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  1. @PixieDust Arlens enjoying himself too, They are Reincarnations of Old lovers. Tbh i didn't know that when Arlen first aproached Eva
  2. Arlen Maren Hearthe Kronos Guild: N/A || Location: Olympia Ship ; Bar || Scenario: Do I know her? || With: @PixieDust || Mentions: N/A "I have another question. Was that just a pick up line when you asked if you knew me? actually seem really really familiar, and trust me I've met too many people to count and remember. You're not from LA are you?" Arlen hung onto her words with interest, genuinely giving her all his attention. He never truly became so enthralled by someone. Her words were cool and clear as if the night itself was speaking to him. He was no wear close to opening up and was still keeping his wits about him. But she was scary, and not in the normal meaning of the word. He answered her questions genuinely without change to his posture he let out a solemn breath. "The qualities like inhuman strength, walking on water, speaking to animals... Six foot wings." His voice drifted along with his mind as he said the last part, his mind quickly snapping back to the beauty in front of him. "If you promise not to tell maybe you can see some of my 'qualities' some time." His smirk after the joke gave off a silly look. He knew it was a lousy and very cheesy line and that's what he was going for. Cheesy and lousy made people relax around you. His hand lifted the drink to his lips getting a taste for the pear concoction the bartender had made. Marvelous. He shook his head to her second question taking the drink away from his lips. He hoped the drinks were free. "Denton Texas, born and raised." He threw in a southern accent as thick as honey be fore smiling and dropping the accent. "My parents were from Newyork, so I never really got an accent. Plenty of practice though." He had already known her next question 'Where's the accent'? Everyone Always asked about the accent. "You do seem familiar though, not just your looks. The body posture, voice, whole thing." He didn't hold back anything in his voice as he spoke the last sentence, he was genuinely intrigued by her. He was about to take another drink from his glass when he stopped himself short. "My names Arlen." Then he brought the glass to his lips and drank it dry.
  3. Name: Arlen Maren Hearthe Age/Gender: 17/Cis-Male Strength - (+) - Dexterity - Willpower - (+) - Prudence - Reason - (-) - Empathy - Creativity - Subtlety - (-) - Bio: Arlen lives in Chicago because of his mothers job at Northern Trust, She was a bank manager and money was never really a problem. Though his mother was very strong rooted in the belief of saving and planning for retirement so they lived just below their means. His mom worked at 120 E Oak St, Chicago. He grew up just down the street at 40 E Oak St, Chicago. He currently attends high school at Lincoln park High School. He plans on going to Roosevelt university for a degree in Business Administration. He is currently single. Arlen would be described as laid back. His idea of a good time would be him alone, either messing around on a computer or lifting weights. He doesn't like the interference of other people and his life. That isn't to say he doesn't like other people. He just hates when they get in his way. He's Anti-Government and very Right-winged in his views. He's not very trusting but a lot of people seem to confide in him. He thinks his sense of humor is well colored and others do too, he'll often just say what he wants to say consequences be damned. Extra: Arlen was a chubby kid for most of his life until recently in high school he came out of his shell and tried lifting with some friends. Running and cardio work outs were embarrassing because he was so out of shape, although he was naturally strong so lifting came with ease. He learned from and for the last three years has been pushing himself in the school wrestling and football programs at Lincoln.
  4. My availability is as follows ( UST ): M - All day from 5 PM Tu - All day from 2PM W - All day from 5PM Th - all day From 2 PM F - all day from 5PM Sat + Sun - all day
  5. Arlen Maren Hearthe Kronos Guild: N/A || Location: Olympia Ship ; Bar || Scenario: Do I know her? || With: @PixieDust || Mentions: N/A Arlen pondered over the question while evaluating the change in her stance. He had only asked if he knew her and she came off with a sexual vibe. He had only ever slept with one girl and this wasn't her so he could rule out past one nights stands. Though something told him she would be the type of girl to do that sort of thing. As to her initial question he shrugged it off as rhetoric towards his looks. Maybe even a compliment. "I don't watch much TV, at least not intentionally but sometimes I will." He took a few seconds to ponder the best retort he could before opening his mouth. Her initial rhetoric would make a good line to go off of so he winged it. He gave her a small smirk and a wink before the bartender made his way around to him eyes Arlen suspiciously. "Marpessa." The bartender seemed to pause for a bit before mixing up the drink. 'So some people are still affected by my charm?' He thought to himself, saving the information for later digestion. "I might be a little young, but we both know age doesn't matter on this boat. There are other qualities that make a man." His eyes lit up as he looked her over letting his words sink in. He turned his body towards her, keeping a relaxed posture with an enticing yet dangerous look. "Whats it cost to get a name?"
  6. Arlen Maren Hearthe Kronos Guild: N/A || Location: Olympia Ship ; Game Room ; Sky deck ; Bar || Scenario: Networking, Still... again || With: @Miss Calypso @PixieDust || Mentions: N/A Arlens knuckles went white as he shook his head and chuckled eventually looking down and thinking to himself as he nodded. "I don't like being made a fool of But I'll remember you Angel wings." He unclenched his knuckles and let out a sigh shaking his head observing Axelle one last time before turning on his heels leaving the way he came. He shot a glance around the room pondering over two individuals on the other side of the game room it looked like they were deep in thought. He had time enough to engage everyone later, right now he needed to leave with his pride before Axelle did something that pissed him off. Being fooled was one thing, He didn't want to fight though. Arlen had made his way out of the Game room and back to the sky deck he had come from. He moved to the railing letting his fingers graze along its cold surface as his mind wondered, thinking of the other people that had stood here before him. Who else had touched this railing? What other people had stood here looking into the horizon and wondered the exact same thing as him. His The railing lead him from one side of the sky deck to the other where he found a rather tacky neon sign marking the bar. 'Classy' He remembered thinking. He was 19 but Arlen had gotten served at bars before, people couldn't resist his charm. Though the people on this boat seemed to more immune to his charm almost as if it didn't exist. Arlen sauntered in to see a few odd people sitting at the bar but one individual in particular stuck out at him, as if it was an old love or someone he used to know Arlen's eyes lit up as he took a seat next to the Dark haired Brunette. "Do I know you?" Arlen asked softly feeling his skin prick and his hairs stick up in the moment. He had to have known her at one point, maybe in a past life. He had been getting that feeling a lot recently.
  7. OOC

    Damn I was really looking forward to this too sorry I've been so delayed to join. Any type of character/position the party is missing?
  8. OOC

    Has anyone not made a character? Or has a character that hasn't been introduced and can bring my character along? The idea I have requires someone else to be introduced with me. I was thinking dumb orc with crazy brute strength that listens to smart/gentle person. Kind of like beauty and the beast. Or a OF mice and men type theme where you somehow got left in charge of me and we have a brotherly bond.
  9. im in is there a link
  10. Arlen Maren Hearthe Fire Elemental Location: The Silver Wolves Guild || Scenario: A Quest || With: @Azathoth @Fredward @SilverNova @Ms. Sparrow @DaughterOfBookAndOwl @RemainingQuestions || Mentions: N/A Arlen was annoyed, not only had someone unannounced and unwanted disturbed his work but they told him he had to go to the guild hall for a meeting? There were more then enough adventurers and free hands if there was a large scale quest. There was no reason to drag Arlen along; He was quite skilled only a few people knew how advanced he was with fire magic. He played dumb and waved the messenger off turning to stay at the forge. "Guild Alpha Jem Specifically said to get everyone, even people working." That name struck a note and with a huff Arlen stoked the forge and gave a few heavy pumps from the bellows and nodded. "I owe Jem, I'll be there." Arlen didn't have time to wash coal off his hands or tidy up so he grabbed his apprentice and dragged the boy along to the guild hall. Arlen had his arms crossed and stood towards the back of the crowd simply observing everyone as Jem took his stage on the Bar. 'He's gonna kill himself one of these days.' Arlen thought to himself as the Alpha spoke. A quest from the Royals could only mean money and possible fame. It put a bad taste in his mouth thinking about it. He had enough money and enough fame as it was. Although if it was so dangerous it required The Alpha and both Betas then Arlen was actually interested. Jem had done him several solids over the years and the thought of letting him run off into unknown trouble felt worse on Arlens mind then Royalty did. With a down ward glance to the apprentice next to him Arlen smiled. "I've got a weeks worth of foundry orders in my desk, It'll two weeks work for one person though so you better get ready." Arlen slapped the lad on the back compassionately and took off his smithing apron handing it down to the boy. "that was my fathers, you so much as leave a smudge I'll burn you alive." With the same smile Arlen moved his way through the dispersing crowd and into the office of Jem Ambrose. "You know Jem if you ever wanted a stage I would pay out of pocket and do the work for free, It'd be worth it to see you act."
  11. Never got a notif i'm sorry i'll hit it up now
  12. Sooo is it ready?
  13. Awesome! I actually can't wait. The anticipation is killing me XD
  14. changed it. ha.