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  • Petition to bring back Victorian slang AND insults. Man, that stuff was brutal.
    "Like, oop, sorry man, I can't go watch the bear-fighting. Why? Oh, I got the morbs."
    Or tell the person you hate:
    “You are a thief and a murderer; you have killed a baboon and stolen his face”
    XD I love that one!
    It’s hard not to miss someone when you’re reminded of them every day. The things you see in the street, thinking, “yeah, they’d like that” and remembering. It’s hard not to hurt when you see them in your contacts every day. You’d reach out, but you’re afraid of what they might say. Or maybe you’re afraid to hear the “leave a voicemail” message you used to love.

    It’s hard in this life, when we have so much to remember them by. But it’s good too. For it’s worse to forget the people you loved, than to remember them painfully.
    bro why can’t people just break my heart before I love them too much?

    like, put your age restrictions before your plots/pairings/fandoms. It’s a rush of excitement (“finally someone I can write with!”) and it’s crushed by “oh, and you gotta be 18+”

    just put it at the beginning. You’ll get less minors in your dms
    I’m a sucker for “don’t worry about it” boys. As characters, of course. Boys that ignore their injuries, look after other people. Boys that keep their feelings locked inside and don’t ever let them out, but are always a shoulder to cry on. mmm, angsty
    whoever swapped the meta tag colors-
    I require your firstborn character as a peace offering
    just realized that I’ve been posting way too much and the admins are probably gonna come after me oop-
    I mean, not yet, really, but I'd suggest merging your interest checks to avoid looking spammy. ^33^
    me: *likes very cute person, is afraid of rejection for being different or unworthy of love*
    also me: *does what I can to get advice but is embarrassed trying to ask for help, cannot talk to person about feelings, is overwhelmed and sad*
    my friend informed me that I’m acting out my own enemies to friends to good friends to partners to relationship partners arc and now I’m dying

    I’m so sorry to everyone for not being all that active. I’ve been really busy this week, but I’ll try to get some posts up this weekend...

    once again, so sorry...
    me: *has frog meme on my phone*
    also me: *makes boarding school rp on Discord with name based off frog* I have reached peak loneliness
    I do not need:
    -“Romeo and Juliet”
    -Starcrossed lovers
    -Relationship with no substance
    -Anyone who tries to boss me around
    -Someone who doesn’t appreciate me
    -People who push others down
    -Friends that only pretend to like me

    I do need:
    -Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson (they’re one of the most stable couples I’ve ever seen. They helped each other grow, and that’s more precious than anything “Twilight” could give us)
    -Most of the Marvel cast (some of the most wholesome, precious people alive. They alone make up at least 20% of good left in the world)
    -This website (what is there to say about that? Y’all are awesome most of the time, it’s mostly my own self doubt that affects how I feel about this place)
    -Boys with black hair, nice smiles, and tragic backstories

    This has been a (speech? essay? PSA?) by yours truly
    I apologize, DC and HBO, but you cannot bring back a classic villain, reveal a tragic backstory, give him David Dastmalchian’s puppy dog eyes and Sad Boy™️ face, and then expect me not to love him
    I am convinced that Polka Dot Man is living his best life as a hero in Corto Maltese. You cannot, will not, will never change my mind on that. Good day.
    you ever just make a really wholesome character with a tragic backstory who just needs someone who won’t abandon them or break their heart? mood.
    Me: *starts to have any sort of calm, peaceful night’s sleep*
    My brain: Remember that thing you did in 3rd grade? You’re so terrible. You should abandon all your friends. Haha, much funny. RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN-
    Immense Neurochemical Reaction to Environmental Stimuli.

    Well, except for the song part.
    me: *sees that there’s no notifications for today* oh no
    me: *remembers that I’ve been too anxious, overworked, and lacking inspiration* oh no
    Haaaavvve two notifs!! Be kind to yourself, you deserve it (:
    you ever just drop like five rps all at once because your mental health is screwed up and then regret everything, wanting to get back into rping, but afraid of making things worse? yeah, pretty niche feeling, but I was wondering if anyone could relate
    Judging from other people's profile posts I've seen over the years, it's a relatively common thing, actually. Maybe start with the people you RPed with before and see how they feel about starting up again?
    that’s good advice. Thank you, great admin
    But what if I said “you are a thief and a murderer; you have killed a baboon and stolen his face”? Who would be crying then, huh? Yeah, take that, kindergarteners.
    Wanna know how to do at least fifteen things you regret in less than a month? Hi, I’m Rhys, and I’m gonna teach you how to never sleep without regretting everything you’ve ever done
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