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  1. "Though that villain was easier then this one" Jackal says. Winter glares and grabs the stun baton while trying to ignore the pain and she trows it to the side before jumping backwards "This guy is annoying, if only we can stop his movements" she says and adds "He's moving too fast". Jackal gets up and says "So this is a losing battle" he says earning a nod. @Evergreen98
  2. Ice Princess charges at Time Lord and she says "I'm still here you know", she hated being ignored and she was already pissed of that her brother was now injured on the ground "Don't ignore me!" she says. Jackal looks at Chat "Do you remember what happened to the last time someone hurt me?" he asks and sweatdrops, that had happened about two days ago and it was the first time he has seen his sister like that. @Evergreen98
  3. "Okay then, let's see" Shadow says putting both coats over her arm and she asks "What color coat do you want?", she then looks at Lily "What are you going to get?" she asks tilting her head slightly. Wonder Woman sighs "You mean she'll be angry at everyone in the League, she's not stupid, if Bats knows something she knows the entire League knows it, best to do it soon and not wait another month" she says and adds "We should also get some coats for the winter" @Evergreen98
  4. Ice Princess glares as she cracks her knuckles "No one hurt Jackal and get away with it" she says, Jackal falls on his back and groans "Widow, that wasn't smart" he says slowly sitting up "And kicking me of wasn't smart either" he says looking at the villain, last villain who had done that got beaten up by Ice Princess and Chat was there to watch it all happen. Though he wasn't sure if she would win this one "Also Widow, insulting villains is Chat's job with his awful puns" Ice Princess says not taking her eyes of Time Lord. @Evergreen98(I kinda wanted him to beat them and then when her tries to take Clarise her watch she uses her time freezing power on him, kinda to give him a feeling what it's like to be stuck in time, she can still beat him up and lose though, Ladybug can arrive late because Hawk Moth could have distracted her with a villain)
  5. @Evergreen98
  6. Winter wraps her chain around Time Lord and trows him against a nearby wall, Jackal sighs "How about we do this the easy way? You take us back to the right time, so we can kick your ass there" he says and Ice says "Doubt he can, you saw how he reacted when Widow said there's no clocktower"
  7. "Funny, last time I checked we were children" Ice says swinging a bit before using the wall to get on the roof again "So calling us that isn't doing much" she says. Jackal narrows his eyes and he asks "Is that all you can do? Moving around quickly?", he already had it with that villain. @Evergreen98
  8. Ice Princess lands next to the two with Jackal and she says "Well at least we can all still use out power once, meaning we only get one chance" she says, if they were down and he went to collect their miraculous would be a great time to freeze him, but she didn't think he'd be that stupid "What's the plan?" she asks and Jackal asks "Wait until Ladybug comes too?" @Evergreen98
  9. Marinette groans as she gets up and she says "Tikki spots on!", she transforms and opens her jojo "Jackal what a surprise" she says and adds "Tikki told me, where are you heading?" "The Eiffel tower" Jackal says and Ladybug starts heading there as well "Don't do anything stupid" she says ending the call. Ice Princess sees Chat in the distance and says "Well we won't be the first to arrive, that's for sure", Jackal rolls his eyes "I know you hate his puns and his awful timings, but please don't hit him again" he says. @Evergreen98
  10. Ice Princess heads over as well and Jackal follows her while calling Ladybug, they had to find this villain and fast, Jackal sighs "So we find this villain, get possibly beaten up and when we lose we also lose our miraculouses" he says and Ice nods "Yep, pretty much, but we can all still use our power, so we might get lucky" she says. Marinette looks at Tikki "No I wouldn't, but since it's you it doesn't sound as stupid as it would sound if Plagg would have told me" she says and sighs, she missed the black cat kwami, even Adrien missed Plagg a lot. @Evergreen98
  11. "Wouldn't we notice that?" Winter asks and she adds "If he can travel through time then Hawk Moth is making stronger villains, so we might be going to fight a losing battle", Jackal nods "Still, we have to try it, you guys head there and I'll join you with Ladybug" Marinette yawns as she lays on the roof of their house "Tired" she mumbles, she worked through the night and then helped with a villain this morning, in other words, she was tired as hell and wanted to get some sleep. @Evergreen98 (you can do Tikki again)
  12. Ace and Clarise transform as well and she sweatdrops "Looks like Willow finally decided to stop watching us fight" she says and Jackal hits Winter on her head "What is it?" he asks looking at the girl, at least all four of them were ready to fight, which would make things easier. @Evergreen98
  13. After having the cut taken care of the two head back home, before they arrive however Fang and Snow mention they needed to talk, so they enter an alley "We might have a slight problem" Fang says and he adds "We traveller back in time, but there's no clock tower yet, so we don't know where he might be", Snow nods "He gave you guys a choice and you choose this moment to go to, knowing he'll have to get close for the miraculous. This will most likely be a losing battle" she says and sighs. Ace blinks confused "Let's say we believe all that, why at this point, we're all prettyuch rookies" he says, but Clarise says "Exactly for that reason, Chat you and I don't have a long range attack even though I don't know the range of my time freezing circle", she was scared she'd trap the others and mot the villain. @Evergreen98
  14. Shadow sweatdrops "We are not having them carry our bag, besides Wally would really lose some stuff with his speed an all" she says and looks at Artemis "Do you have a winter coat?" she asks tilting her head slightly and she looks through the coats again "Or maybe this one?" she asks holding up a completely white coats with snow patterns in black at the end of the sleeves and at the bottom of the coat "Both are nice". "If anything we'd be doing ourselves a favor by doing that, I doubt she's really this happy all the time" Wonder Woman says looking at Shadow "Bats told me he's worried about her as well, but he doesn't have the right time to show her yet, but that time better be soon", the two were bound to meet sooner or later, so it was better to help them out in her opinion. @Evergreen98
  15. Ace and Clarise sit down and Snow flies up to Clarise her good shoulder without being seen as Clarise starts playing Tetris on her phone, so the kwami flies back to Fang "Yep we travelled back in time, but then we really do need Willow's help" she says earning a sighs "This is the day they fought one akuma in the morning and one in the evening, Widow will show up in the evening, but we might be too late if she doesn't show up now" @Evergreen98