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  1. "im a baa-nana cake."
  2. digital

    Watched the Heather's Musical and I just had to
  3. digital

    /gently caress his chest ^ q ^
  4. just finished the Heathers and it was g8

  5. RP Partners who tell you they'll be late in posting makes life worth living for.

    1. The Pathfinder

      The Pathfinder

      *Never even posts these days* 

  6. I just LOVE when people don't. follow. or. read. the. fcking. rules.


    esp when there's literally only 1 rule :-))))))))))



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    2. Aster


      @The Mechanist nahh it's more like im too lazy to find new mems to fill

    3. The Mechanist

      The Mechanist

      That's part of being a gm friend

    4. Aster
  7. PM me to secure a spot.
  8. when u can't say no to smth u should rlly say no to:



  9. Secured. Only one spot left to go...
  10. Secured. Welcome aboard.
  11. The coincidence is uncanny lol
  12. LOL I think a giant snake demon is fitting. PM me to secure the spot. PM me to secure the spot.
  13. Had this prompt in my head lately so thought I myt give it a shot so here we go. //plot: the kingdom of Kai had been separated for as long as anyone could remember, with the East being ruled by the Ashura and the West by the Fukami. They say that the royals from the Ashura family are descendants from their guardian deity, the Tengu while the royals from the Fukami family are descendents from the fox deity, Okami. When a great evil known as the Orochi threatens to rise from its slumber, it is up to the two clans to stand together and fight together. Thousands of years of fighting had created scars which cannot be healed. Out of duty, each family must send their most blessed child to be wed. In matrimony, the kingdom of Kai may finally find peace. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - There will only be four available slots for this RP. Son of Ashura: Daughter of Ashura: { taken by @Ami the Breadling } Son of Fukami: { taken by @RoxasTheExalted } Daughter of Fukami: { taken by me } It will be semi-casual to detailed so no one-liners! It is not first come first serve. (for now) COMMITTED ROLEPLAYERS ONLY. To secure a slot, please PM me a writing sample of your OC's response to this: The Usagi - the main priest and the highest governing body in Kai - has issued out a decree addressed to your family. You are to be wed to XXX, the daughter/son of your sworn enemies' house. Not even your parents, the Lord and Lady of the Ashura/Fukami family can do anything to stop it.