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  1. okay but imagine rovan



    no that's it just imagine them

  2. me: *is feeling a+*

    the universe: oh no, no, that won't do.

  3. this why they're first in line for the throne tbh
  4. like harry potter? looking for something modern, set in hogwarts? look no further!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. orphic


      fight me

    3. PenguinFox


      How detailed?

    4. mortem


      detailed, but not overly so.

  5. you can also put the style tags at the bottom of your code to prevent the little blank at the top~
  6. want some pizza? i have cats. i have dogs.
  7. i jUST WANTED TO TELL HER YOU BLESSED US bc we were just complaining about lack of rps
  8. h*ck yES @Lutalica our kid is blessing us sogjihd
  9. probably posting the hp around sunday ~
  10. *stalks your statuses bc i missed so many*

  11. i'm going blonde again tbh oops.

    1. PenguinFox


      Oops? Is it accidental? Did you trip and fall hair first into hair dye, and then remain there for however long it takes to dye hair?

    2. orphic


      no, i just always said i'd never go blonde and now i'm doing it again

    3. PenguinFox


      Oh. Well if it makes you happy go for it ^^

  12. on today's episode of "coley's life" we'll see our young protagonist crying because she's sleep deprived and her dogs barking at her anyway, despite keeping her up all night!

    1. Fleur


      my liiifeeee

  13. i'm cold and sleepy but don't wanna sleep

    1. Fleur




      love the profile pic

  14. uh oh i'm leaking your selfie!!! <3


    1. Lutalica



      oh nooo yours got leaked too !!!! guess we're both fab af in this shady galaxy

    2. Pandora's Box
    3. Chrysalism
  15. another round of review for cs will happen friday or saturday <33 hoping to get the rp up and going around sunday!!