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  1. Idk who, Imm waiting for more though.
  2. OOC

    I apreciate you guys picking up my character, Seriously apreciated.
  3. ps4

    Probably cabal, Hopefully Cabal based. Maybe some more osiris lore? A WELL BALANCED PVP SYSTEM. Lol JK There will never be one Trials is a joke. I was flawless every week in year two and three last week with the meta change was the first one that I didn't get flawless. I'm on ps4 AmpTheTwo Top 800 Players Bragging aside Activision had Bungie in a choke hold for microtransactions since they did so good in infinite warfare. Destiny two will probably be shit. Its sad to see a game go from my all time favorite in year one and two to complete shit in year three. I play overwatch now. Sorry to say but Destiny is getting toxic the longer Activision forces bungie to change the worse the game gets.
  4. Name: Sue James Smith Race: Human Age: 22 Gender: Male Alignment: chaotic Fuck You Appearance: Powers/Magic/Skills: Whenever he is mad his powers suddenly increase bye Pi ‽‽‽ He is also immortal because he found all the dragon balls. Personality: He prefers to be mysterious so no one can find out his secrets Looooser Weakness/Flaw: His humility and love for all the world makes him always unselfishly put others first. Backstory: His back has always been there, so have his eyes and legs. Other: He Admins a meme page.
  5. I'm saving this on a world template. When I die this will be my tombstone.
  6. Even if we never do this you're an amazing person. marry me. Your writing style makes me proud. Would love to do an RP with you anytime.
  7. damn
  8. Arlen Maren Hearthe Chapter One: War of Shooting Stars Location: Inside Mount Fuji || Scenario: A New Era, For Arlen At least. || With: N/A || Mentions: Open for Character interaction The last thing Arlen remembered was the cold glare of the other magicians and Magical Creatures as the stone tomb swallowed him dragging him deep into the earth. He had thrown everything he could at the walls, fire hotter then the sun, Ice so cold it burned, winds faster then any tornado and everything else he could summon up. He didn't make a scratch in the walls. He could feel the magic still alive in the stone, fortified Especially against him. He had been dumb to fall into such a trap so easily. He was a strong Magician, Considered a Celestial level Magician, and they hated him for it. Arlen built a stone slab and laid on it, closing his eyes for possibly the last time. The first thing Arlen Felt as his eyes opened was the soul crippling weakness of being empty. Many people know the feeling of being emotional wasted and broken, this was much like that but on a physical and spiritual level. His magic was all but gone as he sat up forcing his muscles to move after Eras of being still. A heavy layer of dust had settled on the dark cold floor. His eyes already adjusted to the pitch black chamber he was trapped in. He pushed him self up and stood stretching as he attempted to send his mind out, feeling a force push against him like a slap in the face. The magic barrier in the stone around him had weakened tremendously but even in its weak state he was lesser then it, he had truly fallen to rock bottom. He summoned up as much magic as he could in himself as shot out of his body having to physically guide the energy through his body into the stone as a flare or fire fired from his finger tips he found himself concentrating harder then he had in a long time, focusing and condensing the magic like a Hydraulic-press would. He was forced to do this due to his low Magic storage. He saw the rock heat and it lit a spark inside of him, pushing harder as the magic fire purified and became almost clear in its heat he pushed into the rock as it liquefied, moving upward into the rock. he would dig out, even if it took another century. Something on the surface world had stirred his slumber and whatever it was called to him. Magic was back. True uncorrupted Magic. Arlen was hungry to taste it again.
  9. If we get one or two more people I'll have Arlen move out to the courtyard. Tell then I'ma just stalk.
  10. Its not, Sorry
  11. fantasy

    Pm me if you're interested
  12. quest

    Cool, but seriously what music do you like? Also just PM me well see what we can change
  13. Eta on cs?
  14. Color me impressed lets do it, I can play a mean Guard.