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  • do you ever just walk through life and suddenly realize-
    "Older" by Alec Benjamin hits a lot harder than it used to
    my one year anniversary on this site passed
    The only ship I can tolerate anymore:
    Literal goddess and her supportive nerd boyfriend
    I have two modes:
    1. 1X1 RPS 1X1 RPS 1X1 RPS 1X1 RPS 1X1 RPS
    2. I’m exhausted, let’s get emotionally invested in three group rps and forget everything else
    I am the same, except I just get invested with a few close friends and then dont do much else.
    I don’t even know who I gotta respond to. my private messages get lost all the time
    dying inside why is BBCode so hard I’m a failure I know four other coding languages and this thing hurts my brain
    my favorite part of Dune so far has been the split second where Duncan hugs Paul and he just yeets this guy halfway into the air like-
    excuse me sir, that’s too wholesome, everyone’s dying of happiness
    me on the outside: *pure* *sweet bean* *quirky but not weird* *very nice and helpful*
    me on the inside: *title track by Machine Gun Kelly*
    the only things I want to rp anymore are:
    1. angsty fantasy where people fall in love and there’s lots of murder but also a good bit of wholesome
    2. gory horror where people fall in love and there’s so much murder but the friends are good and they’re just normal people who don’t wanna die
    3. wholesome realistic/modern where people fall in love and maybe there’s a murder or two but they’re just normal people trying to overcome and accept their trauma
    My favorite thing is that when I’m feeling sad on a car ride, my mom puts on Track #5 from the Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga soundtrack
    I just want a relaxed rp where we can joke with each other and talk about our problems and have the same friendly relationship that our characters have.

    I lost that once, but I won’t mess it up if it happens again.
    also, is there like-
    A guide for the titles?
    Because I don’t know what in the holy cheez-its “Angelic Choir” is supposed to mean
    *gasp* the role is gone
    I’m done. It’s done. I’m quitting school. I’m getting a part-time job at a grocery store and working towards my GED. I’m just...so done
    But like-
    Why does “Cupid’s Chokehold” bring me so much joy?
    It’s not one of those super-romantic love songs
    It’s not one about heartbreak, about overcoming impossible odds
    It’s just about the little things, like making breakfast or liking the same music
    It’s just-
    Such a good song
    I now have two friends that aren’t afraid to have uncomfortable conversations with me. It’s nice.
    Yeah, pop-punk songs about hating your life are all good but have you considered:
    Indie-pop-RNB about jamming out to the end of the world
    the regret is coming back.
    But I do not regret looking through old replies.
    Smiling, as I read our interactions.
    Crying, as I remember that it’s my fault that you’re gone.
    My fault that the few people I had come to love, wished to call friends, want nothing to do with me.
    woe is me I guess.
    No use whining about it, really.
    Just wish I could talk to y’all again.
    I had some candy today and my body image issues have come back full force. yay, what a wonderful day.
    I just wanna eat stroopwafels, pet my cats, and read. Is that too much to ask?
    and yet society deems that I must be active, go to school, and only write what is approved by the school board
    Alas, such demands must be met (not least because it's good practice for adulting). But at least there can be stroopwafels, cats, and books in between. ^33^
    Yes indeed. Thank goodness for this website
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