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  1. fandom

    I'll make my character in the morning
  2. fandom

  3. fandom

    Just my preferences,
  4. fandom

    Would be possible for it to be just one paragraph
  5. fandom

    Cause am thinking of making my character someone who has Dark Sign Tattoo and is turned into an actual undead
  6. fandom

    What about skills and Items
  7. fandom

    Half and Half. Am the thoughts of interacting with Canon character is interesting, But i think you should let some abilities be transferred from universe to another
  8. fandom

    Dark Souls. Fallout, Bioshock, Life is Strange, Pokemon,Homestuck, My Little Pony, Binding of Isaac, RWBY, Disney Flicks, Undertale (to an extend) Dead Rising Also will abilities we gain in one fandom transfer over to another
  9. fandom

    Am interested
  10. My favorite Undertale A.Us are where Asgore and Toriel are still married (Or at the very least BF & GF), but instead of being King and Queen. they take over Sans and Papyrus roles. With Toriel being Papyrus and Asgore as Sans

    Storyshift:   a_different_storyshift_by_katelynntheg-dImage result for asgore storyswapnot_storyshift_2_by_katelynntheg-d9zg6wznot_storyshift_3_by_katelynntheg-d9zg755

    1. Smol Unicorn

      Smol Unicorn

      I just... I just ship them so much </3

    2. Starbee


      this is the best au


      and nobody can tell me otherwise

    3. billthesomething


      I agree a hundred percent 

  11. Not WTF Facts, But i thinks these will get you to chuckle or be interested (Hopefully the last pic won't get me reported. Ah fuck it you won't get anywhere without tempting fate, at least once in your life) RX68FhI.jpgGx369l9.png


  12. fandom

    Thinking of Doing someone like Nick Valentine or Q from Street Fighter
  13. You're Wish is my command And your command was more Facts

    3 people stole the secret recipe of Coke - WTF fun facts: Relationship Goals: This makes SO much sense to me...: 5badf71a3e1a2b7c080a377122a05b6b.jpg: Doctor saves the life of 1- WTF fun facts | March 23 2016 at 10:03AM | Canadian man saves a baby from a dumpster, turns out he is the father - WTF fun facts: MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE   funny and weird facts ONLY: Man claims the only unclaimed land to make his daughter a princess - WTF fun facts: MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE  funny and weird facts ONLY: MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE  funny and weird facts ONLY: WTF-fun-facts : funny  (lol,summer,beach,funny,meme,comic,girl,quotes,love,sexy):