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  1. i wish i could art bc i need a very specific set of pixel work and i am artistically challenged.

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    2. phosphenes


      omg bless you?????

      i'm gonna use them as icons in a bbcode sheet after the update, so i'd say like??? 50x50?? is that small??? i am so bad at sizes aahhh. whatever size works best tbh?

    3. Wisp


      if it helps, 50x50 would be this size!


      were you thinking roses with stems, or just the flower itself?

    4. phosphenes


      that's a good size omg thank you.

      with the stem preferably!

  2. your pp is caci's fc i'm livin

    1. Chrysalism


      Yesyes I'm being supportive 

  3. i'd like to politely die thanks

  4. went to bed pissed, woke up okay, now i'm pissed again. NiceTM

  5. your avatar reminds me of this.



  6. AubreyPlazaNo.gif


    1. PenguinFox


      I never knew tea could be threatening until I saw this.

  7. you're iconic and i love you so much

  8. 1MMSBI.gif

    me rn

    1. AThiefOfSpades


      If that's what you actually look like, your hair is really cool and your lips are a nice shape and color. Also, I'm not hitting on you; I'm asexual; so you don't need to do the whole "I have a boyfriend" thing. I'm not trying to creep you out. Your face is just very aesthetically pleasing. Bye!

    2. phosphenes


      oh no this is a makeup artist i'm in love with, just my mood


      but don't worry, i don't have a boyfriend ;)

  9. there goes all that motivation i had. it's just zooming out the window.

  10. it's so nice finding out where you stand with people, like really, it's great. like why ever pretend to care when you clearly never did?

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    2. phosphenes


      i'm sorry but finding out someone who claimed to be my friend doesn't really care about my feelings goes beyond what you're saying. i don't care about people's opinions of me, because that doesn't define me. i am who i am and i'm happy being who i am but that doesn't change how i feel now.

      @Aster aster pls you are so good and pure i love you sm

    3. TheMadHatter44


      Wel. you can't help the way you feel but just remember tomorrow is another day and fuck people.

    4. Aster
  11. i gotta remake the family tree wtf

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    2. Chrysalism
    3. phosphenes


      uh where's my makeup then :\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    4. Quillicious


      well when your GG has a GG...

      things get complicated.

  12. cancers may be cry babies but don't think we won't stab you while we're crying

    1. mísogi
    2. phosphenes


      stabbin' people through my tears is the way i live my life

    3. mísogi


      your tears are lowkey sharp af