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  1. Thanks for the heads up but this is way too huge for me to feel comfortable playing in. I love multifandoms but groups are challenging for me so I can only really do small groups. Good luck on the RP regardless!
  2. "Now that's a shame. But I'm glad that there were any survivors at all. That was quite a nasty collision." Ardyn's mostly satisfied with the General's conclusion but he took one last look over at the pile of flaming wreckage regardless before turning his back on all of the destruction just in time for a passing breeze to catch his scarves and layers. "Are you sure you don't need any help with that? I'm stronger than I look, you know. I can help support you." The Chancellor remained close to the two that would very soon be messing up his beautiful car even more regardless of their answer, ready to catch them in the event of a nasty spill. "You should consider yourselves fortunate. I don't often let others ride with me." He knew full well that they had much more pressing matters on their mind than the dubious honor of riding with Ardyn in his infamous vehicle but it was just the sort of thing he loved to needle on about regardless. @InsaneAsylum (I did it. A day late and a dollar short, but here it is!)
  3. Sorry for the delay I've been in 500 different places mentally and now it's Wednesday night and I'm like whoa wait I said I was going to do a thing yesterday. The thing did not occur. I will make it occur at some point before I go to bed.
  4. From what I understand the attack's happening quite a distance away from Lestallum but I could be wrong on that. Also I'll probably post for Ardyn tomorrow.
  5. mobile

    I used to love the Game Boy version of the original Donkey Kong when I was a kid. It basically expands on the concept of the old arcade game and turns it into this sort of puzzle platformer with a lot of variety in the stages. It also had compatibility with the Super Game Boy so if you plugged it into your SNES using that peripheral you got full color graphics and a cute arcade-style border.
  6. What a mess. It was a miracle that there were any survivors at all, and doubly so that he was here to render assistance to them. The nearest base was quite some distance away, and given the time it would take for the distress signal to be picked up and a rescue team to arrive... these poor souls were very fortunate indeed for Ardyn's presence. What wasn't fortunate was the mess these smoldering ruins were making of his clothes, jagged edges snagging and tearing, smoke and flame licking at the edge of a scarf here and a sleeve there. To the surviving soldiers, Ardyn might has well been a mirage. The Chancellor of Niflheim was a mysterious presence on the best of days, but mysterious didn't even begin to explain why the man himself was climbing through flaming wreckage right now to get at these men, and without an escort to boot. But he was no mere vision, flesh and blood reaching out for the General with a coy smirk on his face, unable to suppress the urge of mischief even in such a troublesome situation. "I'm sure you must have so many questions, my friends, but I will answer them all in due time once we are all safe." As if to punctuate this unnecessary drama, the ship itself groaned, a mass of shrieking metal threatening to collapse further on itself as the flames further weakened its structure. "Tell me, do you believe there to be any more survivors? If we act quickly, there may still be time." @InsaneAsylum
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  8. I definitely dig the colorful aspect and it feels like the UI will scale well between different platforms and screen sizes too which is a big plus.
  9. "Well, I'm not much of a social butterfly either. Just didn't want to look rude, especially with those things hanging around." Meri didn't know anything about weird auras, but the guy was probably referring to the gooey mess all over her shoes and legs. It probably didn't exactly make her look super friendly or approachable, especially with the rest of her clothes similarly messy and dirty from running around in the wilderness all morning. But whatever. The obligatory pleasantries were out of the way, the two of them could part on amicable terms, and she could return to Lestallum to take a cold shower and a long swim at the pool. A wave goodbye, and Meri turned away from the stranger, but only for a split second. The telltale sounds of a hostile beast emerging bring her attention right back to the stranger, but by the time she's at his side the problem's already dealt with. The unusual sight was enough to bring a little smile to her face despite the distant dangers. "Well. Glad to know we can both fend for ourselves out here. I've gotta haul this stuff back to town. I have a feeling this day's about to get even messier so uh, stay sharp? See you around, maybe." She kept her eyes peeled for any more of those serpentine beasts, picking up the pace to her chocobo's post and trying not to dwell too much on what those MTs could be up to. ((There. Ardyn's coming later today because I'm fighting my brain for every word of these posts and I just wanted to keep things rolling.))
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  11. The circle of RP: "Wow I'm in a big mood to write but I've finished all my posts!" invariably turns into "Wow it's my turn to post in all my RPs but my brain is dead today!"



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      Get into too many RPS, burn myself out, drop RPs, want to do a lot of RP, and it repeats, forever.

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      For once I'm not burning out, I still have all of my enthusiasm but the rest of my brain's on vacation today, haa. I've definitely had that issue in the past though, I'm usually very easily overwhelmed but lately I've been doing pretty well juggling quite a few different stories.

  12. I was going to post for both of my characters tonight then my brain deflated so I don't know if I'll be able to string the words together properly. Tomorrow should be better but there's also a chance of me recovering before I go to bed so whooo knowwws.
  13. anime & manga

    I binged this manga hard yeeears ago! If you haven't yet, check out some of Naoki Urasawa's other works, the dude can write one hell of an atmospheric story. Also the anime adaptation has a seriously lovely ending theme. @JujuBee I'm baaad at summarizing things but Myanimelist has a pretty decent explanation of the concept: This is just the start of the story though, there are a lot of twists and turns along the way and it has some fascinating real world settings you don't usually see in a lot of manga and anime. Now I want to re-read it because it's been so long I can't remember many of the details!