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  1. Wasn't my fault you guys were dragging it out
  2. Could someone link me where I need to put my character sheet
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  8. Then tag me. Not that hard. And you can also just politely ask. You're clearly looking for a fight. So just tag next time, Alright? @Randomfella
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  12. I didn't even know you tagged me. Time to defend myself. If you have no wind currency, that means there is probably no oxygen circulating through. Meaning they would have all suffocated. Also, the only reason I put up that post was because I was bored. I felt bored not having posted for what seemed forever. You didn't have the agents interact with me so I posted. What do you want from me? @Thalia_Neko
  13. Kyle watched from his car as he felt his phone vibrate, his eyes glaring down at his pocket as he takes out the phone. Looking at the phone, he pulls it out seeing the message that was displayed. It read that his meeting spot was moved to the airport, which he thought was more understandable anyway. He opened his car door, going inside the car and starting the ignition. He felt the warm air of his conditioner hit him as he drove out the parking lot, the slow purr of his car emanating through the building. After several minutes he was already at the airport, parking his car into the reserved area that was given for them. He climbed up the escalator towards the meeting spot where he sat down on a bench, his back turned to where the assassin's would be coming from, pulling out his phone as he waited.