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  • the regret is coming back.
    But I do not regret looking through old replies.
    Smiling, as I read our interactions.
    Crying, as I remember that it’s my fault that you’re gone.
    My fault that the few people I had come to love, wished to call friends, want nothing to do with me.
    woe is me I guess.
    No use whining about it, really.
    Just wish I could talk to y’all again.
    I had some candy today and my body image issues have come back full force. yay, what a wonderful day.
    I just wanna eat stroopwafels, pet my cats, and read. Is that too much to ask?
    and yet society deems that I must be active, go to school, and only write what is approved by the school board
    Alas, such demands must be met (not least because it's good practice for adulting). But at least there can be stroopwafels, cats, and books in between. ^33^
    Yes indeed. Thank goodness for this website
    but why is Norman Bates so cute though?
    Like...he murders people but he’s adorable!
    10/10 would date if not homicidal
    Me: *can assemble a decent looking website out of HTML and CSS, can code simple games with JavaScript, codes simple games and music with Python*
    Also me: *struggles to write a single line of BBCode*
    Me: *reads zombie AU fanfic to get rid of my sad feelings*
    Zombie AU fanfic: *replaces the sad feelings with scary feelings*
    I feel betrayed.
    But I gotta know-
    Does anyone else read the webcomic Madame Outlaw? It’s historical fiction
    I have decided to start posting these tumblr things about Pride and Prejudice because I have no energy to make an interest check or a discussion thread.
    just wrote a song that me and my (friend? acquaintance?) are probably gonna sing together. it’s about depression and complicated relationships, so yeah, it’s gonna be a blast
    friend is cute. tried to explain to other friend, they got annoyed with me. oh well, trying to push my feelings down until they wilt and die again
    I hate having headaches but I do some of my best work when I’ve recovered! Off to...at least four replies....oh gosh....
    Something fun I thought I’d share:

    In my nerdy friend group, they’ve changed to calling me by my chosen name. And every time one of them is like “Hey Oliver!”, I turn around and I have the biggest grin on my face and I say “Yeah, that’s my name!”

    I feel like a wholesome amnesiac that way, it’s stupid but I’m so happy
    It's not stupid to enjoy your friends respecting your wishes. ^33^
    Me: *is bored*
    Also me: *has messages to reply to, rp posts to get up, a full group thing to run, homework to do, cardio to focus on, toxic friendships that need to be broken up, friends that need to be comforted, TikToks to watch, food to eat, water to drink, air to breathe, life to live*
    Me: *likes pop-punk artist that I’d probably be afraid of if we ever met in person*
    My entire family: Why?
    Me: He’s baby 🤷
    on a related note, I have a new faceclaim
    Good evening!
    Only got (maybe two) responses out so far, but I’m doing my best!
    Mental health is good to day (I got ice cream!)
    Emotions are being weird, but I’ve got it handled!
    Today has been good
    And tomorrow might not be as good, or better
    Tomorrow will probably be worse
    But that’s okay
    I’m gonna make the best of it
    And if tomorrow sucks
    Then it sucks
    But I’m gonna try
    Hello, wake up call~
    rp partner person wrote an amazing response, matching the quality of my starter. What I did in five- maybe six- paragraphs, they were able to do in three.
    Absolutely stunning writing.
    Love it. Absolutely adore it.
    I am blown away by this.
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