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  1. I don't know TES lore and no understand but Dwemmer sounds fun
  2. Sorry, yes. Just under a week ago I lost internet and won't get it back for about a month. Sorry to anyone who was really excited about this but I will see what sort of RP I have the state of mind for when I get back
  3. The Ki-Zair They followed procedure, docking where they were directed. Grand Ki-Zair Graey stepped onto the imperial vessel flanked by two more Ki-Zair, they wore long flowing robes unlike Graey who's beautiful clothes looked like they would not get in the way in a fray. The rest of the accompanying force remained behind incase they were needed. She smiled and pressed a button on the side of her neck before speaking, it translated what she said as she spoke. "Ahh, the galactic empire, we have heard a little of you, how goes your war with he rebels? Oh is that outdated? Is that old news? Have you already defeated them and I am bringing up a troubled past? Regardless, I am Grand Ki-Zair Graey, my role here would be best described as an admiral to the way I have heard you structure your government. I have been given control of this fleet to explore and chart your region of space, an exchange of information is in fact what I want more then anything. @Fishman Lord
  4. Ki-Zair They Responded. "We are the Charting Fleet of the Ki-Zair, our intentions are merely to explore this region of space and chart it out for our own peoples benefit. To this aim, any maps and charts you hold will be exceedingly useful to our cause." They then requested an in person meeting and if they could base their fleet anywhere to asses for damages and attempt repairs. This new information was then broadcasted back to the Ki-Zair Discussia Temple, its best communication centre. They then set out a shuttle with some Ki-Zair and the Grand Ki-Zair to dock should a meeting be accepted. @Fishman Lord
  5. The Khmer Empire Through the front door of the palace returned the Heir Apparent in Triumphant victory. It had been attained. The Treaty. Asia's Greatest Moment. He had finally finished the months of talks and they had come to an agreement. Together they would unite to combat any threat to Asian interests. Within Minutes the Emperor was recalled from his training to broadcast the news to his people. "Khmer have long been in talks with the other, great, powers of Asia. The result? A Treaty, a treaty saying any threat to Asia would be met by the full force of this alliance. It is now, with this new backing, that I implore the Democracies to return to their own nations. Leave our land alone. We do not wish to for a war but if they expand any further into our Influence then we will be left with little choice. They already brought the world to war once. pray them not to do so again!" He continued his rousing speech both threatening them and pleading with them to remain out of Asia and eventually retreat from their land. @THE WORLD Global The soldiers landed in Australia and began securing the border from further expansion. Meanwhile in Africa 22,000 Square Miles were added to the north of Lake Victoria. To the south of Deserets Kiwi Claim, the south Island in fact, Khmer colonists swiftly colonised the island before requesting talks with the Jiyu over the future of the land. @Americans and Kent The Middle East The Diplomats smiled, the older one leaned coolly against the car as he lit up a cigarette before gesturing toward the Russia as though to offer one, while the younger, clearly less experienced one, returned the pleasantries. "Indeed, er, well, we heard to forced the Romans into a quick defeat, resulting in your grand expanse here. Seeing as how they soon lost their throne not long after we can assume they were not the most powerful leaders but considering their relative strength and that of their allied" He spat the word "Democracies" before continuing as he had before "Its quite clear that you are a mighty nation, of power and Honour. As such it is in our interest to secure friendly relations along our border. As a point we note how we currently cannot access this land without passing through another sovereign territory, since the shortest route, via land, would be through you we hope this to be something we can swiftly solve. Despite how wonderfully accommodating the Germans have been we cannot expect such friendliness to be eternal and so would like more then one way to freely move our people, in case relations with one or the other should sour and our people find themselves cut off and, in the event of war, unable to retreat. Another point on our hopes is that we can help develop this famously underdeveloped region with your help and allow swift travel from Moscow to the Congo, from Berlin to Krung Thep, Bangkok as you may have known it in this language. We also ho-" The other diplomat quickly said something in Thai, cutting the younger one off "Sorry, we can discuss all this in time. For now let us enjoy the vast... nothing and a small drink from my home province!" @Kazami42 (Sorry its kinda short and shizzy but I have things to do and internet to be lost soon)
  6. *Fires a Nerf gun and then runs off*
  7. The Khmer Empire The nation was apalled by what it saw in New Zealand. Deseret encroaching on the Asian Sphere of Influence. While Khmer had hoped relations with the American Democracies would grow after the cessation of violence between them it seemed to be declining at a rapid speed. Khmer would most certainly not take it lying down. As the Navy was sent to threaten this encroachment to Asian SOI they heard that the other American nation had moved in on Australia. It was clear. This was a subtle act of defiance and Khmer would respond as well it should. The Majority of the Khmeri Navy set out to dissuade further expansion to the region and prepare a counter manoeuvre. Another broadcast was made "If you continue to encroach on the Asian Sphere of Influence we will take action along with our Asian allies. This is a Warning to the Democracies of America, do not start another war so soon after we ended your last mess!" @Lordvader59 @Fishman Lord Khmer The regions and local agencies that took action against the Empire found their leadership purged. Local Broadcasts showed the execution of rebel leaders and powerful sympathisers. However, as proof that the empire was not a cruel Dictatorship, soldiers and participants where merely joined in were tried in court and the vast majority were just considered innocent and given a full pardon. The Emperor saw that he needed to show his real dedication to the people and begun a new plan. One of his Brothers Vice Marshals were given the messy job of training the Emperor to not only lead military forces but also fight like them. The Emperor intended to show his Families love of the people and their rights in person should another war occur. Obviously a great many officials would spend a great amount of time dissuading him from this and, once it was complete they would spend even more time making sure he avoided danger but his brother would respect him by giving him no less then he could handle, of that he felt certain. Middle East The Diplomats got out and after hearing the English they responded using the same language. "We are glad to hear to speak the Diplomatic! We come to discuss a future between our nations. We know that you occupy the region of Saudi and much of the rest of the Middle east and we hope to engender good relations. We share a border now, since we have liberated the Regions of the Holy land and some of the rest of the Middle-east and hope that we can help the region to prosper, together. To give its occupants the best quality of life and show the world that even this once chaotic region can be soothed and made mighty under the correct leadership. We hail from the nation of Khmer and wish the best future relations with you and your leader." @Kazami42
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  10. The Khmer Empire The cities of Burma and Cambodia soon saw strong Uprising in support of the Emperor. With the majority of them believing that they had managed a successful coup, a lied told to keep them in line, they rose up shouting for them to "STOP THE COUP". It was not long before riots broke out in these cities and the rebels needed to dedicate troops to quell them. As this happened the Marshal had just received a new batch of reinforcements from Africa and immediately pushed a counter attack. During this aggressive manoeuvre the Burmese nationalist leader was captured. The Marshal continued his advance as Duke Thakrii was taken to the Square of Khmeri and before the statues of the past Emperors was executed by firing squad on national television. This sole act brought the Burmese Nationalists to collapse and while many fractured groups attempted to continue the revolution they found themselves cut off and without friends. Due to the luck in the capturing of the Emperors Cousin who incited the coup the Marshal was able to bring a swift end to this Bloody Civil war. The Democratic rebels still attempted to fight but without the Nationalists also occupying the Empires time and resources they would soon be without strength. The Media soon spun the whole ordeal in such a way as to make the Emperor seem like a great heroic warrior and savour of the people and a national holiday was stated for the week following the end of major hostilities. With yet another victory of Monarchy over the people the Emperor made a statement to the world. "The Monarchies of Europe were weak. Khmer is not so weak and nor are her Allies in the Royal Union of Sovereign States. While Khmer and her allies are sad to hear of the loss of the European thrones we still support their claimants. Do not take this statement as one opposing the new governments of Europe. For like our Allies, the Hitlers of Germany, we hope this is a show of a new system to allow the rule of those of deserving of such power over those needing such guidance. We hope that our German allies will not think twice before asking out aid in their efforts to help shape and grow these unstable new powers. We do, however, wish it to be a message to the Democracies of America. We wish for them to see that while the people deserve respect power must not be given freely. For when that happens you get the wars we have just survived, you get the sort of Civil Strife that is consuming Brazil. When you give power freely to those who have not proven worthy of it you get nothing more then Anarchy. We Implore you. Usurp your system of governance. Find a leader who can prove their worth and follow them into this new age." He then set his focus on the elusive, unconquered land. Where only one nation held sway and flattened all that threatened its sole influence on the region. The Khmer Empires sights were now firmly set on South America. @Agent141 @Fishman Lord @Lordvader59 @ArisenMoon @MsPolite @Domini Regum Africa The land was needed for the Project. Armies marched from Kenya to the horn of Africa uniting the Khmer Coast and then marching from the Horn to Djibouti. large new roads were built from the Horn to Kenya and to the far end of Eritrea. Word was then sent to Germany requesting they join them in creating infrastructure for the continent and asking that Germany build an 'Autobahn' from their border to the Mediterranean for the betterment of both their peoples.
  11. The Ki-Zair will war upon you.
  12. We have begun shouting this ou- Sorting this out. The map will be fixed when the damned foo- honourable gentleman who did it wrong can be found
  13. Khmer Global Peace had been created but a new issue was apparent. The World had changed in view of recent events. Many Monarchies had lost their seat of power and this treaty Apinya had helped form was already failing. The needed to continue with the Emperors vision. Diplomats were sent by car from the 'Holy Land' into the middle east to meet with their new neighbours. Diplomats were also sent to Denmark to find out the truth of what they had been hearing, primarily, the situation of the prior monarchy. Some of the Diplomats that had remained behind in Germany hope to set up permanent relations, including an embassy, with the nation. Operation 'Thwīp' was enacted as the Grand Marshal began a grid by grid canvassing of the African continent to see who occupied what regions of the landmass, sending diplomats to meet with any and all nations or colonists on the continent. @Albion @Agent141 @Kazami42 @Loyal Guardian @ArisenMoon @Domini Regum Khmer In the wake of the recent revolutionary trend discontent began to grow in Khmer with two factions holding prominence. The Burmese Nationalists, who seemed to be rapidly forming coalitions with Thai and Cambodian groups with similar ideals, and a broad group of revolutionaries calling themselves the 'Freedom to Choose' were attempting to gain followers to instate a democratic nation. With the Majority of the Khmer army still pulling out of Morocco and reinforcing both The 'Grand Project' and the Holy Lands, the small army left behind found themselves on the retreat. Quickly loosing control of vast regions of Burma and Southern Thailand as well as finding great difficulty in maintaining order in the Cambodian regions. While much of Thailand was still exceedingly stable and orderly, fears were growing that they would become cut off from reinforcements if the Laos region were to fall. Having learned of this the Grand Marshal swiftly apointed someone to command the secret project in his place and returned to Khmer. The Return of 'The peoples Hero' did have immediate effects at weakening some support, particularly for the Nationalist Coalition, it did not remove the threat they posed. While Apinya made efforts to secure the Central Thai coastline and its access to the Central Regions, hardened soldiers began to return to reinforce the region, however one division attempted to hold a coup against the Marshal and many were lost on both sides before the division disappeared, likely joining the Nationalists. Rumours broke out that the Emperors cousin was leading the Thai Nationalists and had effectively created the Burmese group too, in an attempt to seize power. While the ensuing war could be costly for the Khmeri family, Apinya expected it would be a victory for the Emperor.
  14. I do not recognise that map
  15. Khmer The Emperor and his family were welcomed to Khmer with a Traditional Khon in the Grand Theatre and were given temporary residence in the Grand Marshal's Autumn Palace. They were given as much of the 'comforts of home' as the Empire could provide and delegates were sent to the Roman Empire to begin talks with the terrorist agents who have occupied the Roman Emperors holdings. While the Empire made it very clear they did not acknowledge the currently controllers of Rome as their own nation and still saw the Roman Emperor as the ruler of the nation, they still wished to uphold recent treaties and hoped to avoid yet another war. These delegates made it clear, however, that military action would be taken if this new roman state took any action directly opposing the Khmer Empire or was an attempt to circumvent the recent treaty. @Albion Berlin The Grand Marshal drank his Champagne and went to shake the hands of his allies before heading off the lead the 'Secret Project' Lake Victoria The Grand Marshal began working on the 'Third Order' and palaces began being built across the coast of Lake Victoria. Each one was unique and original. The troops sent from the Dominion began working on yet another palace and, while they were given the resources, they were given complete creative control of the building. The Palace of Khmeri The Emperor had just received his census report of the religious beliefs of his people. They read as follows: Zoroastrian 26% Dracos 21% Buddhist 16% Christian 11% (Catholic 70% Protestant 11% Church of England 4% Other 15%) Islam 7% Taoist 4% Jewish 3% Hindu 3% Other 9% The Emperor smiled. He then ordered Six different Religious buildings to be created. One, a Temple to Mazda for the Zoroastrians, was created to sit as the 'top' of the five pointed star. The other four 'points' of the star were the Temple to Dracos, the Buddhist temple, a Christian Church and an Islamic Mosque. To the middle of this great creation would sit the 'Temple of Freedom' which would be designed to be usable by all faiths. This great centre of religious freedom was to be built just outside the Central Regions, opposite the 'Emperors Gate' as a symbol of religious freedom and as a statement of the Khmeri Family and their love of the people. Alongside this he also wrote a document delegating Mormon missionaries as criminals and would need to be sent to the Imperial Commandery to be tried. This was accompanied with in-depth description as to why this was to be the case and the 'crime' the Church of Latter Day Saints Committed. (There was among this a clause stating that, while all Mormons would need to be taken there, only Missionaries of Deseret would be convicted of a crime.)