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  • Does anybody know how to do a2+b2=c2?? If so, how the hell am I supposed to find b or a?!? For example, 6(6) + b2 = 7(7), then how do I figure out B?!? I HAVE MATH TESTING MARCH FIRST AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS STUFF
    (No, this isn’t mathematically correct-)
    In the hopes that it might be able to help some (And this isn't just a joke and I'm not being dumb by responding to it seriously XD) I'm gonna go through solving your example and explain how I did it :xFsmile:

    So, the first step is to resolve all of the non-variable calculations in this equation. 6 times 6 is 36, and 7 times 7 is 49. So that leaves us with:

    36 + B^2 = 49

    Next, I usually find it easiest to solve these kinds of equations by getting the variable to be on its own side, by itself. To do that, we subtract 36 from each side of the equation - Because no matter what number it is, if a number plus 36 is equal to 49, then the same number without the 36 must be equal to the 49 without the 36 as well. 49 - 36 is 13, so that brings us to:

    B^2 = 13

    Now we get to the part I believe you mean when you say it's not mathematically correct - In order to get B by itself, we need to get rid of the square. We do this by finding the square root of both sides, similar to how subtracting from both sides worked above: If 13 is the result of B squared, and the opposite action of squaring a number is finding its square root, then B must equal the square root of 13. And in fact, that's what we're left with:

    B = √13

    We can't go any further from here because the square root of 13 is an irrational number (3.60555127...), so at least according to the classes I took (there might be higher-level classes that actually do attempt to calculate this) this is where the calculation of 6(6) + B^2 = 7(7) ends.

    Hopefully that helps, and/or I didn't just make an idiot out of myself or just confuse you more XD
    does anybody even see my posts? if so, continue the lyric if you know it :33

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