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  1. Well, I might as well look. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't find it, eh?
  2. Oh, perhaps I could check it out at the library the next time I go then. = ) That's good. A few people mentioned it and I was like... "Oh damn, I feel clueless here."
  3. my dog is snoring rn and it's honestly the cutest thing

    1. The Mechanist

      The Mechanist

      I think it's funny that when a dog is sleeping and it farts it freaks out like "what the hell was that? Weird scary noise that felt like it came from my butt"

    2. ~SpicyCinnyRollSenpai


      I wish I had a dog that'd sleep on my bed ; - ;

    3. Ambela


      My dogs usually sleep in my parents' room.

      My dad is sick and doesn't want to deal with them, so we get them tonight.

      My brother has the male dog and I get the female one. =)

  4. Is knowledge of this "Witchers" required or could it be a stand-alone thing? I'm not much of a gamer, so I don't know anything about it... At least, I think Witchers is a game?
  5. Image result for spongebob breathe in breathe out

    Just because you are older than dirt does not mean I have to respect what you say.

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    2. Ambela


      This old lady whom I have never spoken to before walks up to my sister, who has a rather unattractive birthmark on her face, and asks in a rude ass voice "when are you gonna get that thing off your face removed?" So look at her with this look that literally reads "bitch what do you think you're saying?" So I just fuck her up but I'm still pissed???? 

    3. BloodyKharma


      Yea that lady was a real bitch. Some people think that just because they've got some years on you, that gives them the right to say whatever they want. I would've cussed her out lol.

    4. Ambela


      I just fake coughed and looked her in the eye and said "oh, I'm allergic to r00dness byyyye." I was just, ahaaaaaaah. Only I can make fun of my sister's face kitten. O.o

  6. i don't usually do this buT

    i now have the most community rep on the site :DDDDD

    i've been trying for so long now ok xDD

  7. The Ability to Edit Status Updates: There's nothing worse than posting your message and then realizing you've made a dumb ol' spelling mistake or used the incorrect homophone or something. You can edit just about anything, why not status updates too? A Notification When Someone Edits a Post in A Topic You Follow: People will often edit their posts in topics and will include information someone may not have noticed before, but might need to know for their roleplay/or some other topic. Notifying a user of an edit made in a topic might be a good idea.
  8. I've spent most of the day fishing and haven't had a bit of luck.
    I couldn't even catch bait, man. 

  9. It's spectacular! =O
  10. me: let's go to sleep ok 

    also me: actually let's watch scary fucking videos bc why not

  11. i have to go to the bathroom really bad but i don't wanna put on pants

  12. Well, this one time, before I came to RPN, my character talked everyone else's characters into licking a frozen pole so they all stood there for the longest time when they had crime to fight and shit and it was pretty hilarious. xD
  13. it's been long enough ok

    come back already

  14. sometimes i ask myself "what am i doing with my life?"

    and i don't have an answer 100% of the time