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  1. OOC

    When does the IRL week end?
  2. No worries. There's only two Cessnas and three Prowler LSVs (which are just buggies with plated armor, no fixed weapons yet) also, I plan on changing the population as well as adding more background later
  3. OOC

    If we had - say - 3 moderators, you would still be able to have a character/nation.
  4. OOC

    This system is pretty cool - especially for nation building RPs. In all honesty though, it generally requires more maintenance (Ie, we'll need two combat moderators, two turn moderators, and maybe a domestic/economics moderator) <- all of which I'm down to help out with
  5. OOC

    My suggestion: 1 week IRL = 1 in-game turn Pros: -No one is waited on -You don't necessarily have to post a turn since most people's turns would just be anything new or different from whatever effects their last turn had -Moderations (if necessary) can easily be scheduled for two-three days out of the week. That way, players know to post before those days if the content of their turn requires moderation (production ETA, etc) Cons: -Anything that's in-character but ought to be kept private would have to be PMed to moderators -Singleplayer actions (anything not involved more than one player) would be - in theory - separate from player interaction (battles, trade, negotiation, or any interaction). The weekly turns may require some form of reference to those player-interactions since the "Turn thread" wouldn't be the appropriate place to do so. See my example: [From a WW2 RP] The Republic of Finland Research: -Project Phalanx *See PMs* Foreign Policy: -Sign German Naval Purchase 1-1937 [@AdmiralF***Off] *See PMs* -Dispatch Humanitarian Aid Workers to Estonia [@Hector177] Military Affairs: -Continue with Operation Bigfoot, Operation Backbone, and Operation Vigilance *See PMs*
  6. OOC

    @Leusis It seems that if you tried using "Rangers" training, you would have to deal with the effects of passing down the training (which may be difficult but certainly possible), maintaining the equipment, and probably constant conflict as to keep the natural veteran-ship of the Rangers. Keep in mind that one of the things that makes them bada** is the fact that they're all experienced.
  7. OOC

    May I suggest using Google My Maps? Also, the current map looks amazing. I may expand my starting area though...didn't realize how much we could have
  8. Same pretty much
  9. Lets not forget how much time will have passed since "rebuilding" would have started. This may be worth considering in regards to refined makeshift items as well as settlement development
  10. Also, something to chew on for the purposes of creating a fair game in which we can all partake in: - Why not agree that while most all of society and life has gone to shit, there still would be some areas unaffected by radiation. The only two targets highly likely to be hit by nuclear weapons and have fallout effect over Oregon would be the two noted here. - If we are to assume that every urban center in Oregon was hit with a nuclear weapon, then why not give some sort of perk to being a society based in a rural part of Oregon (which would have a much lower starting amount). - As @Pat mentioned, it is important to note how long it's been since the bombs fell. I think it's safe to say that we all start with low or moderate-low amounts of gasoline due to the length of time in which we've been working without high quality production. - If anything, it would be interesting to see the major urban centers be hot zones for radioactivity and the epicenter of any mutated beings or diseases. Even then, lets say that - by chance or alternate reality - this is also where the most military and high grade equipment would be located. Or... -After the RP starts, whoever is acting as admin could pick the locations of military installations equi-distant from everyone's starting locations (as to prevent any power-housing right off the bat) - Perhaps adding an weather element to the RP would help diversify the RP and give a more prominent sense of PvE to the RP.
  11. Nation/Faction Name: [Unitary Republic of] Troy Leader(s): King Priam of Troy Prince Hector of Troy Political Structure: [Unitary Kingdom of] Troy King [Leader]: King Priam of Troy Queen Hecuba Heir: Prince Hector of Troy* [Family]: Paris, Son of King Priam Andromache, Wife of Prince Hector Scamandrius, Son of Prince Hector *Laws are passed by the Leader and may - at any time - be challenged by a Samarite if thought to be immoral.* *For every passing of a King, a yes/no vote is held to elect the Prince as King or to call for a free election.* *Main character Population: 1,747 People* (Excluded elderly and children for statistical purposes) Social Structure: - Timocratic (Honor Based) Society - Your word is your honor, your credibility, and your money. Those who do not have Fides (Honor) are heavily looked down upon. No one is obligated to provide service to Infidus and many will find it hard to do business with most anyone. Infidus may not be verbally or physically harmed but must earn back their Fides through good public, military, or indentured service. - Warrior Culture - Being a good fighter is seen as admirable in the Trojan society. Kids are often seen playing with wooden swords against their fathers or other kids. While not as extreme as the ancient Spartan society, most every member of the Trojan culture has trained in hand-to-hand weapons and occasionally firearms if they’re fortunate enough to own one. - Moral Code - The People of Troy value their morals and ethics highly. The People believe in fair treatment with equal opportunity and that people have the right to strive towards greatness but never cut corners to get there. With this, The People of Troy will not agree, submit, or support an unjust conflict with neighboring survivors and will seek the most diplomatic solution available. Corruption will be swiftly dealt with and The People of Troy will continue seeking moral and physical improvement of [the Kingdom of] Troy. {Justice System} Citizens are to be tried by a an Officer of the Legion (Armed Forces) and judged and punished by a jury of their peers. {Class System} Royal Military - Legionary Religious - Pontifex Honorable - Samarite Citizen Infidus Military Structure: The Legion [Armed Forces of the Kingdom] of Troy Personnel: 63 Professional Legionnaires* 187 Volunteered Reservists* 490 Draftable Citizens (Male)* Equipment: Small Arms {WIP} Kel-Tec PMR-30 Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Ruger 10/22 Remington 700 Franchi Affinity AR-15 Vehicles (Military) {WIP} “Offroad” GMC - 9 Basic pick-up truck capable of carrying troops or cargo “Prowler” LSV (Unarmed) - 3 Modified buggy with 10mm steel plating to cover essential areas. Capable of transporting 5 troops Cessna T-41 - 2 Basic propeller aircraft capable of transporting 5 troops or light cargo Other: {Background and Misc Info WIP}* Before the bombs ever fell, a wealthy family lived on the large property that became known as "Eden" during the rebuilding process. The property was quickly dedicated to a farm as well as hospital for the sick and injured because of the family's property. The initial owner of the Eden Estate was only known as "Alexander", great grandfather of the current leader, Priam. Alexander, a retired Army Ranger, always believed in the possibility of a nuclear war. He decided to begin investing in what would become the Eden Estate building it from the ground up. Included were several garages, storage rooms, underground shelters, communications, and even watchtowers. When nuclear war was deemed inevitable, the citizens of the town of Troy a few miles east decided to work with Alexander who graciously began making accommodations for those living in Troy. When the bombs began to drop, those citizens quickly, though confidently, made their way to the Eden Estate bringing along the valuables they knew that Alexander would have accommodated for. In what seemed to be a miracle, no one or no thing important was left behind. In fact, a couple families on vacation from the coast had found space for themselves in the Eden Estate. Knowing that tension would soon infest itself amidst the 50 survivors, Alexander instilled a moral code in the minds of the people, one simple rule that everyone had the choice to follow. Each person's word was their most valuable possession. If their trust or credibility was lost, they might as well have been fed to the radiated dogs. Anyone caught lying, deceiving or in any way harming others was deemed untrustworthy. At the time, punishment was not as severe.
  12. Thanks. I'll try to have my CS up by tonight. Do we have any set limitations on population and "military"?
  13. Do we have anything close to a working map yet? Also, yes. My people will be known as Trojans. Get f***ed
  14. I'd like to call dibs on NE Oregon in the cities of Troy and Eden. (For reference, find Interstate 3 and go up to Paradise and Flora by the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Then look about 10 miles west of Flora.)
  15. *Lucas thought for a moment of the time he'd been spending with the Marinos, especially Lucian. While it had been some time after Piero's departure, Lucas still enjoyed seeing Lucian and spending time getting to know not only her culture and society but also herself. He grew more and more fascinated by the young woman who'd taken him into her home with such hospitality. He'd spent the past few weeks looking for a way to repay her for all she'd done for him. It seemed that so far, all that would suffice for now would be a surprise breakfast.* "I slept alright. I think I'm getting use to the cranberry" // Lucas attempts to say "couch" but still struggles with the language. *Lucas would take the cooked eggs and partition it among several plates. He placed the plates in no planned array on the table and grabbed his crutch in one hand with a plate of eggs in the other to head for the door.* "I made breakfast. Go ahead and start without me. I'll be right back."