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  1. opinion

    See, here's the thing. For the last decade or so, the vast majority of the people who play shooters have been heterosexual males with the attention span of a goldfish. These guys are happy to suspend their disbelief enough to get a little T&A show, and will be drawn more to a game that does this - sex sells; this is nothing new. The industry is merely a reflection of that fact. If throwing realism to the wind boosts my company's annual profits by 30%, as a business manager, it only makes sense to do so. Of course, the beauty of Overwatch, and games like it, is that it appeals to both targets; the guys who want scantily clad latex snipers, and the people who want a buff woman with a big-ass particle cannon - not because Blizzard is a stickler to realism (so much of Overwatch is blatantly unrealistic) but because they're recognizing how quickly the market of female and feminist gamers is growing, and they're looking to make a buck without losing their existing market. We'll probably see a few other shooters following in their footsteps after their incredible success, but at the end of the day, it's a business - plain and simple.
  2. food

    An onion and capsicum omelette with a strip of melted cheese and some OJ. I love me some bacon but I don't want to die at 30 so I keep that shit for special occasions.
  3. opinion

    Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?
  4. opinion

    Just gonna drop this here for relevance.
  5. other

    No need to hate yourself for what turns you on; you're into what you're into. I for one have a huge domination fetish. I've been called a psychopath, a criminal, and a son of the devil because of it, but I've never done anything I didn't warn my partner about or that they didn't want. So find yourself an adult rp site, find a partner who likes what you like, and so long as it makes you both happy and doesn't hurt anyone else, haters gonna hate.
  6. OOC

    I am a hyper-demi-auto-pan-omni-sexual and I identify as a strong, independent flaming ball of protoplasm who don't need no Apache Helicopter. Also, yeah, I shag broads and blokes. On a good day, at the same time.
  7. As the color spray resolves, a shower of kaleidoscopic, blinding light burst forth from the wizard's palm. He does not indulge in the moral debate that follows, considering he had no love for the concept in general but no specific spite for it, either. The beasts were running, and their brains were, as Moryn already knew, intelligent enough to remember a past threat and not engage them again. Fortunately, their brains were also not advanced enough to understand Moryn only prepared that spell once. Opening doors was about the smartest thing they were likely capable of. Moryn followed the team silently, consulting his own thoughts as CASPR continued to orbit its master's head. That is, until Kiera's shriek found him instinctively reaching for his gun, startled bg surprise, drawing his gun, before raising his other hand to the rest of the party, as if to warn them not to be too hasty. "Wait! Don't shoot at the ceiling - the architecture here seems weak already, we could risk finishing what the collapse started. Keep your guns trained on it but do not shoot until you have a clear shot, and don't do anything loud or threatening. For all we know it could just be defending its hunting ground, so we should only fill its brain with bullets if it thinks we might be tasty." he said, waiting for someone else to also train their gun on the spider before slowly moving towards the skeleton and the sculpture to examine them. [Moryn is readying an action to fire a bullet at the spider if it swoops down (because swooping is bad). Readied actions occur immediately upon the target action ocurring so the attack would take place regardless of initiative, assuming he isn't interrupted.]
  8. @Protagonist [Did the Color Spray resolve, then? Did they all pass the save? Why aren't any of them stunned?]
  9. If we're talking medieval, most common is farmers or fishermen (depending on the prevalence of coast vs farmland) by a massive margin. The Industrial Revolution is most notable for the fact that it made it so the majority of people were no longer making food, and flocked to cities to work in factories instead. Before then, farming and irrigation just wasn't efficient enough for more than 50% of people to not farm. That being said, magical technology (like conjuring water for irrigaton) could dramatically alter the economy of such a world. What unskilled, uneducated people do then, without factories to flock to, is anyone's guess.
  10. "Heretic dinosaurs?" Moryn said in confused annoyance, fishing out his gun from its holster. "Since when did any dinosaurs have religion in the first place? And how can you even tell? It's not like they've got unholy symbols around their necks." As CASPR bleeps and bloops excitedly, gaining lift, a crackle of power coalesces around Moryn's still-empty hand, followed by a deep, buzzing hum and a mixture of gaseous colors held in a closed palm. He brings his hand in the direction of the compies, waiting for the right moment to strike... [Moryn draws his gun, and readies an action to cast Color Spray (Will, DC16) after compy E acts, since it has a range of 15ft. cone and he wants to catch all 5 in the blast] [CASPR flies 10 feet straight up above Moryn]
  11. IC

    "The point of a plan..." Dez responded, clearly not as riled up about this as Theron was - and taking a silent mental note about the man's poor reaction to instigation. He remained standing, speaking calmly but firmly. "is to organize action. There is nothing organized about simply throwing a squad who barely knows each other to loosely gather intel from a ballroom. A plan needs to have a course of action, and it is implied that if during any point in that course we find that she isn't who we're looking for, we abort. If you snoop around and find evidence to confirm that she isn't an agent, we abort the plan. If Zath affirms that she is an opponent of Fen'Hardel, we abort the plan. The plan only continues if there is proof, obviously. If there was no need to be subtle and exacting, you would have just hired a crow to do a crow's job. So if you want to be a leader, don't wave your manhood around about authority and then give an incomplete plan with just one step. Every plan needs to be adaptable to the course of events, but that doesn't mean you don't create a plan to begin with. So long as you don't answer the question of 'then what' to everything you say, we don't have a plan. So answer the question. You want us to get paid for playing dollhouse. For a minute, for an hour, for a day. Great. Then what?"
  12. OOC

    Nah. Katriel is "furball", not "kid". I'd also like to take this moment to apologize on behalf of Dez for anyone he has not yet offered an offending nickname. Do not worry. He will get to you soon.
  13. OOC

    Maybe she isn't a terrorist. That's alright. We've got enough of a lead that we won't feel bad about ruining her career for potentially no reason, right? That clearly doesn't make us the bad guys. Clearly.
  14. OOC

    @King of Strong Style I mean he was (purposefully) not the nicest about saying it, but it's not a bad plan - just a little ruthless, but we're mercs fighting terrorists. Ruthless is good.
  15. OOC

    @King of Strong Style I should be the one saying that haha. It's just an in-character thing, though, I promise. Tevinter cunning and take-charge culture just rubbed off on him a little.