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  1. Lt. General Thurston The General kneeled and shut the poor soul's eyes, letting him rest for eternity. with a wave of his hand he dismissed the servant's apology ''I doubt hell is much worse than this.'' muttured the old General, slowly getting up. He could sense the dread in air, He wasn't looking forward to checking casuality statistics, and with each minute they wasted they risked more lives. ''We will never help this much people in time... Where is the Guards when there is a need! Shirking their duty!?'' Howard half-grumbled half-yelled. Infiruated with such cowardice and lacking sense of duty on The Guards part. without their help he'd have to stay here for much longer than he'd planned and who knows what would happen in that precious time. ''Lad, any news about the children? Harcourts... Has Lady Bramble survived?'' he asked hesistantly, he dreaded the answer for that, he couldn't have a child's blood on his hands, especially not their's. @SirGrey
  2. Howard snorted, all this courtly talk wasn't going to help clear up The situation. "Stop with all this servant act lad, You aren't talking with bloody royalty and I'm sure you ain't in The Army. It's a citizen's duty to help another in need, regardles of his rank or noble status." It is the code he followed and would continue to follow untill hell claims his soul. Helping the Noble lady sit, his eyes searched For more people to help. Landing on a Soldier, terribely wounded. "So chap tell me, What's your name? And How'd you land yourself in such a undesireable position." He asked, eyes still set on the dying soldier. "Serving in this Palace is out of fashion, has been For some time..." he grimmanced, reaching to his flintlock pistol. "Lord Malice must be paying you handsome amount of money if you are still here." He pulled it out and fired! ... Putting The soldier that layed there out of his missery. @SirGrey
  3. Lt. General Thurston He had stood there and watched countless of his fellow country men and women get masscared, clapping his Master. Should he be thankful because he'd been spared? Because he didn't feel thankful at all, this just added to burden he caried daily. All this mess, just to kill one man? Howard shook his head this was utter madness! He collapsed back on to his seat. Burying his head to his hands. Thinking, was this his doing? Had he brought this tragedy to fruitation... No of course not. This would have happened anyway, with hundereds if not thousands more dying For a futile cause. Needs of many outwighted the few. He still had to protect The Heirs, if they ran away, worse yet died during this Anarchic Evening Then all of his carefull planning could be undone, He couldn't go out looking out all by himself, too dangerous after such an event, He'd be recognized by Rebels in a second. He noticed a Servant helping out the civilians, he must be a brave one to stay here and help The less fortunate, and Howard valued bravery. Getting up he walked up to help out. "Oi young chap, need a helping hand?" He asked, helping a noble lady get up from The floor where she laid unable to get up because of a broken ankle. @SirGrey
  4. Full Name: Lieutenant General Howard Thomas Thurston Sr. Alias: ''Leftenant Traitor'' ''The Giant General'' Age: 52 Gender: Male Height: 6 feet and 2.02 inches. Body type: Slim and tall, although he retains some athletic abilities his old age and countless wounds he sufered during Three Decades worth of conflicts has made his body fargile. Hair Color: Auburn, gone partialy white with years. Hair Style: Eye Color: Dull Green Appearance(Realistic photos only): Side: Malice Role/Occupation: Military Officer, Tutor of History and Military Stratgy, Adviser to Malice Personality: Howard, a natural leader on the battlefield. He had been a favourite among the Regiments because of his Egalitarian attitude towards soldiers under his command. Prefering to take the field rather than hide behind like most did. He is some one who enjoys quality time, liking to spare some time to his personal hobbies and even share them with his friends. Contarary to popular belief, he is quite fond of the Royal Children, dotting on them in a grandfatherly manner eventhough he knows it will never be the same as it was before. Hobbies: He likes to spend his time re-creating historical battles with his Wargame sets and talking about military strategy and history with his collagues. During his annual leaves he choses to spend his time in his personal mansion in the outskirts of Capital, hunting ducks and tending to his garden, play Tennis and read books. On occasion he could be found attending to the newest theatrical show in town, being one of the cities Art and Literature Society's biggest benefectors. Fears: -Royal's taking back power. -Losing favor with Malice -Being remembered as a Traitor Family: Albert Fredrick Thurston (Father)- Deceased. Anna Ulrika Thurston (Mother)- Deceased. Fredrick Thurston (Son)- Deceased. Howard Thomas Thurston Jr (Son)-Deceased. History: Born to a Noble Family with long standing military tradition, Howard was enrolled to Royal Military Academy in an early age. He graduated with honours and attained the rank of Major, got posted to border regions and partipiciated in serveral skirmishes, being noticed by his Senior Officer's for exceptional bravery and ability to motivate men under his command, building up a reputation for himself as a Honest and Down-to earth person. Eventualy he rose through the ranks and caught The King's attention and was called to the Capital to meet him in person. It turned out two of them got along quite well so he was appointed as an Advisor in Royal Court to dismay of the Old Guard. He met with all the Royals during his stay. Even going so far as to develop a Friendly relationship with the Royal Children during his stay, offering to take them to Theatres and just enthuse them about modern liberal arts. Then the war started and he left the castle to join the Garrision in Frontlines, at first there was hope in him. He could win this war, attain another victory in King's name yet as the dead pilled in battlefields and they were pushed further and further he realised something. There was no winning this, he had already lost his son's to this masscare along with most of his men. This had to end as soon a possible and so he did his duty to protect the common people and surrendered himself and his armies to Malice, gave the Logistic information of The Kingdom to him and sealed it's fate. @Ms. Sparrow (I tried...)
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