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  1. suggestion

    We could add more background images apart from the RpN logo and the ones it brought. Just not sure which and the entire hassle of copyright and all that. Maybe some awesome landscapes in every genre with the permission of some artists, I'll see what can be done.
  2. Hey Phillip, welcome to the site. Both myself and my mother are in remission (different cancers), so I can understand that. Do you RP any?
  3. other

    Its fine :). We just like the we come to you policy instead.
  4. bug

    Does seem just like hiccups since I can't replicate this.
  5. help

    Yeah, I wish one could upload to the app store with out a mac device. I'll send you a PM.
  6. other

    Maybe in the future :)!
  7. other

    Hey, At this point in time we have no plans to introduce a chat back into the site.
  8. help

    I don't know if I'd be willing to accept money from the site towards the device, some staff members are pitching it but even then its taking a while. I'm buying it on Amazon since its a bit cheaper there then direcctly from Apple since Amazon is an authorized retailer for them, so I guess I could allow people to send me amazon egift cards. Heres what I've been saving up for.
  9. help

    When I can afford a macbook to do the uploading. Raising 2k by my self is really really hard.
  10. help

    No problem :)!
  11. help

    That seems fine.
  12. suggestion

    Ah, I misunderstood. I'll see what can be done, I was only going to leave it colored for a few days anyway.
  13. suggestion

    Mine does not turn darker, what browser you using?
  14. help

    The system is being wonky, if something is incorrectly marked as resolved, just make a new one in the new setup.