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  1. OOC

    So how's everyone doing? I know a lot of you might go through a turbulent set of days with the political events unfolding, but I hope you're all well. (also get me them sheets bitches)
  2. I was more refering to literal chases and fights. Like, there will be occassions that require physical fitness, for sure. Like I said, I don't mind him being a little on the older side (not at all, actually, it's refreshing) but he does need to be able to keep up.
  3. Well, I mean, they'll probably engage in a variety of fights, firefights, bar brawls, chases they have to escape from etc., so he should be able to at least run and take a few punches. You can make him a rather non-combat-y character though, that'd be fine with me, but he should at least be able to run away then.
  4. opinion

    But I don't understand how that is a sexuality. Sexual attraction is not the same as romantic attraction, so I don't understand how the personal connection can be a sexual preference. And even if we disregard that, then I still don't understand in what way demisexuality qualifies to be a stand-alone sexuality, in all honesty. If you're attracted to men, women, both, or all of that as well as all kinds of differently advanced transgender people, then that's your sexual orientation (hetereo, homo, bi, pan), but you simply need intimacy to want sex. That's totally fine and dandy, and also normal. Like, for example, I'm attracted to women, but I'd not ever wanna sleep with a woman if I don't have a close relationship with her. That doesn't make me any different than other people attracted to women, it's just that they might be more promiscious/casual/however you wanna phrase that. I mean you said it yourself. You're straight. You're a woman, you like men sexually, and you don't like women sexually. That means you're hetereosexual, and you happen to only want to engage in sex when you have a close bond with the man in question. Again, it's totally fine, but it's just a degree of your sexuality. Now if the argument was that demisexuals have no sexual preference other than general intimacy, then I'd take that seriously, because that would be kind of distinct, although I'd still argue that would then just be a form of pansexuality.
  5. Well, that was a level of rework I didn't expect. So I generally like a lot of what is going on here, and it's also pretty well written, which I appreciate. However, two things are a bit concerning for me. While I creatively admire that you made an elderly man, I think he might be a bit too worn down? I mean if he's limping already and can struggle with physical labour, he'd likely get caught pretty quickly. I definitely don't mind him being older, not at all, but you perhaps want to make him either a bit younger so he's still in a physically solid condition, or make him one of those super fit elderly guys. Also the carpenting is a cool idea, I dig that, but the amateur doctoring doesn't really work for being the ship's doctor. Like, to treat the wounded you actually need to know what you're doing instead of being a charlatan! So what I personally recommend is, why don't you make him the shipwrite with his woodworking abilities and all, and have him being into medicine a feature of his personality. I think it could be funny for him to interact and try to insert himself in every thing the future doctor does. But that's your call.
  6. Hey all, we're starting to get some pretty darn good sheets in, and the goal is to start with around 4~ members, and then recruit more down the road. If you wanna get in on the beginning, I highly recommend joining now, though you're welcome at any time.
  7. And so it begins...
  8. That looks much better, good job, mi amigo! Okay, tiny few notions on my end: There's been quite a few typos, which I know happen easily when you revise a text while changing large parts of it as well. The only reason I mention it, is so you know to look out for that when it comes to roleplaying. Also, and this is not really a critique so much as it is informing you: If Henry's former ship were actually headed for the World Beyond North, they'd have to either extremely powerful, or extremely stupid! xD That means they'll either definitely die (and, if his sister is on board with them, she'll too.) or they are so absurdly powerful that Horus would likely send their strongest agents after them. That means they're in extreme danger, and, of course, Henry wouldn't really have any value to them, and both he and his sister would've gotten just killed off (unless they're actually nice guys?) So, just logically, they would have to be stupid to assume they'd make it in the World Beyond North. Which is fine, but I want you to know that, if Asherah is still on that ship, she's in superb danger. Just so you can form your own arc how you wish it to play out. Otherwise I'm cool with the sheet. Acceptance goes in two parts, more or less. If you're ready to go on your end, I'd like you to write out the day before Henry and the others meet. Basically, the way it goes is that our crew hasn't yet formed properly. We'll all come together on an island called Shear, which is a rather quiet and idylic little hotspot for people looking to relax. Now, I'd like you to write out (like a roleplay post) how you got there, and perhaps how you react to the island upon arriving. This is so I can gauge your grasping of the setting a little further, and to gauge writing style, since sometimes those things are sort of incomptable. After that, John Henry is also set to go! owob
  9. OOC

    Well, ideally as soon as possible. But I'll be very picky with the applications, so it will start whenever I feel we have sufficent people at the ready, and then perhaps allow people in down the line. That would generally be a possibility, but it depends on a lot of factors. What do they offer them? Who's part of it? Where and how influential are they? If you can/want to, you can send me information about them via PM and we can work it out! owob
  10. opinion

    I mean, I suppose that is true, BUT, if you intentionally seek out sex just to for the feeling of sex (without necesarily being attracted to the person you engage) I would still argue that you're not asexual. If it so happens that you end in a situation where you have sex (be it due to alcohol, coaxing-I'm gonna leave the even worse things out here) and your body reacts positively to it, sure, that doesn't undermine your sexuality. It's just a bodily function. In the same way that a straight person who would enjoy sex with the same gender isn't necessarily gay and vice versa. But if you go out and say "I'm gonna try and sleep with that dude/that chick/that whatever you", even under the pretense of only doing it for the feeling of sex itseel then nah. Nah. Naaah. (also grey asexuals don't exist, because grey sexuality makes no sense whatsoever but psssh)
  11. opinion

    @Pine But that's not what I dismissed as rubbish at all. If you don't feel sexual attraction, you're asexual. If you somehow end up having sex and enjoy it, I would argue you are not asexual, but let's ignore that scenario for now. We're talking about attraction. The post I refered to originally stated "there are asexuals who do have a sexdrive but it is only triggered by" and that's where it becomes nonsense if you ask me. If you have a sexdrive, that means you experience arousal and, most likely (probably as per definition, but that's one of those cases where me not being a native speaker gives me a lil bit of doubt) sexual attraction. So if someone says something like "yeah I'm asexual but I occassionally wanna fuck" then no... no. :U What you described is of course very situational. I mean, some people live their lifes for years and years as straight/gay, and later discover they are attracted to the same/opposite sex only anymore. So yeah, I'd say you can asexual even if you've persued sex before. But, like, the intervalls and sexual fluidity is a very complicated and also super different topic, so I don't wanna lump that in this one. To make a long thought short, if you want or persue sex, or feel sexual attraction to anything or anyone, you are not asexual. Edit: Also, you mentioned intimacy. That's a huge factor, and it's a mental one. There's a ton of people who had, in lack of a better term, "properly done" sex, but didn't enjoy it. Physiologically, it can be right, but that doesn't mean it's enjoyable. So, since it is actually sort of seperate, I would actually not agree with that. If you like/enjoy sex I'd definitely say you can't be asexual.
  12. opinion

    No worries. owob And that's the thing though, isn't it? If you feel sexual attraction and have sex, and enjoy it on top of that, you're not asexual. Asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction, so if you feel like you want to engage in a sexual activity, you cannot be asexual, no? @punkinblackk As I said in my previous post, that did not refer to demi or gray sexuality. I'm saying if you rarely feel sexually attracted to someone, you're not any level of asexual. Whether it's a low sex-drive, or not wanting to be promiscuous, or honestly whatever else you wanna call it or whatever reason you have for it (if it's conscious celibacy), I don't really care; But sexual attraction being part of your emotional spectrum = Not asexual.
  13. opinion

    @Pine My post was only in regards to the different layers of asexuality, not demisexuality. While I personally cannot logically view demisexuality as a sensible and unique classification, I feel it has at least some merrit that are worth arguing about it. Saying "There are asexuals who like sex" is just inherently contradictionary, so I felt the need to speak up against that.
  14. opinion

    Okay, look, so asexuality is totally valid and nothing wrong with it at all, but the bottom half of that tumblr post is redundant AND stupid. If you're consensually sexual and enjoy it, you're not asexual. If you enjoy sex "but only with people who you have a strong bond with" then you're not asexual or whatever else people wanna classify that. You're just not promiscuous. If you enjoy sex but don't actively seek it out, you probably have a low sex-drive. That's all. That isn't a sexualty, that's just having a certain degree of sexuality. The reason this is important, and why it is important to dismiss that crap being grouped with the rest, is because it completely delegitimizes actual asexuality (and I'd wager, by association other types of non-majority sexuality, as well as perhaps things commonly lumped in with sexuality, such as gender dysphoria.), and making it look like infantile mood inventions.
  15. I'm in that space inbetween two extremes, where I'm snobbishly confident in my creative genius, but also hate everything I do, as if it is the worst thing anyone's ever done.