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    I don’t really have any muse right now, but I’ll try to do something for y’all
    So sorry to my partners
    85% of my characters:
    -Likes comfy sweaters
    10% of my characters:
    -Will tear your face off
    -Likes rocks and mushrooms
    -Makes their own fruit preserves
    5% of my characters:
    -All of the above
    Part 2 of no one understanding that I don’t want people in my personal bubble without permission
    apology to my rp partners, I am not feeling well today. I will get to your replies tomorrow as I will be on the road with lots of free time
    I wanna be like Tyler Posey when I grow up. I wanna dye my hair, wear cool clothes, pet dogs on live television, hug people, and be wholesome. Yeah, that’ll be a good life.
    Just to give you a heads up, I will be posting sappy stuff like daily on here. Because you deserve it. ;)
    Petition to bring back Victorian slang AND insults. Man, that stuff was brutal.
    "Like, oop, sorry man, I can't go watch the bear-fighting. Why? Oh, I got the morbs."
    Or tell the person you hate:
    “You are a thief and a murderer; you have killed a baboon and stolen his face”
    XD I love that one!
    It’s hard not to miss someone when you’re reminded of them every day. The things you see in the street, thinking, “yeah, they’d like that” and remembering. It’s hard not to hurt when you see them in your contacts every day. You’d reach out, but you’re afraid of what they might say. Or maybe you’re afraid to hear the “leave a voicemail” message you used to love.

    It’s hard in this life, when we have so much to remember them by. But it’s good too. For it’s worse to forget the people you loved, than to remember them painfully.
    bro why can’t people just break my heart before I love them too much?

    like, put your age restrictions before your plots/pairings/fandoms. It’s a rush of excitement (“finally someone I can write with!”) and it’s crushed by “oh, and you gotta be 18+”

    just put it at the beginning. You’ll get less minors in your dms
    I’m a sucker for “don’t worry about it” boys. As characters, of course. Boys that ignore their injuries, look after other people. Boys that keep their feelings locked inside and don’t ever let them out, but are always a shoulder to cry on. mmm, angsty
    whoever swapped the meta tag colors-
    I require your firstborn character as a peace offering
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