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  1. other

    You can do so now. We will be revoking that warning in the future.
  2. Vampire Diaries ending soon :(.

  3. bug

    Just chalk it up to the software being odd. It is not going to matter soon enough.
  4. other

  5. We have a bot going that is helping tremendously. For the most part, everyone is in seperate channel, we did some cards against h umanity today, we setup a music bot that is going wild with all sorts of different songs and genres, its pretty fun :)!
  6. You visited my profile.




    i feel like God.

  7. 2-4 days.
  8. Just as a note: Moderators have been instructed to ban on will since we can't enforce the Site Rules due to anonymity. If we decide to make this permanent, we will sync it back up with accounts like in the past, where we can hold everyone accountable. This is to allow people to keep up with the staff and have fun and chill while the site is down :)!
  9. Pls don't make me regret this, I want to chill and enjoy the site as much as everyone else
  10. Hey All, We as a staff have opted to allow users to join us on the RpNation discord server where the staff collaborate and hang out while the migration starts on Sunday for several days. We don't know if we will allow it to stay permanent, that would really depend on how users behave. Not going to lie, I, my self and the others are extremely exhausted from prepping for the work, so come chill with us, we will do some cards against humanity, video games, overwatch, what ever peeps want and just hang out. Don't give us extra work to moderate the discord server as well. All official RpN Rules apply. Please have your nickname match your site name (We have enabled the ability on our server to use a nickname different from the one which is your discord account, you can have different names per servers, remember!) So come chill with us and I'll even pop in my self, part of the migration is automated (its a good chunk of the 2-4 days), so I just really want to chill and have fun.
  11. suggestion

    Just quoting my self here for everyone who missed it.
  12. suggestion

    Giving it a few more minutes while I finish something else.
  13. suggestion

    Hey all. Please allow me to start by saying that we value all suggestions and we seriously do consider things like this but we will not remove a feature of the site simply based on emotions or someone being offended. is not a democracy. We understand that the Status Update Bar has been out of control these past couple of weeks, but let me remind you that apart from dealing with reports(which is what users should be doing), we've been pooling all staff resources and efforts into the hundreds of man hours that its taken to prepare for the migration on Sunday. Also IPS does not have a decent ignore feature like xF did. Once we return, we expect staff to be able to completely focus on making sure all of our positive rules are enforced(which they are! but if you don't report, we don't currently have the time to keep an eye on it 24/7). At this point in time we have no intentions of removing the social bar but it is something we will always consider. @Captain Gensokyo, you are so hell bent on Rule #7 that you forget Rule #1 You are rapidly leaving the territory of calmly and respectfully explaining the site rules to users. You will be punished for your hyper vigilantism if you choose to continue. Your point has been registered, we've been talking about it as a staff since you first brought it up. Do not become that which you are trying to destroy. Don't add to the negative environment. As always, if you find something that offends/bothers you, report, report, report!
  14. Dwiz.  How long till we have TABZZZ again. I wish to know, so I can set up a better Dnd piece of crap that no one will join because ..... I am me. ( A hopeless - * ten million years of ranting about how I suck later *- ) :3 

    1. The Dark Wizard

      The Dark Wizard

      Some time later this year, I don't know since I'm not the one coding xF2

    2. lostsoul


      Atleast we know it will be the best update of 2009. ( wait... checking clock ) I mean 2007.

  15. other

    Odd, most have gotten wonky from preparing for the move. I'll fix it soon if I have the time, the update is on Sunday, so it won't really matter. Permissions would ultimately be fixed by then