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  1. ideas

    Now, I've been accused of being a furry more than once (my avatar is more than misleading >.>) and even almost denied entry to a roleplay featuring anthro characters because I wasn't a furry. Has my experience with the fandom been the best? No. Yet when on the subject of bipedal animal characters, yes. I do enjoy them quite a bit and if given the option, would chose them over most races is a fantastic setting. Why? I dunno. I guess the idea of being a giant cat walking on two legs with apposable thumbs is appealing to me. So I believe as long as it isn't specifically labeled as a "furry" then there's no problem.
  2. I'd love to! Let me send you a message...
  3. Like I said, no life! ^^ Hint: to tag members, use "@" and begin typing their username! I mean, I might be... >.> For length, once again, it depends on the roleplay. From before the most recent site update that made it appear as it does now, there are three tags that memebers still use. Simple (one-liners, usually no plot, generally for beginners to learn the ropes.) Casual (usually varies but is mostly one paragraph of decent writing, an actual plot, more literate roleplayers.) Detailed (my personal favorite, anything upwards of 2+ paragraphs with detailed and descriptive writing, rather large overarching plot and story with character development and all that.) Just find one that fits you best and don't be afraid to challenge yourself! I stuck to casual until I brought my writing stamina up. Who? What? Me? Gah, just call me Stone. The rest is a mouthful! There are a few things that are common sense, be polite, don't post on old threads (if it's been inactive for a few weeks or so,) bumping is allowed for interest checks and partner searches and is done rather frequently, double posting can be seen as spamming in some situations but if it's not constant and in the same forum I think you'll be fine as most people here are in more than one roleplay. Anything else? Also! I have a few questions: What stuff are you interested in? Have you roleplayed before or is this your first time?
  4. Hey @Eternitycode! Welcome to RPN! The site isn't hard to get used to, just lemme know if you have any questions or refer to this fancy tutorial here! It depends on the genre and such. The most popular I've seen are fantasy group roleplays although others are done here as well! I'm sure there's something that'll take your interest. The general rules and that people do have lives off of the site, which brings me to my next point... Some people, like myself, where this site IS my life, I'm on almost 24/7. Others are busy being productive and can only post once a day or maybe every few days. It all depends on your personal schedule as real life does come first! Depends... are they freshly mashed with butter, salt, and pepper? 0-0
  5. First post is up, dear.
  6. commission

    No problem, glad you like it! ^^
  7. Posted Hope y'all enjoy her grumpy self.
  8. To put it lightly, Mara wasn't happy. Not in the slightest, mind you. The woman normally spent her summers visiting her mother in the ocean seeing as she spent the majority of the year with her father, but this year he had put his foot down and explained that she needed to socialize more not only with humans, but other sapient land-dwelling creatures. The thought was a morbid one after attending a public high school. The experience wasn't all that terrible until she had been forced to swim during her gym class sophomore year, which hadn't done her health any good (chlorine and gills…) nor reputation with her peers. Yes, she was aware that most of them were human, but it didn’t change the fact that she would rather live alone where she belonged than on land with others. Figures. Now she stood in the gondola on the way up to the so called Camp Ember’s entrance. Not bothering to keep her violet gaze on any of the other campers for too long, she focused on observing the forest beneath her. Hopefully she wouldn't have to interact heavily with anyone, but considering she was going to be here for eleven weeks, she highly doubted that was going to be remotely possible. Narrowing her eyes, Mara huffed quietly to herself, not anticipating the events to come. Soon the rise came to a close and she tugged her bag reluctantly behind her as they approached the councilor. He was an odd man seeing a there wa a little to no form to his shadowy body and his voice originated from seemingly nowhere yet still filled her ears. Intrigued by this slightly, the merwoman’s expression had soften due to a clear curiosity. But it didn't last long for once he announced their cabin assignments, Mara frowned deeply and rolled her eyes. It had to be a cruel joke in some way, shape or form as the irony was almost physically painful. Thankfully the rest of the lecture didn't last long so she was able to make her way towards the building, eyeing it with clear disdain before entering. It was small, enough for a few people and it appeared as if she were the first. Good. She had time to mentally prepare herself. Setting her bag on the first plastic mattress by the door, she sighed and remained still for more than a moment. Contemplating if there was any way she could remove herself from such a situation. Coming up without any ideas, she grumbled to herself under her breath and slowly approached the door. Needing to fight back a grimace as she tugged it open and stepped outside. In doing so, she paused out front. Mara’s confusion clearly written upon her face. It was her first time here, so… what was she supposed to do? Taking a few awkward steps forward as to not block to entrance any longer, she lingered near the front of her cabin. Not sure if she was to go somewhere or wait until further instruction.
  9. Could you make the text automatic so it can adapt to night life? It's invisible me ;~;
  10. Ima wake up tomorrow, and have 10,000 notifications cause pika tracked down all my posts and liked them all.
  11. All of @TheHappyPikachu's likes are going to kill me 0-0
  13. God, it's so childish but I'm really pissed.


    When you have a friend that, when you lose to them in X game, they shove it down your throat and make you choke on it but when you win, they make up millions of excuses as to why they lose and can't accept that they did.


    Fucking hell.

    1. Insanitation


      Do it back to them, fight fire with fire.

    2. DergTheDergon


      yeeeeep, that's always infuriating. :/


      Btw I'll reply to Plenty of Fish tonight if it kills me, just experiencing writer's block from hell again :/ 

  14. @Smol Unicorn When are we going to begin? I really wanna start! >.<
  15. I'm dying... Mara is in water... xD