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  1. Hiii, it's been a while since we've talked, yeah? How are you?

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    2. Ambela


      Aaah, I've never read about the truth behind it. No telling. D :


      Um, I have no idea...

      I don't pay much attention to the news.

    3. High Moon
    4. Ambela


      Haha, that's scary looking.

  2. hello

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    2. Leo Radomir

      Leo Radomir

      a little but it blows over pretty quick lol what about u

    3. High Moon

      High Moon

      Sleepy to be exact.


    4. Leo Radomir

      Leo Radomir

      lol i've got head to bed as well it's late

  3. It's..

    1. High Moon

      High Moon

      Don't you dare...

    2. Pandora's Box

      Pandora's Box


      The time of the week where you wish you could go back in time when and re-spend your past few days doing nothing!

      *remove the when**

  4. You've changed your signature rank!

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    2. CabalAnomicPotato


      That hair is legendary.

    3. High Moon

      High Moon

      Agreed, The hair is charismatic.

    4. spookie spook

      spookie spook

      hah, thanks! my hair is the one thing i'm truly proud of.

  5. Manliest Turk Ever.



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    2. Echo Dreamsong

      Echo Dreamsong

      I couldn't understand most of it but I still find it funny...

    3. The Outcast

      The Outcast

      I really dont wanna know why...

      YES I DO!

    4. AxelWelrod


      The first I've heard of High Moon since... UUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKK!

  6. I sense heresy and nope.
  7. Oh, look, it's High Moon!  How have you been? :D 

    1. High Moon

      High Moon

      Great, the exam week is over and I have had a great day. Plus it's snowing!

    2. Shammy the Shamrock

      Shammy the Shamrock

      Snow?  What is this snow?  I have never heard about it here in California T-T

    3. High Moon

      High Moon

      Merit of living just bettwen the Balkans and Caucaus it snows atleast once a year.

  8. Thanks for the follow ^D^ pretty sure we've literally never talked but that can change

    1. High Moon

      High Moon

      Yep, I'm part of the folk who dwell on the status updates :), and not exactly one the talkative side of it.

    2. The Mechanist

      The Mechanist

      High moon is cool ^33^ 

  9. so, about that PM...

  10. I have a quesrion Purity.


    How does the goverment allow something this OBVIOUS?!



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    2. High Moon

      High Moon

      I have No idea what's going on in that picture

    3. King of Strong Style

      King of Strong Style

      They're having a tea party obviously @High Moon Or conspiring to kill all the Black people in Africa... cause... They're White Dutch Men in africa that are nazis

    4. purity


      Pls stop

  11. *Gets out of a box* Imagination

    1. High Moon

      High Moon

      The box is everything you need in life!

  12. good night fellow dwellers.

    1. Tonstad39


      Good night, master *tucks you in*

    2. Echo Dreamsong

      Echo Dreamsong

      Nuuu! Do not do the leaving!

    3. MrNeko



  13. Waiting time playing Warcraft II in the 4 AM of the New Year...



    Great indeed...

  14. It's hiiiiiiighhhh nooooooooon