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  • ya boi is bored.
    you can tell I'm bored since I'm writing a post that probably no one will see.
    that's the pinnacle of boredom.
    Actually... profile posts are public. As in everyone can see them except those ignoring you.
    Man, Mac DeMarco is an absolute ledge, chillest fuckin tunes on this green earth.
    I have stayed up all night by accident
    I am now feeling very tired and have 0 attention span
    Don't wanna fall asleep
    Watching Alien to kill time and be awake
    hahah my computer broke for like a week so sorry for not replying to anything hahahaha dont hate me
    Newest smash rated M for Mario fucking dies
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    I saw the trailer. He gets frwaking impaled! This is supposed to be a kids game! But, then again, any chance of it being a kids game was thrown out the window when bayonetta was added in.
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    The Mechanist
    The Mechanist
    With the way the world is is anything truly a kids game anymore?
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