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  1. Phoenix lifts the barrier as everyone is out of the building before trapping some escaped inmates in fire making them stop before shooting sleeping darts at them, there was no way they could tell where the rest was by now, whoever did this was gonna pay and most likely be thrown back to Arkham as well "Jay any clue where others might be? I found a bunch, but they could be all over Gotham by now" she says in her communicator this was going to be a long night.
  2. "Oh we're the new students" Ruby says and she looks at Doctor Faith as he goes through as well "Aiden Ruby, we should go talk to Batman" he says earning a sweatdrop "Fine fine" Ruby says and she looks at Anise "Sorry, we should get going" Luna sighs "Nope, didn't see him at all" she says and adds "Though he could be at the school building for all we know", Connor walks over and asks "Has anyone seen M'gann? I can't find her anywhere", not to mention that he had looked everywhere "And where's Robin of too?"
  3. That's a bit... Weird
  4. I doubt he'd do any damage if he's small
  5. Just a sidenote, he doesn't have to be like his father, and not sure if he'd jump higher
  6. It'll only work if he still has things he can upgrade, for example, if you remove the suits ability to fly as well then it'd make sense he could try to find a way to fly with it
  7. fandom

    Rose sighs as Kise, Momoi and Aomine appear as well "Well I guess I should focus on training instead of school" she says and looks at Akashi "Do you think Amy will be fine if she comes along?" she asks, she was worried about her friend. Kise smiles "She'll be fine, she has you and the others here" "That worries me even more" Momoi mumbles. "But I can't lie to him" Amy says "The only one I normally stay with isn't home, so that would worry him even more", this was complicated and annoying "Besides, I didn't go to school today and I don't have anything at all, so he won't buy that excuse and come looking for me" @Evergreen98
  8. Luna yawns as she plops down on the grass near the pond at the school grounds, there were rumors about new non humans students, some kids that Doctor Faith is suppose to watch, she lays on her back staring at the sky, it wasn't unusual to get new students early in the year "Hope they're nice" she mumbles putting her hands behind her back. She had to wait until Black Canary returned from her mission, so she was free until then, luckily she knew Robin had PE too, so it wouldn't be that boring. Ruby sweatdrops as Doctor Faith is giving her and her brother instructions "Shouldn't we go before we're late?" she asks earning a nod and Doctor Faith opens a portal behind him "You two first, remember to stay out of the sun as much as possible" he says earning a nod from Ruby before she goes through the portal.
  9. never mind, got the two confused
  10. and he is still young, it seems like he has nothing left to learn and do you mean Captain Atom as his dad?
  11. can you power the suit down a bit please? It's a bit too strong for someone who's going to a school for heroes
  12. fandom

    "Just don't miss out of dinner" Kise says and he sighs, yep, this was a mess "Mom, can't we go already that the others will follow as soon as everything's sorted out here with Amy?" he asks, Aomine crosses his arms "If she's going to come along then I don't see the problem" he says, but dodges a punch from both Momoi and Rose "Girls are scary" he says hiding behind Murasakibara. "But my mom made that ice cream for me a week ago when she was free" Amy says and she sighs "And what do you think my brother will do once he sees I'm gone?" she asks and adds "He could report me as missing, then what?" she asks. @Evergreen98
  13. Phoenix sees the building and sighs before jumping up and heading over, she figured she'd find the cause of the outbreak there, she makes a shield around the building so it won't collapse as people try to get everyone out "Now then" she mumbles looking around as she narrows her eyes, the shield would probably hold until everyone got out "And there goes all my other plans for tonight" she mumbles.
  14. fandom

    Rose sweatdrops and she sighs "Well I don't think that it's smart to make room a bright color" she says mentioning to the vampires in the room "It's more that it annoys and gives us headaches if we look long enough, but mom, the colors are fine, please don't change that" Kise says and Aomine sighs, though he was pretty sure Kuroko wasn't done yet. Amy sighs "I just don't like that they can't walk by me without noticing" she says taking the glass "But Aomine will probably try again if I go home again... Still didn't get to eaty ice cream though" she mumbles quietly. @Evergreen98
  15. Phoenix sweatdrops beating down some inmates and she sweatdrops "Try to keep them alive will you?" she asks knocking a few more out, she really wanted to focus on finding the source of the breakout, but she figured that'd be hard with all the people that escaped "We'll have to try to find who broke them out first and find that person first" she says running towards one of the larger groups.