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  1. Name: Johnathan Knights Age/Gender: 18/Male Strength: - (-) - Dexterity: - (-) - Willpower: - (+) - Prudence: - Reason: - (+) - Empathy: - (-) - Creativity: - (+) - Subtlety: - Bio: Johnathan grew up like every standard family. A mother, father, the odd sibling or two. Nothing too special. However, his ability to understand algebraic mathematical problems and solve them was completely underestimated by everyone, including his parents who saw him as a withdrawn child. Through out his teenage years, he still was withdrawn, thus it was hard for him to understand emotional reactions by people. By his late teens, his grades were surprisingly average even though his knowledge on many different subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Mechanics etc was quite extraordinary. Extra: Johnathan is massive book worm and has a array of books which are mainly fiction. He also is a huge gamer and regularly games everyday which is why he doesn't go out often.
  2. I live in the UK so I can do sat+sun just fine, if work pops up then that's an issue
  3. Sure what do you have in mind?
  4. Quick question, will we be using any sort of voice communication or any sort of DnD base to play this out?
  5. Seems interesting. Already got a character + a sort of backstory in my head.
  6. I have dabbled into the Foundations backstory, it's SCP's etc. I've also been on a SCP RP server (Gmod) and I know how it works inside and out.
  7. Sure, what's the plot etc?
  8. Seems interesting.
  9. I am interested in this. However college calls right now. I'll check back later with you.
  10. That would help me a lot XD
  11. Alrighty not an issue
  12. http://www.orcpub.com/dungeons-and-dragons/5th-edition/character/generator Darn doesn't work rip me
  13. Do you have discord already setup?
  14. Alright thanks mate. Much appreciated.
  15. Looks good. I'm a newbie too like Ranix. So tag me as well when you're getting it all ready.