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  1. futuristic

    I think it's alright the way it is. I was just commenting on some players who think the GM is out to get them.
  2. futuristic

    Sounds cool to me! There isn't enough GM trust I think. I mean if the GM really wants something to go one way the dice won't stop them.
  3. This is kind of a personal preference and pet peeve of mine but 10,000 years is a long time. Like a REALLY long time. Just for reference 10,000 years ago humans were still about 4,000 years away from developing any sort of civilization. Imagine living through the rise and fall of every civilization in history. Imagine how many people you would have known only to see die. If you're under the age of 27 you've been alive less days than she has years. I don't see a lot in her character to make her feel this utterly old. Her personality sounds more like that of a teenage girl than a creature older than civilization itself. So just some food for thought there. It just seems to be that you would make her a lot more interesting if you incorporated her age into her personality.
  4. I honestly think doing a few editing passes would do some good. It seemed like there were quite a few grammatical errors. I know that could turn a lot of people off, particularly since the interest check is where you're supposed to put on your best face and if you can't include proper grammar there what's the actual rp going to be like? I think the biggest turn off for me was that I wasn't really sure what characters you wanted us to play. Are the characters going to be playing middle schoolers? I assumed so but you don't really say up front. I don't think you ever define kaiego. Fynari are the hive-mind villain they will be fighting right? You should make all this more clear from the get go.
  5. I don't do a whole lot of 1X1 stuff but usually I find they aren't limited to just two characters. Usually just two main characters but I know most people like to throw in a cast of less important characters as well.
  6. There are some of us who do enjoy purple prose sometimes. Most Lovecraft fans have to have a stomach for it.
  7. fantasy

    I could be up for something like this. I kind of want to play a noblewoman or a female dragon sometime. I will say ahead of time though I like badass females but I tend not to like Tsunderes too much so I would probably try and avoid a lot of those tropes.
  8. "that should be plenty of time for me. I know several shortcuts. And what do you mean train against? I told you I'm a healer not a fighter." Despite her protests she stood at attention ready for the headmaster to tell her where to go. @RacingBloodWolf
  9. First I should say you shouldn't worry about taking heavy inspiration from other sources. It's rarely as obvious as you think it is, and even if it is it's perfectly fine as long as as it's not a direct rip off. Magic eyes are perfectly fine as long as you don't give them the exact power sets of the Sharingan or the Byakugan. You can even take aspects from those to incorporate in as long as you just add something that makes them different too. Now a couple of things to think about when you're designing your magic system. All just my opinions and preferences but I think these things can help make magic feel more interesting and unique:
  10. "Yes, Lord Adair would have a fit if he found me missing." she smirks a bit at the thought. "I guess I'll go to a class but if it's not interesting I'm going to leave." @RacingBloodWolf
  11. Rowan scowled at the thought of having to enroll. "I don't know. Are you going to make me sign a contract? Why can I just come and go as I please? If not why is that any different than working for the Adair's?" @RacingBloodWolf
  12. "so we're keeping power out of the hands of people who might abuse it? I can support that. Just don't expect me to do any killing for you. Who is this Nashini anyway?" Rowan had about a thousand questions and she was practically hopping up and down with excitement. @RacingBloodWolf
  13. Rowan didn't want to start off arguing but her mouth moved faster than her common sense and she blurted "well I don't think one's blood is any indicator of ones superiority. All the power in the world is useless, no harmful, without a superior mind to go with it." She then quickly added "but I think your cause can accomplish some good, I do wish to join." @RacingBloodWolf
  14. Rowan clutched her book so tight that the blood left her hands. It took a lot of willpower not to flinch but she didn't want to show weakness particularly to someone who felt this predatory. "But, Mr. Dalhof, I still don't know why."
  15. I apologize I probably won't post much more tonight. We had a fire on one of our friers at my work and I have to clean up.