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  1. Yes. But the thing is that grails allow for one to travel across the multiverse and not manipulate time and space
  2. Essentially, but it isn't mandatory for your character to have a grail
  3. @TommyGun15 there is an explanation on page 1
  4. @TommyGun15 their is also a list of claimed characters. On page ten
  5. Don't worry about it, The RP won't start until after the Update
  6. Check the first page which will provide you with a more indepth explanation then I am going to give. This is a multi-fandom RP in a similar vain as tears, shattered dimensions I have fixed it
  7. Name: Terry Hints Universe: LISA: The Painful Gender: Male Alignment: Neutral Good Race: Human Age: Mid-Late twenties Personality: Terry is just an all-around nice guy. He likes to brag about the fact that he is the lord of the Hintz and supposedly has a bunch of "fans", He developed this behavior when he was young child stricken with cancer. With no support he became his own biggest and only cheerleader, thanks to this he eventually overcame the dreadful disease, Terry enjoys writing hints and hates being alone. Appearance Height: Unknown Weight Unknown Powers: Terry has the ability to heal and strengthen friends by cheering them on, he's also capable of causing enemies to become enraged, afraid or cry, by tossing hurtful jabs at them. And terry is also capable of conjuring fire through the power of the hottest dance Skills: Terry is a practitioner of Di Tang Quan ("ground tumbling boxing") though due to his pulled hamstring, he is unable to perform the more extravagant moves that the martial art has to offer. But fear not, for as mentioned before Terry isn't the lord of the hintz for nothing. Terry is capable giving cheers that heal his friends, and cheers that will cause enemies to cry or become utterly enraged. Terry also possesses the power of Hottest Dance; an unknown power that allows Terry to conjure fire. Weapons/Items: Journal, Sweatbands, Leopard-Print jersey Grail: None Time of Gate awakening: After his battle with Brad Backstory: Very little is known about Terry's past, though what is known is that he had cancer as a child and possibly was an orphan. Before The Flash Terry was a freeloader, But Terry like many other guys after The Flash have gone out of their way to forge new identity's for themselves
  8. A multi-fandom RP for anyone who's interested in joining, check on page ten for what characters have been claimed
  9. Possibly or Possibly not, Then there is also the huge chance that not a single one of the people I tagged might even take an interest in this thing, The future is an Indecisive Mollusk
  10. I believe that @Lordvader59 already answered that question, actually, I have his quote right here
  11. @Fazy @Obsidian @ghostling @N7Sniper @Jack in the Box @Talon Lena Oxton @Mintybee @Cherrywitch @R-Breezy @KageYuuki @Reinhardt@Zeldafangirl @Aqua7KH @purity @New Yorker @Ryan Ports @I n t e l l i g e n c e @Bum Bear @TommyGun15 @BennyAxC @Demonhunter @Mitchs98 @Nico @TripTripleTimes @Greekgeek1213
  12. I love your choice of character
  13. Yes it certainly is, but it reminded me of this thing
  14. Just tell me, I am kind of keeping track of what characters have been claimed. but you should tag truthblade or baku