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  1. Cool, this is good
  2. OOC

    Sure, why not
  3. OOC

  4. Im saying its too high. The Population is 4% of the area controled
  5. OOC

    Bish no
  6. Nope. Youve got 8 million people
  7. OOC

    Bishh noo
  8. OOC

    You can have the grey area
  9. OOC

    Tag everyone and tell them to finish their stuff
  10. The hosted Project is up, drop by and leave a request to be invited.
  11. Bored with a chance of anxiety

  12. OOC

  13. OOC

    Nah, probs not
  14. OOC

    yo, lets get this started
  15. Post ur history and i shall judge