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  1. Darn it.... so I might have to post tomorrow (HOPEFULLY PLEASSEEE) Because.. wow thats a lot of crap to read and understand. Love ya'll!! If I can, later tonight. But bye ya'll! I am gonna be busy reading!
  2. I KNOW AHHHH HEY @Petroshka I huggles back!!!!!
  3. I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY YA'LL I AM JUST SO SORRY OH GOODNESS THAT WAS HORRIBLE FOR ME TO DO THAT I WISH I COULD HAVE WARNED YOU. Basically, I have had constant technical difficulties. Well, for now, I do not know how long, I am back. I will post to update Alvis and if all seems well technically I might keep posting. Until I get the 'its al okay' signal. I suggest you kinda just keep her in mind, but don't fully interact. Or else there is a chance you will be stuck for days, even weeks! But I am SO SORRY!!!!!
  4. Basically... I died. Oh I am so sorry!!!!!!!! So so so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I shall post tonight! I've been waiting for an opening for Alvis.
  6. @Mypilot Oh goodness thank you so much!! I really did wish I could have written more. And somehow what I did put won! But thank you so much!!!!
  7. Such a young whippersnapper.

  8. Alvis Bo Tailing the Artificial Immortal, Alvis keep sure to observe her surroundings. Every slight movement was one to be questioned. The slow-drifting pieces of demolished ships were always regarded with suspicion. Their eventual destination was one close to secrecy, as the Artificial Immortal suggested. Alvis swiftly followed her into the ships foreboding hold, all the while picking out the various escape routes available to her. The Air Immortal's eyes never halted in their work to keep her updated on the situation at hand. If the Artificial Immortal made any moves Alvis would know of it. As well as any new developments in the nearby battles Alvis could discern from ear and eye. @Rurnur @Petroshka
  9. I am not just special, I am totally a limited edition. 

  10. Alvis Bo Still the choice lain out in front of Alvis was enticing. Both paths leading down to two different ways. Two alternate endings and beginnings. The overwhelming curiosity filled her, and Alvis was urged to follow. Whether she would assist the Artificial Immortals or the Demons. she would assist if the situation required it. The Air Immortal closely traced the girl that had invited her to battle. Although she did not wish or thirst for the rage of battle, Alvis did find the chance at a new experience a worthwhile space of her time. @Petroshka @ All the other peeps that are where ever I am going to
  11. Out of my mind, be back in five minutes

  12. Whale hello there! Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. Alvis Bo The Artificial Immortal's emotions were well hidden, yet Alvis could read into her words. A mutual friendship was plausible, yet the risks of the agreement were high. Alvis once more regarded the girl offering a partnership. It was sure that it would benefit her in sure fights against the Demons, yet if the opportunity arose Alvis was sure her life would greet no mercy when the Artificial Immortal's life was endangered. Her words were processed in her mind as she formulated a response. "I am in the simplicity of it, stating my observations. But if you do wish to use that heavily degrading term I will not refuse." Alvis's response filled the tension that hung heavy in the non gravitated air. @Petroshka
  14. I am in comelete and utter shock! I actually... OH GOODNESS

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      just sit back and enjoy the victory

  15. OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you Lord God above! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I am crying!!! Oh my goodness! I honestly oh goodness gracious!! Thank you so much! Thank you so so so so so much I honestly cannot believe this!!! I am in utter shock! How.. just oh my goodness! In complete honesty I wished I could have done so much better I never in a million life times expected this! This is insane!!!!!