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  1. but ... things.
  2. welp. i made no progress
  4. lets see.

    imagine the mental state of a person who has two of his dead brothers fighting in his head after possessing him with him still having control over his body from his two dead brothers.

    by the way. they are all childish asf.

  5. welp. i give up. i'll finish tomorrow. i am weak. -curls into a ball and sleeps-
  6. well who is a idiot and posts in the wrong project. -points at self- this guy.
  7. *points at lake Erie*
  8. wait, that is three am. fuuuuuuuu
  9. ples. thanks. <3. *works on cs*
  10. i cri.
  11. He was the first one to came to mind //shrug ...maybe Atlas too Or name him Crookshanks xD
  12. Fine The short angry german it is.
  13. Caesar*
  14. I blame the Wrackspurts. I really do.