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  • I think it may just be me, but Prince Adam from “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” is pretty cute
    I’ve been really mean to some people these past few weeks. They did nothing to hurt me, I just overreacted. So I’m here to say sorry. I’m sorry for lashing out and being a pain. I’m sorry for trying to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

    Unblocked, unignored, welcome to chat if you need a friend.

    You don’t have to forgive me, just acknowledge that I’m here, and I’m apologizing to all of you (you know who you are).

    Thank you for helping me grow as a writer. And even though I will probably never be allowed to write with you again, being able to grow has been the greatest gift of all. I’ve learned so much from you. All of you.

    Thank you.

    Not sleeping feels so weird!
    My stomach kinda hurts, my eyes wanna close, and I really like this cup of coffee
    Listening to Baby by Justin Bieber, still on the verge of tears. No one cares, it’s just odd that this song calms me down 🤷
    When I say that I relate to Clint Barton on many levels, I mean I relate to COMIC Clint Barton on many, many levels

    “Aww, pants”
    “Aww, coffee, no”
    “Lucky, stop eating the Russian”
    “She took my dog, man”
    “I don’t want a next life, I just want a nap”

    one of the most relatable Marvel characters ever and we left out so many details on who he is, his personality, and the stuff that makes him him. My poor boy
    The greatest struggle for me is not bumping a group interest check more than once a day
    Ahem. I have an announcement. This is not a call-out or an attack. This is me saying something.

    Look, if you comment on any interest check, you are asking to roleplay with me. You are asking for my writing, for my creativity. And I can give that to you. But commenting and roleplaying with me also includes agreeing to my rules. I am the one you asked, not the other way around. So please, do not try to twist the tale or make it something it’s not. Don’t try to give me rules I can’t follow. If we have different opinions of lore or already established writing, we can come to a compromise. But this is the one place where I am free. The one place where I don’t have to respond to (most) restrictions placed on me (except by the admin, of course). This is where I relax and find people that I vibe with. So please, don’t try to force me into another box.

    Sincerely yours,
    The other day I had two conversations, now I have quintuple that. Burned out so fast. Like a firework.

    May I offer you a Minecraft cornflower in these trying times?
    what is that turtle comment referencing? i sorta have an idea of what it might be a nod to but I'm not sure
    It’s a nod to several things. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, the sea turtles in Minecraft, the fact that turtles are now a meme, and that I really like turtles.
    lmao the way you phrased that reminds me of one of my friends

    i intentionally wrote " Live, laugh, and learn not to suffocate bats in your bedrock trail. " as a direct quote from that one Wilbur Soot video so i thought you were referencing another Minecraft youtube thing in return
    Someone: "No one can serve God and the military"
    Me: *frantically gestures to a memorial of Desmond Doss*
    I am asleep when people want to roleplay. People are asleep when I want to roleplay. And when I have people waiting for responses, on topics that I have nearly lost all creativity for, I don’t know what to do.
    If you do not wear socks with your shoes, I’m sorry, but you have lost your life privileges.
    I’m talking about people who go out for five hours with no socks. If it’s only for a minute or two, a quick trip, I get it.
    Who goes out for five hours with no socks?

    It's like the inverse of wearing socks with sandals.
    Never ask me if I love you because I always will. But sometimes it hurts to love you, and I need a break sometimes.
    All I had to do was walk. All I had to do was commit a little. All I had to do was a carry a bag of sandwiches a few feet. That was all I had to do to make someone smile. To me, that is the most helpful, most kind thing you can do. If you can make someone smile, if you can brighten their day for a minute, it’s the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do.
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