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  1. does anybody like wanna help me out with a roleplay ?? 

    lol i have an idea but no actual plot 

    and help is much appreciated so 

    yeah ; u ;

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    2. Ambela


      Well, I guess I'll be safe then. cx 
      That doesn't sound like anything I'd ever come up with.

    3. King of Strong Style

      King of Strong Style

      Haha. RIP. Well, if ya need help in the morning I shall try 

    4. High Moon

      High Moon

      Why not give the player's the classic "save the realm" storyline?   Get to know the locals, raid the dungeon of evil, kill the overlord, get the Loot, seve the princess/prince (optional), get rewarded, choose to return to the real realm or stay.


      Cheesy but it works.