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  1. . Aurora the princess ran down the tower. "Merryweather!merryweather!" She door slam shut and a heartless goes in front of the exit and it narrows its eyes. Aurora pulls out her tiny dagger. "Leave me be you evil thing!" She points the dagger at the creature in slight fear. the heartless were attacking the castle coming out of nowhere. She had to escape. Prince Philip kicks the door open knocking the heartless down. "Go my dear...I will hold them off." He swings his sword at the heartless holding his shield tightly. Aurora runs out of the tower part of the castle into the woods. She breathed heavily and dropped to her knees. She notices a spirel looking portal. "Whats that..." having extreme curiousity she gets up and walks to it she slowly reaches her hand and touches it and she is blown into the portal to wonderland. "Ahh!" She fell to the ground with a thud. "Owwie..." she frowns and looks up. " i?" @sgtmickey
  2. Maggie mad walked down the stairs she sighed. Mom always worked when she got got the chance. She hugged her kitten Fergie. she peeked her head into the kitchen wondering if her mom was still there or she left. She smiled slightly smelling the aroma of bacon and eggs and mmh hash browns. Fergie mewed smelling the food. maggie giggled "Fergie you get kitty food." maggie walked into the kitty and filled his bowl with food then maggie sat down at the table and started eating. @Samoyed
  3. Name (must start with the M): Maggie Mad Which child are they?: the middle child (7months-9 years old for youngsters, 10-12 for the middle child, 13-17 years old for the big siblings.) Age: 10 Gender: female Appearance(I would prefer a real photo.) Personality: Maggie being the middle child she doesn't get much attention from her parents. She often stays in her room playing with her stuffed animals or playing with her tiny kitten fergi. She is shy around other kids that arent her family she tends to be the odd one out. In school she tends to keep to her self not much the social type but she will talk if needed. Shes very smart in school getting a's and b's on things. She stays out of trouble and away from the other siblings not wanna be the one to be picked on. She tends when it comes to getting into agruements with siblings she tends to be physical because she has slight anger issues. She can be very emotion at times when she doesnt get what she wants like a stuffed animal or toy. When she has a problem she hates talking about it and tends to be not talk about it or lie about it. Grade if old enough for school: 5th Hobbies: coloring/doodinging, riding her bike Likes: art, the color blue , animals more than people Dislikes: chores, being bossed around by other siblings What does their side of the bedroom look like: Favorite food?: maceroni Least favorite food?: brocoli Favorite animal?: kitty cat Least favorite animal?: a wolf Are they in a school club?(like sports, band, ect): Swimming club How do they feel about having so many siblings?: bossy and annoying Do they have a pet?: fergi Other:
  4. experiences

    Ok my pet peeves i'm pretty layed back first pet peeve is major because i will immediately tell you it will not work out. I hate when people control who i have to be and dont pull there load in the roleplay. Its annoying! i dont have problems with grammar not really what i look at.
  5. I play female characters that is rebellious but kind at the same time. Sometimes i can play emotional characters that feel left out and lonely. I can play powerful characters like rulers. My types of genre includes, fandom, medieval, some fantasy and historical
  6. List smurfs tmnt ninjago steven universe pokemon mlp loud house the walking dead creepypasta sonic the hedgehog Power puff girls total drama island monster high ever after high
  7. Rp

    Hey I'm intersted in doing a different time period rp. Periods im interested in roleplaying renaissance: (idea) you are a painter in this time period hoping to be noticed my the french english public as a good painter. You want to be famous as the painters like Raphael and michaelangeo right now you are talking a apprentice class painting for money. Egyptian gods and rulers: (idea) you servant for the pharaoh Narmer the very first Pharaoh in the very first dynasty. You are intersted in his niece but you are extremely poor. But you being not weathly or suitable for her was your only problem. american revolution (are you rebel or a loyalist oregon trail wild west holocaust english court
  8. other

    Na na...the light dims.. spirit low i count to ten your gone once again feeling for you are just not the same anymore.... i die young...maybe light will bring me back toniiight in the truck buried down hoping light shines thru so the light dims the spirit is low but as i dream in a low low sleep one day i'll count again and bless my name. so when i die young burn me to ashes and lay me down and bless my name so that ill never be lonely again.... but your so right you tear me down and throw my ashes and leave me on the ground but why you go away..a a a so...once you go my spirit lingers crying on my own grave. but once your gone you can never come back for redemption take a stand call me again i wanna see your handsome face once agaaaain i miss you hope you miss me i was dead wrong to be left asleep Dont wanna bear the weight I have for eternity put me back asleeeep. im sorry i was selfish couldn't stop bless my naaaameeee give me back my life i was selfish suborn hateful pitiful but i can change for you so....when i die young...burn to ashes..lay me down and bless my name forever...and ever once again
  9. Madelyn mad age 16 3rd girl maggie mad age 12 middle girl @Samoyed
  10. fandom

    Basic Information Name: dark patches Nickname: patchy Age: (6 moons or older for apprentices) 30 moons Gender: male Clan:((we will make one)) Rank: leader Breed: shorthair Family Information Mother :Duskpaw she is a pure black cat with green eyes. She gave birth to a litter but only 5 kits survived. Father : white paw Grandmother(s): green leaf (a stripped shorthair cat) Grandfather(s): gray cloud (gray long haired cat) Siblings: (silver moon : female }{facontail; male} { gingerfoot;female} {blackcloud :male) Younger Siblings:none Mate: unknown Crush: unknown Pups: unknown Bloodline:(we will figure it out Personality Information Personality: -sarcastic -calm and collected -easily angered when he is questioned of things that dont concern others . Strengths: -leading, -working together with others Weaknesses: -arguing voice sounds like brad pitt [Theme] forest History: dark patches was born a wildcat in a forest cave. His mother gave birth to him and his other four siblings and died at Kit birth. Which led white paw to abandon them out of fear. The kits survived because an older cat named grand rock took care of them. Being an old cat he raised them till he passed at 100 moons. Patches then formed his own family clan known as the crest clan. Silver moon the youngest female of patches litter became a medic and helped when someone got hurt. Falcontail helped protect and preserve peace in the forest. Ginger Foot worked as a helper with silver moon in med and dark cloud assisted dark patches. It was just them at the time. Hopping to perserve peace and keep it that way.but as you know it doesnt always turn that way he knew he would. Have to bring in reinforcements to help Him keep the Crest clan alive and kicking.
  11. fandom

    Hi i looked at your response. Im fine with doing an oc rp based on this. Im very familiar with them even with out reading the books. I can easy play three to four characters. We could make a thread and rp there. I can usually rp three paragraphs at least or more depending on myself. Let me know if you want to continue talking about it im fairly interested. @DemonKitten
  12. After an hour of talking to the doctor she was let out of room and was uncuffed and sent into the room with the others to socialize. She quietly walked in seeking some other patients. She sat down and looked at the screen. "This is a living hell..." she mumbled. She glared at the other patients. @Laughing Jack/MTMM @Lettuce
  13. @KuroNoKami39 messes up on ship art and hates FNAF for life