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  1. @ChoShadow @ChazGhost @KingHink Elprede only sat in the gravity room with the Saiyans as they trained. The gravity was not nearly high enough for it to be much of an effect on him yet, so he figured; why not? There was no harm in it, not to mention he was sitting at about half his normal power at x15 gravity. It was a cinch. However, the meeting was something he did not account on. He had no true plans of staying with the Saiyans forever, he didn't think that they did either. Their union was just one under circumstances only. He figured that they would be gone the day that Metahn was safe once more and under the control of the Saiyans, not the Darkhoods. He couldn't really blame them. However, that was not the reason for his next answer. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I will have to decline." He answered promptly, but held up his finger for them to not speak yet. "Now, that isn't out of selfish pride or my position as leader of the Nephelem -- that will be news to you, Faeora and Faero, not to Valkyrie and Era. It's simply because I will know the situation at hand and be able to react accordingly to it faster than you can. I've got three minds going on in my head at the same time, one of them being wiser and more experienced than you ever will hope to be. Not to take away from anybody's brilliance or anything." He said the last sentence with a shrug. "I work better without being ordered around." He continued. "Now, I may take it as a suggestion and pay more attention to that particular thing you're talking about, but you're better off just leaving me to my own devices. Not to mention, you won't even be able to see me most of the due to how fast I'm moving around usually, and it isn't as if I can speak back to you. I move faster than the sound waves. Do with that as you will."
  2. @Aio At least, it appears Rowan did.
  3. I was waiting for replies for a pretty long time, I don't even know if they're still around lol
  4. I don't have anything worthwhile to add, go ahead with the time skip.
  5. Pride peered amused by the both of them. He was not unknown to the silent types, nor was he unable to read sign language; she had guessed perfectly. He was Pride, the deadliest of the Sins, and the most powerful of them. However, this was hardly him flexing his power -- there were none that had ever been able to stand against them except for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or God himself. This was child's play. "Speak or not, it matters not to me," he chided lightly, reaching out and actually touching a strand of her hair. His expression shifted lightly, his eyes remained the same but his mouth turned down into a frown. "I do wonder, though... you can absorb sin, but how much can you take before you... burst?" He punctuated the last word with a small laugh as they ran. He put his hands back in the pockets of his trousers and began walking towards them. However, it only required them to blink once before he standing directly in front of them once more. He flicked his hand out, catching and lifting the both of them into the air with the same invisible force as before. To Jace, it would have looked like a transparent black and purple tentacle had wound itself around them. This was living Pride, nothing that she would be able to absorb, but perhaps resist slightly. However, he peeled them apart and brought Jay down to himself. "Your sister is more special than you believe, I think," he remarked. He pressed his palm to the left side of Jay's head. "We shall soon find out. First things first, I will have my pride back." Jay would have felt a cold sensation settle deep in his stomach. Pride's eyes would suddenly come ablaze in purple light, his fingertips lightly touching Jay's head. A magenta glow came alight beneath them, strands of misty energy leaving the pale boy's cranium as he pulled his hand away. Pride had literally sucked the sin from Jay's body. It absorbed back into the Deadly Sin himself, and then Jay was caught in the same invisible force as before, this time, missing of sin. This was an integral part of the process of taking two humans as his 'pet' of things; removing the sin from their bodies, and then bringing them back. They would be able to recreate themselves anew if they so wished -- a blank space before God. He turned to Jace, walking to her and bringing her down to eye level with him, her feet nearly touching the ground. He held his hand out, a playful smirk on his face. "May I have my sin back, mortal? I will not have it lingering with you any longer."
  6. ((He's Pride, not Wrath.)) Pride had a lazy smirk donned, his eyes half-way shut in a show of both extreme casualness and hidden interest in the pair before him. It was not every day that he found a pair like them. It was even more unusual that they seemed to have strange abilities with one another -- they were not many who could retract their emotions such as that. However... He had the feeling it was not the boy that was doing it. His eyes looked through Jay, as if he were not there at all. Pride's supernatural vision was something that all the Deadly Sins had; they saw what they wanted to see, heard what they wanted to. The wild card that they were made them dangerous, especially in accordance to what came after the world was completely saturated in every Sin; the Apocalypse. Supposedly, the Four Horsemen would ride and punish the wicked, delivering the Earth into its final days and judging humanity. It would be quite a sight when that day finally comes. Unfortunately, his siblings were lagging behind in their jobs. Wrath had not managed to turn everyone into an angry frenzy, not everybody was too lazy to move, nor did they succumb to their primal urges of constantly eating, o fighting, or their jealousy. It was disappointing. He had accomplished his task, now they needed to. "Why, yes, I do believe you can help me. However, there is something that must be done first..." He walked forward toward them, seemingly completely indifferent to the protective nature of Jay. All it took was a flick of the wrist for him to shove Jay out of the way and into the sand sideways so he could peer at the sister. "What kind of magic do you have to deprive others of their emotions, of their sins, hm? An angel, perhaps?" At that, he laughed. "No, no, the Earth is far too corrupted for angels to roam. You cannot possibly be a demon, either... Something else..." He cupped his chin for a moment, a finger pointed at Jay and keeping him away by some invisible force. Eventually, he just shrugged and released them both. "Regardless of what you are, it does not matter. You see, whatever you are, you should know of what I am; come on, guess." His eyes gleamed, looking between them with the same lazy expression as before, it had not changed in the least.
  7. The massive violet mansion good tall and resolutely in the storm of the ages. It was always a monsoon, covered in thunder and lightning arcing across the sky, sending hail and blistering cold droplets down below. There was no warmth to be had, only the most wild and radical weather nature had to offer; still, fortunately for the rest of the world, was no mere place that you could simply visit. This was the home of one eldritch creature, born at the beginning of time itself, and Adam and Eve were said to have performed the first sin. He was born in that moment, in the turmoil, by God himself. Wrath. The sickening feeling of irreplaceable anger -- it polluted the air and affected nature, all life bent to the unnatural urges of Pride's ungodly aura. The subtle urges, the silent whispers, urging you to let go and show others just what you can do, how angry you are, your fury and anguish. Just how much you were better... That was what Pride was, and he held up his job with pride. Though he hardly ever had company, he was forced to take two humans every year by his siblings. The other Deadly Sins; Lust, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, and Gluttony. They filled the world with the most basic of sins, each one leading into the crimes that the poor humans committed. Every murder was inherently in their name, and due to the betrayal of God, he was created through the wrath of that deity. Had God known was was going to happen, He may have restrained Himself. Unfortunately, who could predict what would happen to your precious creations when they commit a sin? Wrath was a small man, tough of expression and of sharp features. He hardly showed that he was fazed, and even ironically enough, was hardly ever caused to be angry, to show his wrath. Such was not in his nature, he only caused the mortals to behold in their pent up fury and go onto quests of vengeance. Very few completed their revenge, they typically died in the end simply due to their mind being clouded. It amused him every time, without fail. He wore a purple colored tuxedo without the jacket, a simply metal necklace loosed through a chain around his neck, a horse's head, a peacock's feather, and a lion's claw sitting in it. These were his symbols, and they represented him well. Pride always led to the downfall of oneself; foolish, useless pride. The humans were all but saturated with such a trait, and he was always happy to oblige them. He was pressed for time, however. By the end of the day, he must have two humans back with him in his mansion. He only ever kept them for the year until he went out to acquire two more; the last ones were usually either dead or they were cast out back to the Earth, back to their mundane and mortal lives. He had yet to find any one he truly wished to keep around. They all failed to capture his attention except through their adorable begging for release. They got their wish in the end. He had been wandering the world for some time before he had decided in which continent he would take this time. He liked picking a different one each year; the North American continent one year, perhaps Asia next, then moving on to South America... He was not picky. Nor did he particularly care about who he would typically take; they lived in his house for a year and then left. Nothing more, nothing less, he was content to watch them go about and do whatever it is that a human did. With his hands in his pockets, he had been about to choose one of the mundane woman who stood out slightly more than the rest when two people caught his eye. Both blond and pale white, a female and male, the female with rich red lips. How particularly odd, it was uncommon for humans to have such a hair color and such pale skin. Hm... Perhaps... He had found his pick of the year. He appeared behind the girl spontaneously when the towel had been laid out, his cold eyes boring into them. Yes, they must be the ones. How could they not be? They were the perfect candidates -- he least he might not have to watch them every second of the day if they were entirely infatuated with each other... "Enjoying yourselves?" He asked idly, his voice deep and sharp, biting into the ears of others. It was difficult to not hear him, as if it pierced through their very being. ((Sorry for any errors, I had to write this on my phone >.<))
  8. Don't worry about it, I didn't say anything because I just thought you were busy still. Take your time XD
  9. @KingHink @ChoShadow What are we waiting on for the RP, by the way? I haven't seen an IC post for a while.
  10. @Ensig He was made with the intention of both crowds being able to beat him. I guess we'll see soon enough if I succeeded or not.
  11. @Ensig Cor can't possibly come close to doing that without taking some massive damage first. That's where most of his power comes from, dealing too much to him in too little time will end with him suddenly gaining massive boosts in strength. It evens out due to increased durability soon enough. He is very powerful towards those who are stronger, however, any normal person who knows what to do will have no trouble dealing with him. He's extremely strong towards the more powerful while being quite vulnerable to the weaker lot.
  12. @Dreamweaver Gunnolf actually looked slightly afraid that he was right. Why did he have to be right? He looked down at his leg, at Luna, then in the direction of the Purple Worm. With a sigh, he limped over to Luna and stood resolutely. 'Like I said before; I might be injured but I am not helpless.' He said evenly. 'Let's see if I live to eat those words, shall we?' The Purple Worm was drawing ever closer; in fact, through his night vision, he could see the trembling specks of dirt and the sound of trees crunching in the distance from their roots being torn to shreds to make way for the massive beast. It would only be a few seconds before it was upon them now.
  13. @Dreamweaver Gunnolf paused and turned around, his ears twitching. It didn't sound like the stepping of feet, and he could already feel vibrations in the earth. There were not a lot of creatures who could do that, however, there was one in particular that had the ability to do that, and do much more than that... His fur bristled and he bared his teeth. 'Luna... I hope you're ready for dealing with what's coming... if its what I'm thinking...' He paused. 'Purple worm.'
  14. Cornelius Stone isn't exactly a hero type, nor did he actually willingly join the Vigilantes at all. I'm playing up to that in the sense that he really just doesn't care what happens at the moment, he wasn't even planning on actually protecting anybody besides living until he was somewhat forced to fight for the vigilantes. I also cannot control the power of the opposition; the stakes were that everybody was dealing with highly-powerful people from every side, so I designed a character accordingly. It literally just takes a solid blow to hitting Cor in the head while he has no built up durability from damage to knock him unconscious on the spot. A bullet could do that as well, he just has not been shot in the head yet. Just as well, Cor is able to pick up cars. Punching hard enough to make somebody's skull turn into mush is not that far fetched, it doesn't even require that much power to do something such as that. I wasn't even intending on even attacking the Villains because so many people were there already, just dealing with a few henchmen and then sitting back and letting events play out. Sorry that you feel that way, but it was obvious from the very beginning that some characters were just outright going to be more powerful than others at the beginning. The RP has just started, you have to give everyone a chance to actually grow in the RP before starting a rant.
  15. @Dreamweaver Gunnolf felt a little insulted by the request but hid it well. 'I may be injured but I am not helpless. Not yet.' He answered. It was not like he couldn't handle a little pain, even if it had mostly gone numb by this point. He kept his weight carefully off the leg so that he did not make it worse. He also had the sneaking suspicion that other creatures were already on their way to reap the rewards of an easy kill. His ears swiveled as he heard the sound of rustling and less-than-wanted rustling noises off in the distance. It was easier for him to hear at much longer distances simply due to his ears being much larger, thus they obtained more sound waves. 'We may want to move faster. There are some already on our trail a distance nearly directly behind us.' He noted to her, hurrying along at the faster pace. He had to duck under many low-hanging branches so that he didn't eat one to the face.