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  1. Obviously fuck and marry if the first option isn't available.
  2. Kill. I have no idea what that is. Why did you have to post just before me?
  3. Johnathan entered the park a good 10 minutes early than the specific time, his eyes glued to the book he was reading. He was nearing the end of the book which he estimated wouldn't take too long. A good 5 minutes before the end. He looked up every so often, making sure not to bump into anyone as he made his way to the center of the park. The man in question apparently had caused some serious problems to every network in the world which meant that he must be quite skilled at what he does. Skilled would be an understatement... He thought to himself as he strolled over closing the book and looking at the gathering crowd of people. Police officers were to be seen everywhere which was an issue for the man in question. He saw a free seat on a park bench with someone else occupying it. Walking over and sitting down he waited for a while, then after getting bored once again, proceeded to read through the book.
  4. Rosie entered the the classroom, ages before Vincent arrived, and sat down. Her helmet on the table once again and her backpack underneath said table. She already saw the introductory video along the hallway of the building as she entered it. The smug face of Vincent standing in full uniform was for all to see. No wonder he's a bloody Lieutenant Commander On top of that, he was apparently the top Junior Squad in the whole of the school. Her train of thought went on a different route as too calling this a "school". It wasn't exactly a school more like a military facility. Alright, no time for nitpicking. Back to work. She ended her thought process and concentrated on the lesson. She saw the man himself, Vincent, enter the room and carefully making sure he wasn't being noticed by the substitute teacher whom and proceeded to sit next to another girl. Her standard classroom equipment was already out however her mind had wandered off again, silently humoring the supposed irony of the class being combat whereas they were they sitting, answering questions and writing information down. Speaking of which, the only sort of fight she had really been in is with her brother but she highly doubted that fighting with her sibling would help in the long run. She sat there, twiddling the pen between her fingers spacing out of the current lesson. She knew that she couldn't avoid every single problem that she had as of now. Sighing, she made a mental note of sending a message when she had the chance to. She couldn't remember is lunch was after this. @VMGrey@FrostFire@FabulousTrash@Lord Shaxx@DankWaffles
  5. Right I'm up. I couldn't post yesterday due to work ;-;
  6. Aye aye I'm ready Captain!
  7. I'm intrigued!
  8. I'll post as soon as I get chance to detailing a substitute teacher.
  9. That's actually a good idea @FrostFire It would help move along the story. Edit: In fact, we could just act like there's a substitute teacher, since Captain Omarov would be supposedly sorting out Vince and Adrina and the fact that the majority of characters have seen Vince and Adrina basically fight it would be a logical conclusion to see a substitute teacher in Omarov's class.
  10. Power Absorption huh? Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! @The Villain King Edit: Just realised that it's possible that I can't touch anyone like Rogue ;-;
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  12. Aye we are @The Villain King!
  13. Huzzah, I can't wait to start!
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