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  1. does anybody like wanna help me out with a roleplay ?? 

    lol i have an idea but no actual plot 

    and help is much appreciated so 

    yeah ; u ;

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    2. King of Strong Style

      King of Strong Style

      Well, if you take out the idea of servants and masters, it will be pretty different... Just saying

    3. Ambela


      Well I have never seen(?) Fate either, so I guess that helps in a way. Maybe. :l 

    4. King of Strong Style

      King of Strong Style

      Pretty much there are seven masters that participate in the Holy Grail War in a city in Japan. These seven masters are also mages, and they summon a servant, a heroic servant from the past, present or future to help them win. Once all the other masters are killed or their servant is killed, the winner gets their wish granted. That is as basic of an explanation as you are gunna get xD 

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