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  1. Sorry about the double. It keeps popping up on small posts. I think I'll go with a human role. They're likely to fill up pretty fast.
  2. Not too sure yet. They all look pretty cool. I might just do a human role. Pack does look pretty tempting though.
  3. Yo. I got to hand it to you, this is actually pretty damned creative. It's a bit outside my genre, but I might bite.
  4. Rickon Stark Rickon sighed. He didn’t want to get up. He didn’t want to go to lessons, didn’t want to sit at the table and listen to the high lords prattle on to Bran about how many bales of hay the horses needed, and reports about the war Robb was fighting in the South. Who cared about the South, anyways? Why wouldn’t they come home? Him, Mother, and Sansa and Arya. Even Jon was gone. Nobody would tell him where he went either. Sulking for a moment, he rolled over, his curly auburn hair splaying out against the pillow, and gripped the toy knight in his hand hard. He’d taken to sleeping with it tucked under his chin like a stuffed animal the past few nights pretending that it was Robb. He knew Robb wasn’t a knight, but it was the closest thing he had. This isn’t fair … Beside him, something moved. A huge black shadow that blocked the sun streaming in from the window. Rickon peeked up. Then he smiled, as the big black shadow had a cold wet nose pressed against his forehead. “Okay, Shaggy …” The wolf’s glass green eyes peered at him and then raised to the door, his tongue lolling in long strokes. It was far from a welcoming greeting, but at least he wasn’t biting anyone … The last time he had bitten someone, Farlan, the kennelmaster, had chained him up. And as far as anyone knew up until now, that’s where Shaggydog was supposed to be. Rickon poked out his lip at Bran. “Don’t tell.” @RosefromtheRiver
  5. fandom

    I can do Rickon or Roose. I'm thinking of making an OC for Storm's End anyways and I already have Mormont at the Wall.
  6. fandom

    Fine by me. Any canon characters still needed?
  7. fandom

    I think after consideration I'm going to go with Sandor Clegane (KL) and Lord Commander Mormont (Wall). My third character will be left open for now and filled based on the needs of the roleplay.
  8. fandom

    Yes, I could probably do the Lord Commander. And Jeor Momont = Lord Commander Mormont.
  9. fandom

    I still got to pick a character. I might just do one main and have a side for each forum.
  10. experiences

    Pet peeve 1 - 1x1s: Please do not put stuff in your interest check that you have no interest in actually roleplaying. This should be pretty self-explanatory, but I've had more than one situation where someone contacts me about doing a roleplay, links me an interest check, and then only wants to do ONE particular pairing or plot listed on said interest check. I get having a favorite or a craving for something and all, but I can't wrap my head around not crossing stuff out or even deleting it from the post altogether if you don't want people to inquire about it. Pet peeve 2 - Group Combat: Those that know me know I like to write about combat scenes and tend to use realism in my posts. Real sword techniques, real strategies, real marksmanship with added Hollywood flair to make it go down more smoothly so it doesn't read like a USMC handbook. Writing about it as often as I have, I understand that anime and TV superpowers are going to come with the territory. However, it really does piss me off when people basically hijack your stuff or alter what they're doing based on what you are doing. If that's confusing, I'll provide some examples: Me: Lee turned to the General. "They're moving the cannons to the top of the hill. While they're distracted, we can move the Calvary around and flank them from the side." Them: Maddox clapped his hands. The other side has fallen for their evil plan! It was a clever feint all along! "Is the secret never-before mentioned infantry in place?" Them: Bruce spins around and brings his sword into an uberawesome overhand full of destructive power! Me: Grady attacks him the moment he presents his back to the enemy while keeping his shield up to intercept the obvious incoming blow. Them: Bruce saw this coming from a mile away so he dodges mid-spin (somehow) and disarms Grady. This bullshit happens so frequently, I try not to PVP roleplay with other players over PVE. EDIT: I also forgot to mention that it gives an insane advantage to whoever initiates a combat post first for the same reason. Pet peeve 3 - Character Sheets: I know I mentioned this on the old pet peeves thread, yet it bears repeating as I still see this happening quite a lot. I really detest when GMs make absurdly long and pointless character sheet requirements as a form of passive-aggressive gatekeeping. This is not a knock on character sheets or even rejecting character sheets because they're not up to snuff. This is when the GM wants to make a point about how elite they are by making their character sheets into 10 page long essays. "If I can fill it out easy, you all should be able to! It's not ridiculous to make a 10 paragraph backstory requirement! You're just not 'lite enough to roleplay with me." /ugh
  11. experiences

    I was born and raised in another country than the one I'm residing in now. I understand the frustrations of non-natives in trying to understand the English language. Therefore, I try not to give them too hard a time about it.
  12. experiences

    My unpopular opinion: I don't mind roleplaying with people who use poor grammar so long as I can understand what they're saying. In fact, I know of at least one person on here who has atrocious grammar, but the content of their post is so damned creative and unique that I honestly don't mind slogging through it.
  13. fandom

    I know those people as well. It's pretty bizarre.
  14. fandom

    That's for sure. He's a cowardly little shitstain, no doubt about it. EDIT: I didn't mean to sound as if I'm defending Joffrey in any way.
  15. fandom

    ^ Aided and abetted by Cersei, who spoiled him over all her other children.