understand that feeling. Before I worked as an ABA therapist, I was a pizza delivery gal, and taking orders by the oven was the bane of my existence. I actually had to call over my co-worker once, because the lady (I think) on the other end was not nearly loud enough.
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    That's awesome! Have you ever gotten to interact with the Deaf community? If not, I highly suggest it. We're pretty fun people
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    It's *use* ASL, but still! That's awesome! As do I How long have you been learning?