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  1. i used to be really annoyed by uncapitalized sentences and text speak 

    look at me now

    1. Negative Zone

      Negative Zone

      I remember once when I was a butthead kid annoyed by abbreviations and someone was using "ur" rather than "your" and I was like IT'S TWO MORE LETTERS WHY CAN'T YOU TYPE THEM (i used to be an Ass and  ahalf ok) and the person was like "use ur imagination" and I think that burn I felt that day has seriously helped shape who I am as a person

    2. Ambela


      i used to be the same way

      getting all triggered when people used abbreviations and shit 

      i look back at my thirteen year old self with disgust 

    3. Husk


      i think i've always been this slack when it comes to informal posting. typing like this is contagious. i look at my friends, with their capitalization of every 'I', and wonder what went wrong.
      seriously though, it's fun and casual to type like this IMO. i will never  accept Typing Like This Though. stop cap abuse