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  1. fandom

    awesome idea is been a while since i saw an su rp group I'm up for it. i can be pearl and a oc.
  2. I'd like to be a kanto champ
  3. Light shined above then that was bright almost blinding. The clouds separated and a beautiful being descended from the sky wings about 3 meters apart and shined of gold tint. "why art thou fight wiliest in thy land." the being said in a strong voice. the being appeared to look female and taller than all the humans and creatures there. she raised her hands which were a pale white tint as a gold sword appeared in her hand. "who art thou be worthy of my protection from thou dark forces." she boomed in a very echoed voice. "For I am Abbigail thou guardian Angel who descended from thou heavens above young children of the mighty king." she paused glancing at Xira as she burned the creature with her light. "HARM SHALL YOU NOT!"she snapped as now she pointed her sword at the angry creature. "BE GONE" she said. @SnugglyKnight @Squad141
  4. fandom

    I can rp the movies also.
  5. fandom

    Of course its all good i just never saw your post til today
  6. fandom

    yes next time can you tag or quote please.
  7. @Broodmother hey you on?
  8. fandom

    i'd like to try this rp idea.
  9. fandom

    i have a oc plot idea. which would make a great idea.
  10. fandom

    i'm up for this.