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    "You See Ivan"

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    2. Danchou Tsubomi

      Danchou Tsubomi

      because of fear of deforestation

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      King of Strong Style

      This is a new meme and I love it

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      Danchou Tsubomi

      it reminds me of the "such as life in moscow" meme that used to be popular

      sort of

  9. IC

    Chapter Zero: Prologue, the Fall of Parsia. The Year is 456 of The Warring Era. For over 400 years, the Continent of Klerea has been at war. The Kingdom of Etrus started it when it invaded Orbos, the Kingdom to it's south. Now, as Orbos is conquered, Etrus sets it sights to the Southwest, towards the Empire of Parsia. There, the Etrusians intend to end the Era that they started, by destroying the largest nation of 'heathens.' In the Mountain Valley of Nezal, the mighty Army of Parsia met with that of Etrus, and the valley became a lake of blood... King Androgo left from the Royal capital of Gades with an Army of three hundred thousand men. One third of that army was Calvary, the other two thirds were foot soldiers. Parsia was known for having the best Calvary on the Continent, and Androgo was known for never loosing a battle in his rule as king. He was a fierce warrior, and a ruthless general. He had no use for tactics or diplomacy, he would win things his way, and that meant with brute force. Meanwhile the Grand Chief of the Etrusians was sitting out of this battle, he had been in every single one, but for some reason he decided to let someone else lead his men. The Etrusians had brought only a mere 150,000 men to the battlefield, as many of their men were either wounded, or stayed back in Orbos to pillage the place. The armies were on opposite sides of the battlefield, you would typically be able to see them, but for some reason it was extremely foggy in the Valley. Androgo had was beginning to get frustrated and let out a heavy sigh, "Men!" He pulled out his sword, and looked back at the army behind him, "We end this war and defeat the Etrusians and their God today! CHARGE!" He pointed his sword in the direction of the heavy fog, and the Calvary immediately rode forward into it, then the foot soldiers slightly after. "My Lord, are you sure that is wise...?" Alexander, one of the five major Bans of Parsia said. He was a well renowned tactician and swordsman, someone that the King did not personally like. "If you question me again, I will strip you of your title and have you serve with the foot soldiers." King Androgo looked back at the man, giving him a cold glare and spoke in a serious tone. Androgo believed he had won the war already, that he would finally end the Warring Era and enter in an Era of Parsia. Sadly, he was mistaken, in fact, Parsia would crumble. Aggggggh. Cavalryman after Cavalryman fell to their death in the fog due to a trap. The Etrusians had made a pit 100 feet deep, causing anyone to fall in it to die on impact. As soon as the screams were heard, large Towers began to Flank the main force of Androgo's army, which were in the Fog. The Towers were meant for besieging Cities, not open combat, but they were effective here. Arrows rained down from the top, killing any cavalrymen that did not fall into the pit. The Foot soldiers ranks began to break, many running off and being killed from behind. Those that did fight died bravely, and protected their kingdom. "It's a trap!" is all the could be heard, along with the screams from the fog. In mere minutes, nearly 300,000 men were either dead, or on the brink of death. Androgo just scoffed and looked in at the fog. "Sir, we must call a retreat. Now!" Alexander said, worried that they might not be able to make it back to the Capital and protect Parsia if Androgo was slain today, "My Lord, you must sound a retreat. We must protect the Gades!" Androgo's brow furrowed with Rage. "Sound the retreat..." Androgo said through clenched teeth before yelling, "Sound the damn retreat!" Sadly, those that were to sound it, were slain by traitors, men who believed in Etrus's cause and decided to help the Etrusians in this trap that they had planned. These same traitors then went into the fog and began to yell, "The King has abandoned us! He has ran off! We are doomed!" This would further cause the Parsian ranks to break and allow them to be defeated even easier. Not many Parsians survived the battle, most of the Army was killed, the rest were taken as prisoners. Even King Androgo and Ban Alexander were taken as prisoners as they were ambushed on their escape route. Luckily, for Parsia, the Crown Prince, whose first battle was this one, one surrounded in defeat and death, had managed to escape the Battle with his trusted guard, Ban Darryn. The Two managed to escape the valley and found themselves on the Intercontinental Highway. Here, the story begins of the young Crown Prince, regaining his precious Parsia from the Etrusian Invanders with the help of very unlikely allies... @Keidivh @Danchou Tsubomi @Pandora's Box (The Intro is up. How your character meets up with Arslan and Darryn, is up to you.)
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    2. King of Strong Style

      King of Strong Style

      Canada-chan! How dare you!




      Maple Syrup is okay 

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      Danchou Tsubomi

      I'm sorry...Canada-chan isn't as she seems...


      i don't really like how sweet it is lolol

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      Lol. Yeah, that is fair.


  11. Finished with all my school work. So, I may start working on an Intro for my new RP or catch up on anime

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      King of Strong Style

      The correct decision...


      So... Anime!


      Eh, I am almost finished with catching up with anime, so expect a post in like an hour or two 

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      Pandora's Box



      (+1 to my list 'cause she also looks pretty)

    4. Danchou Tsubomi

      Danchou Tsubomi

      I would've finished the essay but my hands hurt a lot yesterday and I couldn't write without making it worse, lol.


      And coolio.

  12. Pretty sure i am sick

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      *poofs into smoke*

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      hAH WEll I get sick from lookin' at you

      joking, joking


      feel better soon, buttface

  13. You had 999 Rep :O  Now it is 1,000 :3 

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      I dunno PB.



    3. Pandora's Box

      Pandora's Box

      Can we at least talk about the start?

      I have questions! And a hunger of answers!

    4. King of Strong Style

      King of Strong Style

      Sure, PM in the PM you sent earlier and I shall attempt to answer!

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    Not if the moral compass of the group keeps us on track ahahahahah we are screwed