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  1. (Well right now it's more thoughts, worries. But when she attacks it's either a full vision or a physical copy made from shadow. All though will always make some one feel fear
  2. Because if you spoil it I will hunt you down ^-^
  3. Yes and don't spoil it for me
  4. Lol same I recently got the witcher three completed edition
  5. "We don't have to yet if you don't want to. But in a few hours I'll need to head to the gym." He said softly to her
  6. Azari tried to calm her mind and drown out everything else by thinking of her favorite cartoon. But even that grew dark soon as her powers reached out, slipping into ravens mind and extracting every fear. Then it started to feed. Making raven think about her darkest fears so that she could feed off her
  7. When are we starting
  8. He gently smiled back before he held onto her again nuzzling her shoulder as he relaxed with her
  9. "They will be here around seven. My friends that are coming to set up will be here in like five minuets." He told her as he went into the fridge and pulled out a carton of milk and poured himself a glass of milk to drink before going back to every one. Now standing as well he looked at them before looking to emmet. "Hey think you can make a lot more of those?" He asked emmet curiously samantha watched mac go off before turning back to her brother and the other two. Listening to them talk for a little bit she smirked at the idea of it all
  10. Smiling more as he gently kissed her forehead once more
  11. "Didn't see me as the loving type?" He asked softly
  12. He chuckled and just gently kisses her forehead as he held her closer to him
  13. He couldn't help but smile and gently hug her again
  14. Some one ant to interact??
  15. "Please tell me." He said softly to her