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  1. casual

    Erin Erin felt a bit happier as everyone started to figure out where they wanted to stay for the night, with Castiel already heading off to the hotel to find them some room. It was a good idea, and as much as she loved camping, sleeping somewhere nice would be much better - as long as nobody asked her to pay for it. Of course, none of that was important right now, as Alyson suggested they go into the town, an offer Erin could only smile at. "Yea, Alyson, that's a great id-" Before she could finish, a strange, gun-toting girl appeared, threatened their lives, and backed up that threat with an enormous wood dragon straight from the ground. It was almost too much for Erin to process at once, though thankfully her new friend had faster reflexes, allowing Erin to quickly join her on her ride. "Thanks, I owe you one." As Vaku took off to cover, Erin could help but look around at the kids they'd been traveling with, all of whom were entering the battle slowly but surely. She was impressed as their leader took straight to the dragon's back, as another girl literally sprouted wings and flew, and found herself absolutely astonished as a girl literally sprouted wings and took flight towards their enemy. Soon enough, though, Erin found herself party to Alyson's plan, only nodding in agreement, as she didn't know who this "he" was. The next step, obviously, was pitching in to the effort to kill the damn dragon. Alyson was already unlimbering her bow, and Erin felt the pressure to help rise - even though she had no idea to contribute. Remembering that both Alyson and Hassan had injected themselves with some liquid before they fought, Erin rummaged around her pockets, finding her own mana injection. "Um, do I just... ah, nevermind." Deciding not to bother Alyson, Erin aimed the injection into her upper left arm. Since she had no skill in doing so, it hurt like hell - but at the same time, she felt exhilarated, energetic, and... powerful, too. Some memory flickered in the back of her mind, but Erin pushed it aside, noticing that Alyson had suddenly stopped around the edge of their cover. "Alyson?" She asked, peering around at her friend. "What's wrong?" Erin got her answer soon enough, essentially what she'd expected: Alyson didn't want to resort to violence. "Hey, don't worry," she said softly, hoping she'd settle Alyson's nerves. "I don't know what sort of agreement she's talking about, but she's trying to kill us, for god’s sake. We don’t even have to hurt her, we just have to get rid of that giant wood dragon.” Soon enough, Hassan called out to Alyson as well, and either through her words or his, Alyson snapped back to reality, using her fire to burn the dragon and free Kristen. Eventually, Erin decided to do something. Between bursts of fighting, she kept peeking around the corner to check on the battle, shuffling back and forth as she did so. While she kept a sharp eye on the proceedings, however, Erin stayed mostly unaware of the tracks her feet were leaving in the ground. By the time she’d stopped, however, the unknowingly drawn sigil lay on the ground - a long triangle with three curved lines resembling claws just above it. Erin noticed the strange pattern a second later - and to her surprise - it began to glow. The trees at the edge of the forest began to bend slightly towards Erin, and the form of a grizzly bear rose from the ground, giving Erin the third fright of her life that day. “Alyson,” she whispered, poking the other girl as the bear stared straight at the two of them. “Y-you saw that right?” The bear didn’t seem to react to Erin’s chatter at all, simply bowing down its head. “W-what did I do? What should I do?” (Sorry that I can't get tags or colors on the body - mobile's being a dick.)
  2. casual

    Erin Erin made an internal fist pump as a light slime flickered across Alyson's face. Ha! Guess I'm not that bad after all. She gave her new ally a knowing smile in return before truly focusing her attention on the town this time. Sure it was a bit run-down, but Erin had seen (and stayed in) worse. Besides, they had a hotel, stores, and a pub - all the basics, really. This was the kind of place Erin appreciated more than her brother, as they often picked up nice-looking human things or got some good rest in the towns they'd stayed in. Then there was the massive hotel/casino building, which, as Erin stated before, really intrigued her. Usually, neither of the Belrond siblings entered an establishment of that caliber, due to complaints of "being too dirty" or "not having money", neither of which they understood. This time, though, it seemed like at least some of the kids wanted to stay, and Erin would finally get a long-desired peek inside a decent hotel. "Yea, I'm with her," Erin said, gesturing to Kristen and all her excitement at wanting to go to the hotel. "And, if you don't mind me asking," she looked over at Ree with a bit of confusion. "What's the problem with not having parents?" She was a bit confused, as Flynn and her strategy throughout the past month involved parentless town-hopping. It was only after a quick look around the group that Erin realized the issue. "Oh, you mean the large amount of us, right? I suppose that would be weird." Erin shrugged, giving Alyson a "what-can we do" look before turning back to the rest of the group. "I've got no problem with sleeping in the forest - and I'm able to help anyone set up cover if they'd like." She looked back to Alyson, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Do you think that sounds good enough?" Flynn Flynn could only nod as Suria continued talking, as words like "fetish" and "shower still flew over his head. "What, do you guys actually like to drown yourselves?" He asked, scratching himself like a mad dog as he walked. "I - have - no - idea why you people do these things." Every pause was filled with another scratch or grunt as Flynn quickly showed his disregard for basic hygiene. "Yea, I guess we'll get to 'showering' if we can find one. I'm not too worried about it right now." Castiel's call for suggestions was sort of lost on Flynn's ears. Erin always found their lodging in towns likes these, and Flynn worked a bit more in finding their shelter when they camped out in the forest. He took a bit more interest when the other kids started puling out their wallets, reaching into his back pocket only to find disappointment and emptiness. After a while, Flynn started to connect the idea of "wallets" and "staying in a hotel", realizing without much joy that he probably wouldn't be sleeping on a "bed" today. "Huh. Do you have one of those?" he asked, looking between Suria and the ones procuring their wallets. "Oh well. Staying out sounds nice," Flynn said, piping up with his suggestion from the back of the group before turning back to Suria. "You wouldn't mind a little dirt, right? I'm sure these 'showers' of yours could take care of that just fine." @LokiofSP @IPreferTies @That Guy Over There @Embaga Elder @CelticSol @Daimao @The Imperial Flame @Tazmodo @King Crimson @MTchaos1134 @GingerBread
  3. Sam Location: Guarding a route to the Theater Hanging with: Glacier, Cadence “Nice,” Sam muttered under his breath as both Glacier and Cadence fired off their own retorts. Stepladders and the short joke were a Glacier gold standard, as always, and though it came out a bit frostily, Cadence seemed to take it in stride. However, as good as Glacier’s comments were, Cadence’s ribbing was surprisingly impressive as well. The little verbal spar stayed amiable, at least, and as the burns got better, Sam could feel the pressure to keep up. After all, it wasn’t everyday that you got to see a battle of wits like this, especially in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. “Oh yes, the classic ‘stale granola bar.’ One of my favorites,” Sam started, this time imitating some sort of food snob. “Only the best stale granola bars make the best fare, of course. Aged perfectly to a solid year, and seasoned with only the finest of roaches.” He made a small gagging face before smiling again. “I have to say though, I enjoy the cheap alcohol more than you, Glacier, but a bleach cocktail… aren’t those the same thing?” He started ticking off a list on his fingers. “Burns like hell going down, probably gonna kill you… oh, and it’s got the composition of a bitter turd... kinda like a frosty turd we know, right?” Sam’s mouth stayed curled in a smile, adding a bit of his banter to the mix. “Couldn’t you imagine this mug on the label of some cheap liquor?” he asked, directing the question to Cadence as he made a finger-frame around Glacier’s face. Cadence’s question instantly reminded Sam of the reason they’d gotten on the topic of alcohol, chuckling at the memory of “King Glaicer”. “Well, Cadence, for that we’d have to get good alcohol, or something that doesn’t kill you the moment it goes down, and I think he wrangled every drop of it out of this theater yesterday.” He glanced back at Glacier, gesturing to the frosty man again. “Look at that face. Give the bad stuff, and it’s like this but worse. Could you imagine that?” Roscoe Location: Route 5 Hanging with: McSkitty, Devyn, other Nightmares The miniature zombie massacre continued just a bit longer, as Roscoe continued to egg his two pink friends into make the undead re-dead. However, as much as he had enjoyed the wanton killing of the zombies, he was able to easily switch gears into something more serious, sobering up as he stared at the gate and the possibilities that could lie beyond it. And most importantly, we might be boutta die here. For him, it was a more serious thought among the insanity of McSkitty and Deyvn. There could be bloodshed, or they could take it without any harm… Roscoe’s thoughts flew between thoughts of death, the excitement of battle, his injuries, and most importantly, Silas, who he routinely looked back to check on. As tough as he was, or tried to be, Roscoe knew he wasn’t invincible, and his brother certainly wasn’t either. On one hand, he could walk out a victor, living it up with his brother and new allies in the streets he once slummed in, and on the other… I could kick tha bucket right ‘ere. He looked around at the scene around him, and immediately knew that he didn’t want to die here. Nah. I ain’t gonna die here, he thought, instantly regaining his confident attitude. Ain’t gonna be today. Once McSkitty let him down, Roscoe gladly took the invitation with a leap down, grinning through the pain as he made contact with the ground. “Thank ya kindly, big guy,” he grunted, scrambling to assume some badass pose in case the enemy had sight of them already. Even if he was about to be sniper, Roscoe wouldn’t take it lying down. “Hah! We got two beautiful, ready bastards now! We ain’t stoppin’ now!” He paused for a second, then turned to Devyn with a confused look across his face. “But, er, Pinkie, who’s them six friends you got?” He asked, not quite grasping the meaning of the quote. “Can big guy here run real fast or somethin’?” @SirBlazeALot @RubyRose @Maki @SpookySableye @theglassangel @Danoram @Corgi @NyxNightmare (Tyler and Dahlia are off looking for Mikey right now, I might bring them back if there's action between the Nightmares and the BSG)
  4. casual

    Erin "Worse, huh?" Erin could only stare at the unfolding scene as Hassan and Myra bore down on each other, slightly afraid, but much more excited. "Well, with this group, worse sounds exciting. Like really exciting." Probably not a stance she'd usually take, but it sounded interesting. Sure, she had a couple - well, many - fights with Flynn in the month they remembered, but this was like being the new kids and learning about all the little fights everyone had. Once Myra huffed and backed off of the interaction Erin lost interest, turning back to Alyson. Earlier, she'd unknowingly asked Alyson if she'd been on any adventures, but if the shyer girl's response was worth noting - either she didn't have any good memories, or the memories she had were too painful to recount. Either way, Erin knew when to lay off, giving her an unworried nod, "Ah, that's alright. Maybe we can make some good memories here, right?" As soon as those words left her mouth, the small group of Vaku, Alyson and her took a break, ready to listen to what Castiel had planned as the town became visible in the background. Erin liked it immediately - though it was old, it was something, at least, and it was pretty similar to the places Flynn would find while they hitchhiked around the country. "Oh, this is great! Aren't you excited, Alyson?" She asked, looking at Vaku's rider as Castiel started laying out their option. "Hotel sounds nice, I'm kinda beat already," she suggested, waving uncaringly at the suggestion of the pub. "Maybe if we need to talk, we could come back here? We know where the forests are, no doubt about it after that walk." @Embaga Elder Flynn "Ghost-people-whatnow?" Flynn was lost as soon as Suria said "ghost", as he wasn't the most creative with his thoughts. The word "possessed" wasn't even in his vocabulary, so he had a hard time grasping the concept of a celestial weapon - in the same way he couldn't grasp the concept of taking a decent bath for once in his life. Otherwise, though, he was glad that he didn't get aids - maybe on another occasion, but definitely not from heroin the mana injections he might need to use. He was getting off-topic though, as Suria was continuing on with or without his train of thought. "Oh, nice. I love... 'beds'! I mean, they're a really cool idea, you know? I don't know what human being decided to put metals and soft materials on to ease his methods of resting, but if so, I applaud him." Flynn paused, hoping he was really fitting in with his new comrade. "I, too, enjoy taking a repose on beds, like normal humans do." Confident that he had, in fact, grasped a good idea of the "bed", Flynn unconciously took a sniff at his armpit. "Oh, and what's a shower?" @LokiofSP
  5. casual

    Erin “Ah, my bad.” Once Erin noticed Alyson’s awkward wave and sheepish reactions, she lowered her voice and slowly put some distance between herself and Vaku. She’s a shy one, I guess. “So, you’ve got a cousin, huh? What’s he li-” Before she finished, Erin noticed a certain red-eyed boy facing down the strange girl with the umbrella, irate with how she’d offered up his wolf without asking. Oh. “Haha, nevermind. He’s the cousin, isn’t he?” She asked, gesturing to Hassan as she kept stride with Vaku. “Lots of fire in him. You all must be an interesting family.” At the word family, Erin almost instinctively looked at Flynn, who actually seemed to be getting along well with another boy despite the fact that he was waving around a mana injection like a kid with a foam sword. Better than me, at least, she thought, looking up at Alyson and wondering how she could keep up the conversation without scaring her away. Well I certainly won’t let that slacker work harder than me. “So, er, Alyson,” she started, trying to elicit an answer from the more reserved girl. “I’m bit new here, so I’d have to ask - what’s this group like? Like do you have any cool stories?” @Embaga Elder Flynn “Really? You know me, or-” Flynn decided to stop once he figured out that Suria probably didn’t care, sticking his hands in his pockets in an unconscious imitation of Suria as he kept talking. Surprisingly, he got a straight answer, dispelling his impression that everyone here was a faith-bound prophecy lover. He stared at the now-confirmed superdrug (or mana) injection, taking a hard swallow as he thought of injecting himself with it. How could you- He turned the injection over in his hand, bringing it closer to his hand before recoiling a bit. What do these guys do, if they have to inject themselves all the time? Is this even safe? “Well, um… thanks. Didn’t really need a heroin addiction or anything, so I guess that’s nice and all.” Once Suria mentioned that this happened all the time, Flynn took another look around the group - and it seemed that he was right. Rather than panic about being thrown into the middle of some forest, the rest of the group was just focused on getting, like this was part of some sloppily-practiced routine that they’d been through a couple of times. Oh yea. These guys are definitely weird. He tried to exchange a glance with Erin, but his sister was busy befriending the giant-winged wolf girl. Whatever. At least she’s not bugging me anymore. “Well, the drug lesson was appreciated. I can rest easy knowing that I can… inject myself with this stuff,” he said, cringing as he thought of Suria’s “Junkie” description. “To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I even want to use one of these. Like the needles and the powers and all that shit… is there any other way I can defend myself without starting some sort of addiction or risking contracting HIV? Besides having … that thing,” he pointed to Vaku, “Are we really just kids with drugs trying to kill a monarch?” @LokiofSP
  6. Ah. That reminds me, Blaze. This Friday, I'll be out at a pre-meet pasta party with my friends, so I don't think I can come in clutch like last time. Probably just pass over interactions with me if you have any.
  7. casual

    Erin & Flynn Erin's second trip via degenerate felt surprisingly better than her first. While the feeling of plummeting into the abyss of a creature's mouth definitely wasn't comfortable, after the initial shock, the butterflies in her stomach turned into exhilaration, as if she was going down a rollercoaster. Of course, the ground had to interrupt the darkness and falling sometime or another, but Erin only let out a small grunt when she made contact. Yea. That wasn't so bad now, was it? She quickly gained her bearings and stood up, scanning her surroundings for her brother. Flynn did not take the fall as gracefully. One moment, some random girl was telling him that he smelled before shoving him into a room full of people, not only sending him into a state of panic, by also delivering him straight into the maw of a degenerate - making his adrenaline shoot spike again. The nauseating combination of darkness and falling only ended as he was unceremoniously spat onto the forest floor, quickly grabbing onto a tree before he lost his lunch. Erin soon spotted him, and as the two silently watched the crowd group up behind Castiel and head to the nearest town, they followed, with Erin wondering if this was their first mission and Flynn simply wondering how the hell he could get out of it. As they moved along, something strange among the already strange group of kids caught Erin's attention. A small dog, previously resting on some kid's shoulder, suddenly leapt off and morphed into a 5-foot-tall wolf with wings. Erin's jaw dropped, and her gaze flirted between the wolf itself and a figure who nonchalantly decided to ride him. "Flynn, it's a wolf," she whispered, elbowing Flynn in the side without taking her eyes off the wolf. Her brother only glared at her, before taking a glance at the wolf too. "Okay, cool." He quickly followed up his blunt comment by pressing forward, pulling ahead of Erin. Sure, it seemed cool, but Flynn didn't want to be as easily impressed or as willing to meet new people as his sister was - and besides, he had to figure out why the hell someone was using freaky shadowy beings with gigantic mouths to transport them. With Erin soon left behind, she merely crossed her arms and glared back at him. "Alright, well I'm seeing the wolf. Don't panic without me around," she muttered, heading over to Alyson and Vaku. "Hey there!" Erin's voice ran out from behind Vaku, though she could barely see over the wolf as he was almost her height. "Can I just say that your wolf is so cool? Like he's got wings! But he's also a wolf! And... and..." Erin paused, wondering why she was so amazed by the Vaku in the first place. "Oh yea, and he's gigantic." As she continued talking, Erin crept around Vaku to try and catch a glimpse of his rider. Alyson looked nice enough, and though she was quiet, Erin already felt more comfortable around the white-haired girl since she wasn't immediately scowling or telling her to go away. After a quick wave, Erin gave Alyson an embarrassed smile, hoping that her previous blank didn't make the situation too awkward. "Hah, sorry about that. Anyways, I'm Erin. What's your name?" Flynn, meanwhile, had just discovered the injection in his pocket. As his sister made friends, Flynn slunk back to the rear of the group, pulling out the injection with caution as to not poke himself with the needle. It was certainly strange. One girl - the one with cake - said that she could use her injection to, well, fly. That certainly intrigued him. Powers… well, that’s certainly interesting. Some dim memory flickered within Flynn’s mind, a memory including quite a bit of blood - but as soon as it came, it passed. Darn. He shook the injection a bit, watching the fluid inside it swirl around. I know Erin has powers, so she can use this… and I’m pretty sure I have a power too, but I just... I just can’t remember it. As the contents of the syringe settled, Flynn stared into them with an intensity he usually reserved for people. Maybe this will help. I should ask first, though. Waking up from his stupor and looking around for the first time in a while, Flynn realized he was falling behind, and quickly jogged back up to one of the boys, Suria, and tapped his shoulder. " 'Scuse me. What are we supposed to do with these syringes? I mean, what exactly do they do?" He paused, before throwing in one more question. "Also, what are we doing here? Is this some routine you guys do?" @Embaga Elder @LokiofSP @GingerBread @Tazmodo @CelticSol @Daimao @That Guy Over There @IPreferTies @King Crimson @The Imperial Flame
  8. I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

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      Might I ask that you repeat the words you have spoken that were directed at me in our current time frame? I am currently speaking in a manner of aggression, but that tonality cannot be properly conveyed over the Internet, but rather only in situations in which we would be communicating vocally, and with facial contact. That being said, I believe my over-arching point can still be reached through the words I will speak to you in this instant message. I would care to remind you, and you would do well to remember that I graduated as the number one student compared to other students attending my naval academy in the school period which I attended as well. My skills were so adept that I was selected to join a special and exclusive group of Naval soldiers, known commonly as the Navy Seals. Not only that, but in addition it is valuable and important to fully comprehend the fact that I also have had a larger number than three hundred people opposing the United States of America become deceased due to my interaction with them during my naval service, and by extension as a part of my naval service. That being said, I believe it can also be held in value to learn and retain the knowledge that I am additionally trained professionally in participating in guerrilla warfare, or, more aptly, a series of war-based tactics that value one's ability to remain hidden and undetectable to the enemy nation who is fighting in the conflict, and furthermore, the people that nation has hired in order to work as a force of soldiers. I am as well a very much acclaimed marksman, so highly acclaimed am I in my marksmanship ability, that I was ranked by my superiors in the naval forces in which I served as, not only the top marksman using a sniper rifle in the navy, but in the entirety of the United States of America's armed forces for use in defending the country against domestic and international threats when voted upon by congress thereupon pending the approval of the American head of state. Therefore, because of my impressive reclaim, I am able to view you metaphorically as nothing, save for you being an enemy of which I might be trained to make deceased. Because of my view upon you as an enemy in such, I would like to inform you that I am unhindered in my ability to make you no longer continue to live using astounding and un-paralleled levels of precision, the likes of which have not been viewed upon the Earth. This aggression and the related threats are primarily as a result of your smug, arrogant, and naïve belief that you have the ability to use derogatory statements regarding me while using the internet. Because of your existing belief to that end, I would like to advise you to rethink your existing beliefs, keeping in mind my extensive naval and militaristic training, and resulting skill, that I have made better over the course of a significant portion of my life. Because of your lack of ability and overall mental death to rethink aforementioned decisions, I have resolved to make contact with a confidential interconnected group of people working in espionage across the United States of America. In addition to this, I have decided to take the initiative to use my computational device in combination with my access to the internet to trace your IP address, in order to perform upon you what is known as a "dox" attack. Therefore, I would advise you to make yourself ready for what is known figuratively and metaphorically as an oncoming storm. The aforementioned metaphorical storm will be used in order to render you no longer able to continue your life, as it exists currently. To reiterate, this is a threat against your life, and I have provided evidence to support my ability to remove your living ability from yourself. To further support my evidence, I would like to inform you that I have the ability (if I may use subtle hyperbole for effect) to make myself exist at any time, anywhere, and, while in that position, I can select from a number larger than seven hundred different ways to end your existence as it currently is. Those seven hundred ways cover only methods that would require me to use nothing more than my hands, in terms of equipment. Pertinently, I might care to reinforce the fact that I am extensively trained in combat methods that require no more equipment than what is regularly upon my person. In addition, I also an unhindered and full access to the weapons arsenal of the Marine Corps under the United States of America. With said arsenal, I will be able transport you away from this continent. Had you been able to see with foresight the fact that I would react aggressively and to this extent at your original statement, perhaps you would have refrained from making the aforementioned statement. However, without the ability to fully comprehend the consequences place upon you for your actions, you decided, through your volition, that you would bestow upon my offensive words that were intended to be derogatory when directed upon me. Therefore, you will now have to continue on with the consequences of the actions you have made. The consequences I refer to include ending your existence. Therefore, it is within my pride and honesty to declare that you will soon find yourself deceased.

  9. I finished! I don't think I can believe myself from now on, haha.
  10. Dahlia Location: Near the Theater Hanging with: Tyler, Shane, Abi Dahlia found her reaction from Marcy - but it was certainly more explosive than she could have expected. Marcy, though shaken, emerged more furious, frightening, and likely much tougher than Dahlia thought, taking the smaller woman aback. “Y-yes ma’am,” she muttered, forcing out the words as she clenched her hands and stepped back into the shadow of the entrance. So much for a ‘‘distraught sister’’… I’ll have to cut my losses here. With one more glance at the BSG’s new head and her terrifyingly passionate speech to her group and their opponents, Dahlia slunk back down the staircase to the lower stands of the BSG’s forces, fingering the edge of her knife as she prepared to follow her new orders. Looks like it’s time to rescue a wolf. As she walked to the (likely) equally shocked group at the edge of the theater, Dahlia stared between Shane, Abi, and Tyler with the silence hanging around her like a fog. On one hand, this reaction was to be expected, and the reasoning was sound - Marcy had just lost her brother, after all. However, the timing couldn’t be worse, as the Nightmares had just entered their domain. Perhaps the traps will hold them off for long enough… or maybe this will be our downfall. Whatever. We have our orders. As Shane started the process of mobilizing, Dahlia nodded in agreement. “Heard you, and right behind you,” she hissed, shoving Tyler towards the bushes as she followed Shane. Shoving aside the shrubbery while trying to avoid the attention of the invading Nightmares was no easy feat, but with Marcy’s commanding presence, Dahlia only hoped they could be distracted long enough them to find Mikey, dead or alive. C’mon Mikey, where are you? She scanned the shrubbery for any sign of the Mightyena or his undead kidnapper, continuing to grumble to herself. At this point, just give me a recognizable body. “Mikey? Show up, sir! Enemies are here now, and we need you!” Tyler Location: Near the Theater Hanging with: Dahlia, Shane, Abi Tyler could only glance helplessly between Abi, Shane, and Dahlia’s retreating form as the situation started to stagnate. Mikey was missing, their enemy could be at their doorstep at any minute - and as the thought crossed his mind, Tyler saw the distant forms of the invaders as they approached the front gate. His heart beating quickly like the beginning of a drumroll, Tyler, shrank back, hand edging towards his gun as his vision quickly tunneled with panic. We’re… we’re dead men walking. Then Marcy rose back to confront the combined BSG and NCMT forces shaken by the forced exit of their leader. Tyler watched her in awe as she followed Mikey’s fiery speech with one of her own, with a charisma and passion that reminded him the two were twins. Every part of the speech made Tyler feel the same emotions she mentioned - the pain of losing family, the fear of punishment, and the determined, vengeful fervor that was carried throughout her new commands. Though he had the skittish heart of a mouse, even Tyler could feel the intensity and excitement pass through his body, stealing his gaze towards the direction of Mikey’s exit. She’s right. There’s no reason not to. I’m… I’m a coward, but what kind of coward would Mikey keep around, if I couldn’t prove myself useful? Dahlia’s shove wasn’t even necessary to prompt Tyler - in the spur of the moment, the usually weak-willed man mustered enough spirit to follow Shane into the search. As he began the hunt for Mikey (or his corpse), Tyler fought off the fear and doubt that began to creep back into his mind. Mikey could be dead. I could be dead if this continues. The whole group could be dead, it’s just- He shook his head, pushing forward through the brush with renewed vigor. I can’t. I won’t. I’ve got orders now. I can’t be a coward anymore. “Mikey?” He scanned the surroundings for the man in question, shivering as he advanced. “Mikey, are you out there?” Sam Location: Route near the Theater Hanging with: Cadence, Glacier Hot damn. Sam was glad Glacier was bringing back his usual biting remarks. Sure, he was a bit flustered, but this banter was better than any bitterness that would fester in silence. Is that - Sam squinted to see Glacier both fluster and smile in their response to their little bit of humor. Well, it’s certainly a new situation. A smile crossed the amputee’s face just like it had on Glacier. When was the last time I heard someone could poke fun without a fight breaking out? What happened to our sense of humor, where Glacier’s the funniest guy I’ve met in a while? Though a commotion was sounding out from a bit farther away, Sam ignored it. They can deal with it. This is too good to miss, he thought, deciding to spur on the conversation as Cadence returned Glacier’s jabs at Sam’s alcohol tolerance and her height. “Ooh, the alcohol. Nah, he’s right, Cadence. Glaicer got me on that one. But when I get worse with alcohol, he actually gets funnier than he is now, trust me,” Sam said, unloading a clip into a zombie before giving both Glaicer and Cadence a mischievous glance. Suddenly, he staggered against a wall, groaning as he reenacted Glacier’s previous bossy encounter with Gabe. “Like ‘King Glacier’. ‘Ah, took ya long enough peasant,’"* He said, grinning as he pantomimed picking up a wine glass from the undead body on the ground. “And don’t even get me started on ‘Alcohol Connoisseur Glacier’! Liquor critiques in an apocalypse! Well, at least he’ll tell me if rubbing alcohol will go well with my meal, you know?” Roscoe Location: Route to the Theater Hanging with: Nightmares “HAHA!” Roscoe cackled gleefully as McSkitty’s leg shot out and knocked over the zombie, throwing in shouts of “World Star!” and “Get’im” as McSkitty brutally stomped the zombie’s head. Roscoe was just about as impressed with this savage beatdown as he was with Devyn’s spitting accuracy or the barf-sign. As more zombies shambled into their sight, Roscoe felt no fear, only gesturing wildly to each incoming undead body as Devyn pitched in, contributing her part to the zombie kicking spree. “Yea, get’em, Pinkie!” Roscoe shouted, egging her on as he watched the small woman stomp the zombie’s head in a McSkitty-esque fashion. “This is - this is like tha’ Italian dude… Mareep-io, right? Man, he was the shit,” As zombie brutalization occurred before his eyes, Roscoe got a bit of a throwback to good memories of a classic game. “Yea. Loved that li’ guy.” Once Delilah started speaking and the very end of Marcy’s speech reached his ears, Roscoe snapped to attention in a moment, sobering up and quieting down as he listened for news of the battle was itching for. “Big man,” he whispered, tapping McSkitty from his perch on the man’s shoulder. “I think we’re boutta get stompin’ on some living guys. Ya ready?” *Page 29. It’s one of my favorite Glacier moments ; ) @SirBlazeALot @RubyRose @SpookySableye @Corgi @theglassangel @Maki @Danoram @NyxNightmare
  11. Probably. I've written Dahlia already, but I definitely won't finish by tonight. Unfortunately, I've got a swim meet tomorrow morning, and I'll only find the time to finish in the afternoon. If there's any deadline pressure, you might have to miss Glaicer's part since Sam's a part of the conversation, but the rest is essentially Dahlia brooding and heading for the bushes to look for Mikey, Tyler panicking and following her, and Roscoe basically shutting up and falling into line in preparation for the attack - so they're basically nonessential until the heads of the groups decide on a course of action.
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    Now with 100% more edge and triggering!

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    Flynn Flynn was ready to take his (slightly awkward) leave as Castiel continued his rounds, until a shaken-up girl bolted past him and tackled Castiel to the ground, putting them in a position that was almost scarily close. What. The. F*ck? He could only glance between the girl, who was obviously still distraught, and Castiel, who made no attempt to push her off. Are they in a relationship or something? Couldn't they just take it... into a room? The more time passed, however, the more Flynn began to realize that this probably wasn't the case. Although it was bizarre, Castiel's reaction seemed to show that it was either something that happened often enough for him to be used to it, or Castiel was just not showing any emotion at the moment. "You know what? I-I'll go get some help," Flynn stuttered, before running off like he'd seen something he wasn't supposed to see. He bolted down the hall he'd just came from, only to find the place where he and Erin originally met Zalena completely devoid of people. Well, I'm definitely not going back. I don't care if people love me, but if they think I'm some creep... Before he could proceed down the hallway where Castiel was, Flynn decided to take a turn and skip that awkward encounter for a while. Yea. no use being around and making assumptions - I'm sure Castiel will figure it out. He's some sort of hero, after all. With all his mindless running, Flynn dashed straight into the room where Christina and Alexandria had crashed into, pulling himself back through the entrance and away from the crowd once he realized his mistake. Hooo boy. Nice going. @GingerBread @Daimao (So much for the Castiel interaction, haha. @Light I don't remember if it was Christina or Alexandria who pulled Ree into the room, but could you help me out and do that with Flynn too?"
  14. @theglassangel Bruh that last post was amazing, like blow-you-away amazing. How long did it take you to write it?
  15. @SirBlazeALot Basically on time, that's on time in my book! Hope you have a good party tomorrow! Also, when I talk to my friend about PGZA (he likes to read it and make fun of me), I say Pokemon Gijinka Zombie Apocalypse, since I like to hear him stumble on "Gijinka" or even "Apocalypse" one time. And welcome to your nightmare the roleplay, @NyxNightmare! It's gonna be great! Also, can I just say that your character sheets blew my mind? I haven't seen colored backgrounds since August lol