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  1. The day was just like any other before it. Exhausting and seemingly getting her absolutely nowhere. It was a Friday afternoon. Which, while attending a college and working part time at a restaurant that was more than full most weekends, would usually be associated with disdain considering the hours she would be forced into working alongside studying. But she managed to talk her way to get the weekend off and didn't have any major exams approaching which was more than a relief on her part. Which is why when the woman entered her dorm room, allowing the door to shut at a moderately loud volume behind her, she immediately located her bed and collapsed onto the mattress with a cloth-muffled groan. Sleep was tempting, yet per usual, she had other plans. Elara had learned of her sister's condition a few months ago as supernatural creatures became more public, and to be completely honest it wasn't all that surprising. Vanessa and her, when they had been younger, had been inseparable. Yet with age they soon diverged with the former taking a slightly more interesting path than her counterpart. But it wasn't until she would slip in meeting her friends every now and then into conversations that began to grow a bit annoying. Time and time again she refused for a human within a room full of vampires wasn't going to end well. Vanessa, however, wasn't inclined to give up, finally convincing her about a month ago to wear a pair of fake fangs and trust her. Reluctantly she did so and instead of being brutally slaughtered, she was surprised to find that the small group of about six (not including her sister) was rather glad to have someone new around. And so she kept coming to the point where it seemed as if all known suspicion was nonexistent. Which was both a blessing... and a curse. One would wonder why she wasn't just turned, it was a topic neither of them discussed for there was no need. Vanessa was more than against the idea, and Elara was glad there was no pressure in the matter. A win-win one could say. Knowing it was both Friday and with the sun slowly making its way lower in the sky, she'd promised she'd stop by to their hideout of sorts. A condemned house they had made use out of to meet up despite most of them having an actual place to stay. Wanting to sleep but wanting to keep the promise she had made, the woman sighed before pushing herself up off her bed and began to search for the two things she needed. First, changing into a bit more concealing clothing. The sun was still partially out which would promote some suspicion. Then the fake pair of fangs Vanessa had gotten for her. How, she wasn't going to ask necessarily (seeing as she wasn't entirely sure they were fake in the first place) but simply went along and slid the cap-like objects over her canines, the feeling still rather foreign within her mouth with the slight pressure it put upon her gums. How her sister had manged to deal with such a drastic change, she had no clue. Finally Elara managed to slip out of the building with as minimal conversation as possible as someone would undoubtedly notice there was something out of place. Taking a good twenty minutes to reach the house where the group was staying, she took her time walking to the back door they used as a main entrance. Taking a breath, as she normally tried keeping it as invisible as possible, she gently grasped the handle and pushed the door open, curious to see who had arrived/stayed the night. @Vampunk
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  6. I might keep her age the same (considering there are factors that could play into society not developing at a rapid pace) but by no means would she remember anything. Maybe faint things here and there from her earlier life. That's because parameters were laid out in the lore for the specific roleplay, dear. Besides I would elaborate and rid of some of these powers anyway as I do hate overpowered characters. Of course! And she normally wouldn't use her abilities unless necessary~ I actually have a different version of vampires of my own design that I can PM to you if you would like!
  7. Thoughts? Think she's a bit much.
  8. Might just use your variation of vampires although they are a bit overpowered x3
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  10. Hmmm, tempted to switch character ideas now that I think about it~ I think I used her in one of @FrostFire roleplays.
  11. Considering my character's personality I think she might work well with her. ^^
  12. The Draugr were deceased nords and I'm sure they were based off of Nordic culture and such so they might be what you're looking for~
  13. No...I mean save yourself the time an don't bother calculating it xD
  14. I would just use human years for convince~ ^^
  15. I feel as if the bias is stemming from how I've seen them played. Basically a ten year old acting mentally and physical as if they were over twenty or were pure damsels in distress with no other purpose but to cause trouble. Not accusing you of doing such however, play whatever you please. ^^