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  1. Alright, once animegirl's good to go the Ardyn Izunia questionable decisions hour will continue. *rubs hands together*
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    The wall is judging you for your sins against monsterkind.
  3. I see you there ;D

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    2. Negative Zone

      Negative Zone

      The pain train broke my brain. Then Chapter 13 did, uh, interesting things to the remains.

    3. Negative Zone

      Negative Zone

      Damn these boys need a bath. Ignis all covered in dirt, still coming up with new recipes

    4. IceForebearer


      Ignis, coming up with new recipes? It's...unheard of! 

      Seriously, I lost it when he figured out how to make, "Toast."


      I was so proud of him.

  4. It's... interesting. I appreciate what the developers were trying to do. There's a definite atmosphere they go for and they pull it off very well. But the gameplay of the chapter itself isn't very well executed, and some of the storyline bits that happen during the chapter are handled a little oddly. I'm curious to see what changes they have in mind for it. As an aside do you think I should keep waiting for our other player to introduce herself in the RP before continuing Ardyn's troll adventures?
  5. advise/help

    It's okay to feel anxious about trying something new or stepping out of your comfort zone. I see you've already made the first step. Go you! From what I've observed people here are really friendly, and I feel there's a big enough userbase and enough different RPs going to where if you don't fit into one there's sure to be another that will be perfect for you.
  6. Square-Enix is still pretty vague about what's actually going to be in it. There's the Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio episodes coming, and apparently some sort of co-op multiplayer mode which sounds like it could be interesting, but the actual details are still pretty thin as of late. There's spots in the story that would make sense for the character DLCs to take place and I think some concept art floating around. There's apparently going to be a patch that adds more to the story (which they're also being vague about but it's supposed to patch up some stuff in the second half of the game and change up Chapter 13) but I think that's going to be free for everyone. The upcoming carnival thing is also free too, but there's that bonus costume you get if you have the season pass, or something? It's kind of confusing.
  7. Ardyn will make his next move soon, I just want to wait for those who haven't written their intro post first before I have him order pastries and do who knows what else.
  8. Welcome! There are a lot of fans of those fandoms here so I bet you'll find someone into RPing them.
  9. I think if you have the season pass there's going to be a mariachi outfit too.
  10. Yes... good... *rubs hands together* I want to pick up my post game file but I'm kind of waiting for that Moogle Chocobo Carnival thing first because I want that ridiculous outfit for Noctis.
  11. Gotcha, thanks! No worries about post length by the way, Ardyn's the sort of guy that kind of gives himself over to the theatrical in everything he does which I think will have a tendency to uh, inflate my posts. You write what's comfortable for you and I think that'll work just fine, at least by me.
  12. Ardyn Izunia didn't plan for his car to break down in the middle of Leide's picturesque desert, but he was going to make the most of this opportunity. Calling the nearest Niflheim base and asking them to bring a tow truck would just be too easy, and this way he'd certainly give his newly acquainted Lucian friends something to gawk at. Were there more important things for the Chancellor of Niflheim to do than stand on the side of the road, sleeves rolled up, elbows deep in the guts of a vehicle that looked older than he did? Probably. There was also time to do those important things later. The boot of Ardyn's car was filled with all sorts of goodies, including a repair kit that would help him fix his beloved vehicle at least long enough to get it to the nearest base or Coernix station, if he was feeling particularly daring. What better way to rub elbows with the Lucians, though? Thus began Ardyn's torrid hour long love affair with the innards of his convertible. During that long stretch of time, only a single car drove by, its occupants likely deeming the sight unfolding on the side of the road to be one of those oh-so-nasty mirages. "What's the point of putting on a show if nobody comes around to appreciate it?" The sun was high in the sky when he finally slammed the hood shut, his arms absolutely covered in grease. Miraculously, his ostentatious outfit somehow escaped the ordeal unscathed, though what was even more eerie was the total lack of sweat staining his face or clothes. The moment of truth finally at hand, Ardyn leaned over the driver's seat, turning his Moogle charm keychain with a smug look of self-satisfaction broadcast only to the car mirrors. The engine purred to life. His repairs would hold, at least until the end of this little diversion. Satisfied, Ardyn wiped the grease from his arms with a towel bearing the name of a luxury hotel in Insomnia, placed his kit back in the trunk, and drove off into the endless desert. As the highway led him closer to civilization, road signs appeared with increasing frequency. Advertisements of all sorts, direction markers, even a defaced billboard announcing the truce between Lucis and Niflheim. None of them particularly caught the Chancellor's eye until a charming hand painted sign promising Tenebraean pastries urged him to turn right towards the nearest outpost. Car repair was hard work, and even he needed to eat. The military fare that the bases served was far too bland for his palate, it'd be nice to actually taste something for once. The bakery itself was situated on the outskirts of the outpost, strategically located to snag the business of weary travelers either taking a pit stop or coming in for the night to rest at the old motel. As he pulled in to park, his hazel eyes spotted a woman resting outside. From the looks of her outfit, she must be one of the employees. He greeted the stranger with a languid wave of his hand before the car came to a stop. The door swung open, revealing a man far too overdressed for this time of day, this part of the world, this plane of existence. "Hello to you, and good afternoon," The words were certainly friendly, with Ardyn's voice having a certain musical quality to it. But to say he was possessed of a mischievous spark would be an understatement: everything about this man, from the tip of his auburn hair to the toe of those ridiculous boots, spoke of a sincere insincerity. ((I'm. So sorry.))
  13. This post is kind of running away from me, whoops. I saw a way for him to, ah, introduce himself to someone but didn't want to just chuck what I already wrote because I'm proud of how ridiculous it is so now I get to bridge these two concepts together and in the future my posts probably won't be quite as long. EDIT: there we go! Sure he has important chancellor things to do but that can wait, right? @TheForgottenDoll I took a few liberties with the location of the bakery, if you'd like me to edit that particular portion of my post I can definitely do so.