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  1. it's been two whole weeks since i've killed me a man

    and i'm starting to get.... the itch 

    1. AnimeGenork
    2. Ambela


      i'm hungry for blood

      hungry for killin'

      hell, i'm just plain ol' hungry

    3. Iskolde


      *Valley Girl voice*



  2. i love how every time i want to vent about some of my problems, someone else feels the need to ignore me and talk about their own

    1. Legend:D


      Feel free to vent on me if ya like

  3. Will profile views still be a thing? ( I currently have the most I think so I need to know ; - ; ). Already a bit disappointed about losing all of my followers, but oh well. I have tabs to look forward to. O:
  4. Do you know what your username was before, because it says I was following you and I've never followed a Kinnga before? Haha. Either way, welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy your time here. The site is about to go through an update so don't be too surprised if things start changing and all.
  5. I'm thinking of a number. Guess what it is. 

  6. i've finished the rp replies i owe and i've procrastinated long enough now so time to do the school yey

    1. Bub


      Yay school.

  7. RAVAN FISCHL Ravan's face turned hot at Fang's glare, turning at the male. He immediately went to defending himself, explaining to Fang that that's how you played the game. "THAT'S HOW YOU PLAY, FANG!" He huffed slightly and crossed his arms over his chest. "You play the game targeting people you know do the things." He huffed once more, mumbling about how his best friend was a "kill joy." He had been too busy defending himself to hear the words spoken between the two girls, but he did happen to hear Luci's bit about panties, a puzzled look on his face. "What do you mean "what constitutes as panties?" Obviously panties are legless underpants girls wear to cover up their junk!" Ravan returned Ani's smirk with a smirk of his own, laughing quietly under his breath when she said she didn't even wear panties. "Well then, Miss Commando, why don't you prove it, eh?" it's smol again but i have to do the school ; - ;
  8. not sure why i keep following people because they're all gonna be washedddd away

    1. Legend:D


      Yeah, that's sad

  9. pterodactyl screech

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    2. Legend:D


      woo! You are the most beautiful pterodactyl though


    3. Ambela


      :smile10: well shucks but ur pretty gr8 2

    4. Legend:D


      Thank you : D 

  10. rolls in

    hi i just came to say ily

    1. purity


      awwwww ily too beb

  11. my dad called me a smart-ass and i so bad want to show him how much of a smart ass i can really be

    1. High Moon

      High Moon

      %70 of this site are professionals on that subject, so I believe in your words.

    2. Ambela


      lmao like if he weren't so scary i'd honestly channel my inner smart ass just to get things straight

  12. so the other day my sister forced me to download w101 to get this free pack thing to see what i got and i wish she hadn't bc i'm literally playing this stupid ass game all the time now and fuck my life ok 



    1. Windsock


      I bet you like MLP too

    2. Ambela


      i actually don't lmao

      this is probably the most childish thing i like tbh >.<

      a guilty pleasure ig

    3. High Moon

      High Moon

      Don't mind it much, if you're having fun with it? Who cares)

  13. tbh i'm gonna miss the aesthetic of cover images but i won't miss the hours it takes trying to find a cover image that matches the profile image

  14. i miss you so much pls get ur butt over here

  15. neuro was my beb but i didn't care for it at all? idk i just reaaaally hated Skylor i haven't bothered watching much after it, though i saw like a bit of the ghost things? The original storyline will always be the best.
  16. so i got an email from fanfiction saying someone had followed an ancient story of mine and i clicked on it and boy is the cringe real what was i so this is "immortality unplugged" i'm too lazy to remove the formatting but hollY shit what is this like all the reviews are like "omGG SO SAD" and wighh what
  17. ninjago pissed me off after chen's island lmao like skylor cAN DIE IN A HOLE :DDD
  18. this profile has never been so dead before tbh

    1. AnimeGenork


      No wonder I'm the new shitpost queen

    2. ~SpicyCinnyRollSenpai


      *Throws life into profile*

    3. Idea
  19. .timingiseverything::-webkit-scrollbar {width:5px; background-color:black;} .timingiseverything::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {width:5px; background-color:teal;} there i was, none the wiser // both of us, different trajectories who'd have thought we'd be right here in this spot // timing is everything it's february in new york city, and amidst the falling snow, romance is in the air. valentine's day is fast-approaching, seen on every street corner and window display. there's no shortage of advertising for the romance-filled holiday, from confections to decorations, and the busy harbor city is looking at another successful year in celebrating the holiday. not even the unexpected frontal snowsquall that's blown in is going to put a damper on things! well, unless you're traveling.
  20. you guys have no idea the reviews are all like "thiS IS THE SADDEST SHIt I"VE EVER READ" and i'm now like "w0W I WAS EDGY"
  21. RAVAN FISCHL Ravan smiled and nodded in agreement with Luci's idea, enjoying the idea of a game. Despite his usual care-free playful attitude, he didn't play games often. He was either busy training or nobody was interested in playing anyway. He knitted his brows when Ani mentioned playing truth or dare, shaking his head and dismissing the idea. "That takes too much time, Ani. Besides, somebody will end up doing something stupid and delaying the trip. We don't want that, do we?" Ravan smirked at Ani's words. So she planned to get the boys, more than likely, him especially, embarrassed, eh? "Two can play at that game," he mumbled under his breath, agreeing to start the game off. He assumed everyone would be fine playing "Never Have I Ever," humming to himself as he thought about something he had never done that he knew the girls would have. "Never have I ever..." He put a finger on his chin, glancing at Ani with a gleam in his eyes. "...Wore panties." oh boy oh boy this is short :DD
  22. My brother is Lego-crazy and has so many and they're annoying af. The only thing I like are the Lego men/people things and my sister ruins them 99% of the time so oh well. I'm not a huge fan of Lego anymore, though. I was, but now I'm a boring piece of shit who does nothing but sit on my laptop.
  23. Oh Hell nah. I don't like Ninjago anymore. Dx I was a huuuuge fan back then, though. I watched every episode at least 10 times and wrote fanfiction and ugh.
  24. this is "alive, but not alive" i deserve a gold sticker for these original titles this focuses on le ghostie cole