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  1. I love the tokomon pic.

  2. A thousand apologies to all those I owe stuff to. as you may or may not know I was in a small car accident mid-November (no injuries! But my wallet is definitely hurting) and was sick all last week up to and including now. To add to that shitstorm I recently found out that my grandmother has three lesions on her spine, which more than likely  metastasized from cancer they've yet to identify elsewhere in her body. so in a nutshell I'm juggling a number of stressful things and creeping my way back to hobbies like writing and drawing in a slower process than ideal. Bear with me pals ;v; and again, super duper sorry I keep slipping off into oblivion and not replying 

    1. Scattered Ambitions

      Scattered Ambitions

      I'll bear with you.

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    2. Eden  Smithe

      Eden Smithe

      Hope you feel better soon. Best wishes for you and your Grandmother! 

  3. I'm: - halfway done my reply, expect it shortly! - thinking of a number between 1 and 10 guess it right and a bouncy holiday ninja is yours! Same rules as before, with the addition of telling me what winter holiday your character and/or you celebrate so I can appropriately ugly sweater them
  4. Sorry I've been pretty much MIA lately! been sick and juggling holiday business. Also I have family staying over my house for a month so if I'm drunker than usual, there's your implied explanation.

  5. AIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

    1. Sprios
    2. Rock And Roll Boy
    3. Sprios


      My stubby legs won't take me away fast enough!!!

  6. @Nyctophiliac LOL hopefully hide keeps her away from shoya because he'd just slap her with inanimate objects until she woke
  7. @Scaver np np! hope all is going well ;v;
  8. hey guys just gonna put out a little warning: you have 12 hours to post! if you don't, everyone who already has is free to continue and skip you. that being said, we're at a sort of pivotal battle point for some people, with attacks flying directly at characters. if your character doesn't dodge it, consider it an automatic hit. so if u dont wanna get creamed come save your characters! @Penance @Starbee @Nyctophiliac @AiAi@Scaver
  9. Knifing out splinters when you're not sober isn't the best of ideas, incase anyone was wondering 

    1. Sprios


      Honestly I didn't even need that layer of skin anyway

  10. Oh that wasn't a question that was an observation. I've definitely known for a while lol
  11. I see! Well, I'm pretty sure my eyes are hazel but in different light who knows. Sometimes they look more green, sometimes more brown, sometimes grey. All I know is that I got a freckle in one eye lol
  12. other

    You know Lgbtqa Muslims are a thing right? And that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and very happy to just enjoy their culture like we enjoy each of ours, right?
  13. other

    An Alaskan town has a cat mayor named Stubbs and I think he would have made the best president