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  1. Yeah, to be honest I never really thought it would anyway. Kind of a niche genre. Thanks though.
  2. D A N K Take that as an indication that i'm more than willing to join.
  3. BACKSTORY For as long as known history can reach back in time a much disputed part of land has laid under the rigorous protection of the Stareyshinian (Stareyshina) empire. It’s said to be the most fertile land filled with beauty beyond the comprehension of man. Most who’ve ventured into the land have never come back, legends say the land has enthralled them while some say they’ve simply perished. The chains that locked this treasure from the many empires wanting to lay their hands on it were broken with the single squeeze of a trigger. With the assassination of Tzar Aminev the XIV ancient policies were eliminated opening the borders to the most controversial resource on the planet. Now the trappers of the north, the cultivated painters and poets of the far west and the wealthy merchants of the eastern peninsula all came flooding in wanting their share of the riches the land withheld. This treasury was above all in the form of exotic pelts. What stood in their way now was the primitive natives, the beasts of the mountains and forests along with the biting cold of the north. INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORLD This’ll play out in an era much like the very early 1800’s/ late 1700’s. This means that there will be things like single shot rifles and oil lanterns, both of which are very common. Although it will be very realistic in how the word handles sheer physically (No magic or insane anime speed et.c), there will be some fantasy beasts coming along every so often. These beasts could be griffins, ogres and other fantastical beasts, but the main threat will be more common animals like bears, wolves and boars though. I haven’t decided on this yet, but i’ll let you players decided if their are going to be multiple playable races. This won’t be some fairy tail though, it’ll be gritty, brutal and barbaric. The new land will be split into too two parts, north and south. While the south resembles pre colonization north America the north is more like siberia. Which one we venture in to will be up to you. MAJOR DILIGENTS (Map will be added) The Lorin kingdom and Sundlin : The Lorin kingdom consists out of 3 nations, those being Wellund, Ryre and Ethon. It used to be four as the well regarded Sundlin used to be a part of it before a war of independence. Ryre has a very strong likeness to the Roman empire, it’s abundance in wine, very fine textiles and marble has laid ground for this. It’s also furthest to the south of the four, and the climate is rather dry and warm all year around. As for the other three, Ethon is furthest north, Ryre is central, and Wellund borders Sundlin to the north. They all are comparable to the british isles climate wise. Some of the farthest stretching cities are located within these three. All four states speak english with varying dialects. The Stareyshinian Tsardom: The most powerful empire on in the world, they wield an army able to wipe any competitor of the planet. It lays to the north of Lorin but they’re divided by a massive inlet. There is at least some form of snow across the empire all year around, whether it be meters of packed snow of gentle frost. A lot of their empire remains free of human activity as their massive and ancient cities create a decent living for most. Their language resembles that of russian. The Shidonese and Tahanians: Located on the “Eastern peninsula” they’re surrounded by desert, savannah and jungle. They’re well known for their trade and wealth due to their much sought after exports such as coffee and fruit. Throughout time they’ve generally been peaceful even though Shidonesia is the oldest empire that still stands. The western states: The states of the west have the most varying climate, they’re the home of a very rich culture resembling that of ancient asian cultures. They’re well regarded artists as well as scientists. Instead of being an empire, the entire continent they’ve made their home is split into a large amounts of smaller states. STORY In the start of this RP the borders will recently have been opened into the new land, and our characters (Who haven’t met yet) will venture into this new land hoping to make a decent coin of the new blossoming fur trade. What will stand in our way is not only the harsh threats of nature, but also other gangs, soldiers, natives, bandits, and whatever else this gritty hellhole throws at us. We won’t be spending all of our time in the new land though, but also travel back to civilization in order to sell what we’ve gathered and for whatever else reason we might want to go back. If we settle or remain on the move will be up to you players. RULES The basics as well as the forum rules. I will also require all players to have good grammar and a good sense of pacing. Frequent posting is desired, of course. Avoid OOC drama as well, I don’t want to have something like that spoil the RP. If you read this whole thing, I want to thank you, even if you’re not intending on joining.
  4. Alyra was usually open minded, but she felt a slight unrest over Euleria’s strange circumstances. Still it was quite fascinating, but she didn’t know this person very well and refrained from asking any question just in case she would strike a nerve. She spotted the others coming down the stairs over Euleria’s shoulder and was instantly rather intrigued by the bulky Ossus. His appearance told of a stern and somber feeling resting over him.
  5. Alyra had hung the wet pelage of a small iron hook near the entrance. She was now wearing some very simple green and white clothing that looked somewhat peasant like, though they were very clean. She still had her backpack as well as her bow and quiver on her back, and a belt around her waist with her small jagged bone knife fixed to it. The warm gleam of fire reflected through her amber eyes as she scouted the room, it seemed like her kind of establishment, calm and somewhat homely. As she was approached by Lurvas she met his welcoming act with a friendly expression. "Appreciate it." she said to Lurvas with a mellow tone. When the elf approached them her slight smile remained, although she felt rather perplexed about the person in front of her and her seeming unwillingness to speak. "Well it's nice meeting you, Euleria.".
  6. Alyra slowly led the horse into the stables, and gave it a few gentle pats on its muscular back. She looked out into the still night, she usually had a hard time getting tired and slept relatively little. She'd always found the nights to be a very enjoyable time to just sit around and think, whether she was alone or not. With a deep breath of the chilly air she left the stable and fallowed Wemond into the amber light of homely warmth. As she entered she removed her hood and her still dry hair unfurled into long gloomy stretches covering her back.
  7. They rid through the night with the distinct sounds of hardened hooves splasing through the mud and soddy water. Alyra's hood and pelt had become soggy as the thick patches of fur clogged together, but luckily they were waterproof. The passed by a few poor souls unable to hide from the rain, travelers and merchants dauntingly walked down the dirt road. That was a situation she'd found herself in far too many times.
  8. The roof of the stable was old and covered in layers of splintered wood, but it remained dry in the moist weather. Alyra approached the horse, it was a rather large mare with a rough burnt umber pelt. She gently let it's flowing mane run between her fingers as she looked at the animal with wide eyes. It had a few blemishes and various markings on it's powerful legs, it was a horse that certainly had seen a lot of life. With a hefty push on the pedal hanging off the weathered saddles side she mounted the gritfuly gracious mare. It was apparent it was an experienced horse as she could already feel it getting anxious to ride forth. In a strange manner it reminded her of herself, but unlike the horse it'd been awhile since she'd last ridden...
  9. As they exited into the somber gloom of night Alyra looked up at the ivory black sky dotted by stars. The tickle of rain prickeled her face and with a sweeping motion she put on a droopy hood matching her fluffy robe. The road had gotten even more grotty, but her willowy leather boots protected her from the grimy boglike substance. She would often walk around barefoot, not only to harden her feet but there was a strange sensation of being closer to everything around her. But she had to uphold her manners considering her company after all.
  10. As confirmation that she was in on the hunt Alyra's lean hand came into view and briefly shook Garth's hand.
  11. Alyra slowly nodded with a slightly strained and perplexed look as they explained the situation. She was a hell of a good tracker but she could never really wrap her head around politics.
  12. What was there to introduce? For the longest time Alyra had walked around the world with nothing but her name. She had no formal education, no real place to call home and she didn't really know that many other people. To most this would add up to a rather dull and somewhat depressing life, but she enjoyed it to it's fullest extent. She never worried, there were no chores or stress, she'd even slept under a bridge the night before. But it was clear that the man wanted answers imminently. "My name is Alyra Endove. I'm a simple nomad, but wandering without a goal becomes stale after doing it for too long eh. I don't want anything out of this, I just want to assist. I hope that's enough to ensure you that i'm trustworthy." she said with a mellow tone, looking her interrogator straight in the eyes.
  13. Alyra followed Arnnas through the crammed room, a few intoxicated men stumbled joyfully behind her leaving a trail of spilled ale behind them. Alyra was barely able to sit down in the last seat because of the very long spruce colored bow strapped to her back. She let Arnnas handle the talking and remained silent but attentive.
  14. "Miss... heh." That was a title she hadn't been addressed by for a long while. Alyra leaned to her side to scout out said "friends". They sat on the other side of the room, looking a tad ominous and secretive. Her eyes followed the waiter as he left, before returning to Amnas who had just stepped away. Alyra gently shoved the cup inwards with the tips of her fingers before walking up to Amnas, "After you.".
  15. Alyra unraveled the folded letter holding it between two of her fingers. As she put it back in under the fur she looked around the flame lit loom. "I assume you know as little as me concerning who we're here to meet?", both her look and tone remained dull and somewhat discrete. She was a bit surprised by the man's concern as most people seemed occupied with company and alcohol, nor did he really look like the worrying type at first glance.