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  1. The truth that they are just not yet privy too.
  2. We are literally gods... Do I win whatever this is
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  4. Prophetes (Sorry, didn't see we had started.) The Prophitae rushed to the Tower of Bridge as the magic storm broke around them. The Fort, guarding the great valley, was nearly abandoned as the soldiers reduced to their minimum watch and the rest fled to the city to hide in the depths of the tower, below its heights where the Prophetes were attempting to learn all they could in the Maelstrom. They learned that their decent from ever-life was indeed to prevent a great threat and that they need make every effort to oppose it. They met together and it was soon decided against the flashes of light and the heavy mist in the air that they would attempt to inform the nations of the south of the situation and marshal their support. The magical essence of the tower being akin to a conductive rod, focusing the power throughout the tower, shaking the tower to a thundering fever. As the storm raged on supplies were sent from the tower by the Prophetes to the to cowering civilians below and every effort made to ensure their comfort. It was time, time all nations learn of the Prophetes and the haven they offer. Once the chaotic thundering died down they began sending envoys, a Prophitae flanked by two soldiers were sent to every leader in the south. Heralding their news and offering any aid against this new threat they can offer. Each would remain and attempt to report back any information they attained. It was as one such was being sent through the 'front gate' of the valley that they met a herald of another nation who was quickly ushered in to meet with the Arch Prophitae who greeted them warmly before hearing the message. He responded and said "We accept your offer but fear we have little to trade but knowledge, and nothing to offer but our protection. As you now kneel before me a member of my kin travels now to meet with your master and exchange similar greetings. But please, stand. You need not kneel before me, or any other who resides in the Blue Valley." In light of the new threat patrols around the mountain passes were increased and the reserve guard at the Mountain Pass Gate were increased three fold. Each Prophitae would have their own message but all would tell of the Blue Valley and the haven offered by the Prophetes as well as their ability with magic and their aim, the defence of mortals. (Just get a short post to say I am still here, again sorry for not noticing)
  5. Khmer Berlin The Grand Marshal smiled after reading the treaty. He checked it letter by letter and had some of his team read over it too before bringing forth his pen and signing. "I trust we are all agreed then?" He said as he handed the document to the next person. "Peace will reign among our great nations for the next ten years and war will be far from our minds I hope." he said before requesting all their glasses be filled "If no one complains I would like to have a toast and if no one else wants to offer then I shall have Khmers finest vintage opened for us to toast with. You cannot have an agreement without a toast." @Con fer ence Africa The Newly formed RUSS council of documentation had been given a town on the Kenyan coast before their second home, H.K.M.S. Sanguis Virus. A modified aircraft carrier being built in Khmer for the RUSS to use as a mobile operations base. Their first order of business was to decide what consituted a 'Monarchy' and after getting an agreement on the definition from both Khmer and the Dominion, with the hope that future partners of the RUSS would also agree to its terminology, especially Colombia who were expected to join soon, they both signed it and had it sent to all other nations to help nations decipher exactly what Sanguis Virus entailed. @ArisenMoon @MsPolite @ALL
  6. Ki-Zair Chartless Regions Grand Ki-Zair Graey was fast approaching the core with what was left of her fleet. "Grand Ki-Zair Graey of the Ki-Zair Charting Fleet" She said in the Official Tongue of the Ki-zair before having it translated into the many other dialects of the nation where it was then set to cycle through them repeating once it reached the end. They aproached a system that appeared to be inhabited and began exiting hyperspace a fair distance away from any planet, to give them time to jump out if they were met with overwhelming hostility. There they waited on the edge of the system as one of the smaller ships begin to move closer to the planet of Byss where the most life appeared to be, broadcasting the message as they did. As this was happening Ki-Zair Graey prepared the report to the Imperius before sparing with some of the Ki-zair under her command. @Fishman Lord
  7. Well I am going to go through and begin finally accepting nations with population and all and I will add the population maths magic to the info I plan to start by Monday. Dont worry if you are not finished or accepted when we do start as people will be encouraged to join 'in situ'
  8. You can increase it or you can a happy, loyal populace and a very will maintained and armed military
  9. OOC

    Pray Also all the corners of USA seem to be taken @TheIrradiatedWaffle
  10. Khmer Berlin The Grand Marshal 'simply' looked at Josef. "I support your rule. I support the Danes. I support a Danish Morocco, but I do NOT support an oppressed Morocco. Khmer are willing to settle with the current terms regardless of the Danish party signing. We have strongly supported the Danish claims up until this point. We have put our military and political backing behind their ambitions and they still believe our request they honour this conferences request for a referendum is unfair. I do not deny that we still support Danish rule, even in Morocco, but we no longer wish to put any effort into supporting their claims. Once you finalise our terms and have our German allies sign we be returning to our own projects. So long as the Danish Monarchy remain in power in the Region of Scandinavia then we see no reason to continue to provide any drive to their ambition. We have accepted less gains and even a small financial loss because we decided to use that influence to support danish claims and we have been insulted in response. I, Grand Marshal Apinya of Khmer, will not allow you to remove the Danes from power but will make no further effort to defend their claims in Africa, Greenland and Britain. We cannot support such an obvious attempt to warp the will of the people for self gain. Khmer wish to have peace and apparently the Danes price is too high for all apparent in this room. As such we do not expect it paid on our behalf." He said readying his pen to sign the new Treaty once it arrived. @Conference Khmer The young Heir to the throne returns to the palace after yet another meeting with a religious leader. He has met the local Catholic representative, the Islam imam, the Jewish and the many pagan holy men too. But the Buddhist Monk was the one that swayed him. It was returning from this meeting that he began a draft speech and announcement that could cause a small amount of civil strife. Despite two generations of Zoroastrian Khmeri Emperors he intended to announce his own conversion to Buddhism and potentially upset the strong Zoroastrian population. He knew it would cause some unrest but he also suspected it would not cause any great upheaval since religion was famously free in Khmer and there were large Buddhist populations in the Thai and Burma regions. He then summoned his mother and requested she discuss with her brother about swapping who was dealing with the whole China summit, ask that he return to rule over his people. China After being informed of his Nephews request the Emperor awaited his nephews arrival before leaving to rule Khmer from his own Palace, leaving his young capable nephew and his mother, the Grand Amabassador to capably deal with the dealings there. Khmer The Emperor returned after months of talks and was met by a great crowd which he had to sadly inform them that he had made little progress before unveiling the Great RUSS to the people and tell them of how well peace talks were going and that Khmer was going to liberate the land considered Holy to the faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Africa The troops in Africa began building small shipyards in the Lake for the transportation of people and materials to the Emperors secret project. The few boats found and fixed began trawling the lake and dumping them all to create an island in the middle of the lake. The roads began to be filled with trucks full of dirt and other materials to began forming this new island. Orders were sent to begin splitting the land ten miles deep from the lake's coast in different amounts, two, three, four and more up to twenty different regions in ways to maximise the equality of each region with no explanation given to the surveyors.
  11. Khmer Africa As the work reached stages where enough of it was able to be used to extend the project more land was claimed. The Project continued and the roads were extended right up to the Greatest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. Not only was it a monument to the last surviving old world monarchy with any true influence, the British, but it was also the source of the great Nile. The River the fed the civilisation that was the first all powerful monarchy, the Pharaohs of Egypt. That grand history as well as its powerful size and grandeur meant it was a perfect addition to Khmer. It also made it the perfect location for the building of the Grand Plan. Once it was attained Info on the Emperors grand plan was transmitted to the delegates in Khmer who told the Dominion and Colombia about it all. The 'Extended' treaty. A agreement for monarchies to protect one another and the idea of a loose pact where they would agree on how to better the world with the wisdom attained from their breeding. To this aim he wished for a region of neutral ground. Owned by no nation but shared by all great families. Where they rule can meet, discuss, plan. Where knowledge can be kept and gained. A Union of power and authority but not under one nation. No a system were the powerful and courageous will not be usurped by the many. A Union that can arrive to protect the rights of small principalities and support the formation of old governments. Not an army to fight the world but one to defend it. To Protect it. More then all that, to Preserve it. Explaining all this and more the Dominion and Colombia were invited to the Royal Union of Sovereign States. Meanwhile work began ton finishing the road and erecting the Great Tower. A Tower in the middle of the Greatest lake in Africa, perhaps the world. A place where deals would be made and power protected by its rightful owners, for its rightful owners. @ArisenMoon @MsPolite Berlin The Grand Marshal agreed with much of the Danes speech but saw one error. "No my good man. That is exactly why we need one. If they are so enamoured with your rule then surely a referendum will surely prove it? What better way to waylay the disbelievers and warmongers then to show them how much they believe in you in such a referendum." With that he made a subtle head movement to one of his men who radioed to Morocco. Monarchist and Imperialist propaganda began playing from every and all speakers Khmer had available. Promoting the rule of Monarchy above all other and telling the people how unfit the Brazilians were to rule, making every mention of their sudden abandonment of the people of Morocco. At the same time a man whispered in the Danes ears, saying "We suspect you will win with ease and plan to make every effort to assure this fact" while also slipping the leader a note about the RUSS and the treaty of True blood. "We, nation of Khmer, see no issue with the Danes holding a referendum with oversight from this committee. We also ask that our soldiers remain in Morocco during this time to make sure there is no corrupt fiddling of numbers. We hope that all the nations join us in helping the matter conclude as swiftly as possible" @Conference.
  12. Yes, since I know France had like 30-40 million around them
  13. What if I propose this, we multiply them all by 100?
  14. I will have an argu-I mean discussion about it with Lock