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  1. Expellix had a small smile, it helped lift the mood a little bit. Maybe he still had some tactfulness left after all. At the question of what he was, he shrugged. "Well... I'm a bunny that's about as old as to when Starswirl the Bearded died. So, about 1,600 years if I'm not mistaken?" At least, that's what he remembered reading in one of the books on magic. He shrugged. "He did some experiments on me and, well, it gave me magic of my own. This led to be accidentally getting involved with some dark magic and, well..." He pointed at himself. "That led to me becoming undead. Sort of. I'm still on the verge between being alive and undead still." @Metal Angel
  2. @Metal Angel The rabbit flicked his ears and looked around the room at seeing the dragon looking. True enough, many ponies or other creatures were staring at him, whether or not shocked by his undead appearance or by the fact that he was a talking rabbit. Whatever the case may be, he didn't really care that much anyways. He was here, he existed, that was all that mattered. So he just turned back to the dragon nonchalantly. "Yes, I'm talking to you." He answered with a small laugh. "I'm totally talking to the guy over yonder behind me that's so drunk he passed out." He pointed. Sure enough, there was a stallion there who had gotten drunk enough to pass out. He had also spilled his drink all over the floor, leaving an irritated waiter to gawk and fume internally.
  3. @Metal Angel The smell of death wafted in the air, making all the patrons in the Broken Blade gain a look of disgust, looking around to see where it was coming from. They soon located it to a small, dead looking rabbit that had just entered. It seemed as if a shadow had fallen over the creature; his fur was a dark ashy gray, his eyes were sunken and lifeless, yet he still blinked and they moved normally. He had a few cuts on his body, yet they did not bleed, even if they were obviously deep slices through his flesh. The bunny looked absolutely terrible. However, he didn't seem to notice at all. The bunny just carried right along, humming some soft tune while he went. Eventually, he stopped and seemed to cast a spell, and the smell disappeared immediately. He also paused in the middle of the Broken Blade, casting his eyes around the room before it landed on one cloaked figure. With a bit of a shrug to himself, he walked up and hopped up onto the table across from him, ignoring his uproarious coughing. "You alright there?" He asked, sitting on his haunches. "It appears as though you're choking."
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