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  1. I just realised...


    want your our old profile pic a sloth in Tychus' suit?

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      I just bought the stukov commander for coop.


      made 1000+ troops >: )

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      I got Stukov too!!!

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      Hi Five!!! :DDDDDD


      And then there's Alarak who is basically a badassier Darth Vader. (Seriously. Alarak can even do lightning force xD)

  2. Faust would have raised an eyebrow at Blinded, but he didn't have any. This is just virtual animal abuse... He muttered to himself. But to be honest, he didn't care at all. He loaded his handgun with bullets coated in 'Yersinia Toxin' which had pretty high DoT over a very long amount of time. He aimed the handgun and landed a shot in the animal's leg. It began to stagger around, before falling on the floor with Blinded on it, writhing in unspeakable agony. ooooooooooooohhhhhhh It moaned in pain, waiting to be put out of it's misery. what is this? Kill me already!!!!!! It screamed at Blinded. Faust stood there, looking at the Fox. He pulled out his Super Mighty Face Eating Meat Cleaver and swung it at the fox's foot, making a very deep wound. Blood began to gush out of the wound, painting the floor crimson. So now what? He asked Blinded. We leave it to bleed to death? @Nick Ton Cutter
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    a page on rpnation takes like 5 minutes to load. And online games are even worse. AND GOOGLE, FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE IS BLOCKED WTF
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    I'm fine with either. The internet in China is so bad ygopro can't last a minute without disconnecting ._. Let alone an online chat room.
  6. Faust saw Blinded walk down into the dark hallway, toward the boss room. He shook his head and sighed. He'll probably get himself killed... He quickly switched to his Necromancer loadout and told the assassin: I'll get the boss. I'll leave the corpse for you guys to skin. He then ran across the hallway and pushed the gates to the boss room and entered. Sure enough, there was the Avenger, sitting near the sleeping fox. He walked toward Blinded and sat down next to him. I swear, running into a boss room solo. You'll probably end up killing me if I kept on following an idiot like you. Anyway, you decided which friend to resurrect? He looked at the fox, huddled up into a ball. Alright. Kill it while it sleeps? Or are we gonna boil it alive? Or maybe give it a dose of the most painful poison in the game? @Nick Ton Cutter
  7. @Nick Ton Cutter (u gonna reply? I wanna kill off Faust. ._.)
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    Meanwhile, I'm here losing every game I play with my shitty dirt cheap felgrand deck
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    ... dedicated fan right here. I only have 1 Deck and now it's pretty shit
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    How bigs that binder? ._.
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    You should see my brother's cards. His crystal wing synchro dragon is almost UNRECOGNISABLE. The worst part is he prioritises the common exodus bits over the crystal wing so the exodus parts have sleeves but crystal wing doesn't XD
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    Not sure. Haven't downloaded those.
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    Guys I'm on holiday in China and I can't use an dueling system here for some reason ._.
  14. Faust surveyed his party- 15 people, including himself. U decided to fill in the support role, so that's exactly what he did. He equipped the Big-ass Super Mighty Face Eating Meat Cleaver, a meat cleaver the size of him while folded, and almost twice his size when unfolded, and a handgun about the size of his hand. He still kept his God Item on his belt though. Oh, so your raid party got rekt by that giant fox thing? He internally laughed. That boss is cheap last minute idea at best. He couldn't wait to see the casualties after an Old God battle. As long as they weren't his guildies, he couldn't care less. Oh, and I forgot to mention something. I can resurrect ONE of your friends. He opened up his menu and showed him the Reincarnate Spell: Can he cast on anyone who has been slain in the last 2 hours to revive them. Costs 75% of your Max HP, HP lost that way cannot be restored through spells and potions. It will regenerate over the course of 2 Days. Yeah. I don't know you enough to kill myself for you. In fact, I'm not planning to even die until I get out of this game. I'm already dying from not being able to eat. He meant it as the Elder Lich race couldn't eat in the game, although Blinded may have gotten the wrong idea. He waited for everyone else to ready up, and amongst the chatter, he could hear somebody making Vulpix jokes about the boss. Goddammit He muttered, and entered the tunnel by himself, and everyone else joined in immediately after. Only about two minutes into the dungeon, they were suddenly ambushed by weird fox creatures from all directions. Faust counted about 37, give or take. He aimed his handgun and shot one of two. Their movement speed was somewhat difficult for a gun and it was impossible to hit them with the cleaver. He just focused on the healing. He looked around, but the onslaught didn't seem to end. The body count was in the thirties, yet more kept on coming. The mage was on 47% and the tank on 32%. He decided that an aoe heal was easier, so he broke a vial of chemicals he had prepared earlier, and the ground around them turned a green color and it started regenerating the hp of anyone standing on that ground, at about 30% max HP/s. That should take care of my part. He then turned to Blinded to ask a question or two. So how did YOU get in the boss room? Just run like hell or what? We're after the boss' hide so I was thinking we could cut its legs off and skin it alive. @Nick Ton Cutter
  15. Raid: Name: Foxfire Den Location: Fae Difficulty: Medium (Very Easy if your real name is Faust Windfallow) Boss: Fox of Nine Tails Description: An underground network of dens, filled with demon-foxes. They aren't so tough by themselves but if not dealt with quickly, will overwhelm your party with sheer numbers.