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  1. Alex: How about 7/8 for me and 1/8 for you. Plus. We are kind of exiled from hell anyways until we get gud.
  2. Alex: because you went off and made yourself a butler Big Sis would kill you if you did. She doesn't really like having someone on the same level as her.
  3. You Wouldn't Dare.
  4. Goddamn it Stewie. *drops sock* What do you expect from a demon
  5. Dobby Alex was always free. Alex has no master. totally didn't take her sock
  6. Excuse you Dobby Alex is a free elf demon
  7. *shoves staff down throat* Bleeeaaaaaachhhhhh
  8. "What did my brother say? He is going to rule the demon and human world? Stewie said that he was going to share all of his toys with me T^T" Basically... Candefio Steasuma / / Muse of Hell / / Demon of Bleach / / Alexander von Buch / / Alex / / Twelve... times ten / / Male / / Demon / / Heterosexual (He thinks) / / 4'7 ft / / 92 lbs/ / / / Superpowers / / - Summoning: He can summon a massive floating head. (Honestly is no use other than being a good pillow and a makeshift Indiana-jones-esque boulder. - Soul Exchange: He is able to have a transaction of souls, like most stereotypical demons, when they make a deal with humans. He usually keeps them with him as 'friends' as he transforms the shape of their soul into butterflies until he uses them for extreme sorts of the following magic. - Materialization: He is able to produce countless gallons of bleach and other cleaning supplies out of thin air, the only downside is that he can't swim and that after twenty or so gallons of bleach he has to use up a human soul. - Flame Magic: If you see him use fire magic, run. He can't control it whatsoever and on occasions burns himself into a black crisp. He usually can't perform it correctly, but when he does he causes an inferno of flames everywhere in his arm's reach. (Which really isn't much) / / Weapons / / - Staff of Gibraltar: This staff allows him to perform his fire magic in the first place since he usually messes his spells up, it also increases his range to the tip of the staff. - Flute of Summoning: This flute allows him to call 'Mr. Floaty' (A lower ranking demon) to where he is standing anywhere in the world but... again Mr. Floaty is rather useless and if his flute is broken or lost he can't summon him in the first place. / / Strength / / + ... Cuteness? + Magical Reservoir (There be much magical power in this small shota boy) + Reflexes: He can usually dodge most things with the exception of guns and highway cars... and cheetahs... and.... You get the picture 70 mph and below is his O.K range. / / Weaknesses / / - Magical Incompetence (He no do spell right) - Physical Strength - Hunger (Without soul energy he transfers to using food.....GIVE ME A WATERMELON. - Unstable: Without his staff, he probably will be doing more harm to himself than to a hero. ...A Cinnamon Roll... / / Personality / / Alex seems more like a human child rather than someone who could be your grandfather, just like his appearance, he is a child. He is awfully stubborn, I mean, almost despicably so - usually it is just better to give in to him rather than trying to correct him. Although looking at his ambitious brother there is no reason to not think that this is natural. He is usually an awkwardly kind person, even if he knows that he shouldn't be as both a demon and a villain. Just think of a person who first beats you down and nearly poisons you to death before worrying that he had killed someone and nursing you back to health just to repeat the process the next time around at least without any other (somewhat professional) villain supervision. Despite his childish traits, he has some semblance of personality traits that someone could consider adultlike such as his overwhelming greed - almost on par of his brother - which he yields to after bargaining what toy they were going to play with. He also is rather cool-headed, although he can be seen irritated at times, he wouldn't be furious until someone talks back about his brother or hurts his precious little Mr. Floaty. / / Likes / / + Cotton Candy + Mr. Floaty + Stewie + Sleeping (napping) + Human Entertainment + Butterflies + Rice and Curry + Snakkkesss / / Dislikes / / - Liars - I.O.Us on Souls - Boring things - When Mr. Floaty gets hurt. - Darkness / / Background / / He was born just over one hundred years after Stewie was born and disowned and the Demon King had already lost face from his previous child so it was hopeful that his next possible heir was going to be better than.... 'nails on a chalkboard.' In a way, he did get his wish although it could have been better as he had now delivered the news of a Demon of Bleach - another 'failure' and he was taught that since birth. Thus, he had decided to gather as many human souls as possible that he could make a deal with to prove himself to his father. However, on his soul dealing journey he had came about the previous son of the Demon King - Stewie - and joined him on his conquest of the world... for a 50% share. Then, he saw that he off and went made himself a butler. "GODFUKING DAMN IT STEWIE." Thus. He had remained by his brother's side until he can regain his senses and stop being a minion to a human. / / Villainous Motive / / Proving himself to the Demon King. // Why you suck // He is gluttonous as he usually is too busy eating to actually do much evil. He is a demon of a liquid and CAN'T SWIM. He harms himself and others with his powers. Most people don't like making a deal with a demon who can't do much other than cast fire and give them cleaning supplies. / / Theme Song / / ...That wants your soul.
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  12. Suimen had found himself in a... storage room. "Well, this is a great room renovation." Not even hiding his sarcasm as he talked to himself in the room, his first instinct not to figure out where he is (other than a storage room) but what he wanted before he left. "They really have everything don't they?" The bad tendency to speak out loud his thoughts showing again as he reached out to grab a cardboard box labeled etc. least he would have if he didn't get startled by a furious voice from the outside, "I think it might be a good idea to listen to the voice calling somebody, don't you think me?" "Yes, Quite. That would be a good idea" He answered his own question with a small nod as he creaked open the second storage room see a seven-foot girl pissed off... "Nope." He commented to her question and his situation as he shut himself back in the door with a somewhat loud slam, whether she meant to be intimidating or not. SHE WAS INTIMIDATING and he wanted no part of it at the moment. @Nenma Takashi
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  14. The Demon of Bleach "Ow." Alexander was the sole word of pain that came out of the Demon after the Human slingshot, correction, DEMON slingshot of a brother flew him back over to Miss Noir. His cotton candy flying away in the process, leaving him the sticks. Thus. The Demon of Bleach was both incredibly depressed by this loss of life, in other words, his lack of food. Of course, the logical thing for him to do was mourning his sugary treat for most of the meeting, not pay much mind to anything else until the Mission was handed to Miss Noir and Stewart. ... Then the mourning came to an abrupt stop when a familiar voice called for him (although it was more like a shout to end someone's eardrums), "C-coming!" The sniveling demon running over to his brother's mistress, looking at the familiar portal...'at least coming out will be better than...a demonic slingshot...' the only difference he saw in the 'group-making' was the Dullahan and... a 14th-century hazmat suit...? @Lilah Tunth @FemTheHufflepuffRiceball