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    Awesome Awesome Awesome
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    I just realized this is titled as Deaf of H.O.H. not Deaf OR H.O.H. My mistake, friends.
  3. As the night past, and morning arose, a figure was seen walking down the small concrete path, heels clicking lightly. A travel-size suit case swung at her side. As she approached the door, Miss Ayleth Spruce noticed that it must be nearing breakfast, because she was entirely famished. She'd walked a long time to find this place. Miss Spruce had heard rumors from sources best left unsaid that a place of rest could be found for people like her, in a place like this. And low and behold, a comfortable looking manor stood. The sun had only just touched the tops of the trees, meaning it was not so early as to be an inconvenience hopefully, but just early enough that she might be in time for a quick meal, if it was provided. Dusting the dirt of her purple skirt, and brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, Ayleth knocked sharply once, twice, three times.
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    @Ghost I understand that feeling. Before I worked as an ABA therapist, I was a pizza delivery gal, and taking orders by the oven was the bane of my existence. I actually had to call over my co-worker once, because the lady (I think) on the other end was not nearly loud enough.
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    That's awesome! Have you ever gotten to interact with the Deaf community? If not, I highly suggest it. We're pretty fun people
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    It's *use* ASL, but still! That's awesome! As do I How long have you been learning?
  7. I am so sorry. I have been super sick these last few days. It's been bad. I totally didn't check RP, I couldn't get my brain to work very well. Sorry!
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    Totally counts
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    Yeah!!!! D&D my friend!!!!!! What's your favorite type of character to play? I always like to be a Bard, or a Dwarf
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    I play a lot of co-op games, one of my favs being Pandemic. It's a pretty fun one, but that is also my style of game. Though, to be fair, I play just about anything. Even WIn, Lose, Banana
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    Random fact about me: Before I lost my hearing, I used to sing Opera. I got an award once for my talent.
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    Any board gamers out there? My family and I are all big board game players. We play a lot European games. Some of my favorites are: Dominion Ascension Thunderstone 7 Wonders Machi Koro Catan Splendor
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    I'm happy with my height. I'm 5' 4'' and I think I'm just the right height for me.
  14. food

    Japanese, Sushi in particular, but I will never say no to Thia, Indian, Chinese, or Mediterranean.
  15. literature

    I keep the tab open, and will either play games online or talk with my friends on Facebook messenger. Sometimes I'll play some chess online too.